A very British, sonic success story ...

  • Harbeth: a revolution in the listening experience

Founded nearly forty years ago to commercialise the BBC's pioneering R&D, Harbeth are experts at reproducing life-like sound with all the warmth, detail and realism of 'being there'. With our mastery of the material science of speaker diaphragms and our appreciation of how music really sounds live, Harbeth loudspeakers are very special instruments indeed.

The Harbeth family ranges from the shoe-box sized P3ESR right up to the mighty flagship Monitor 40.2. All are available in beautiful veneers, and all breath with the world famous, open, transparent, natural, Harbeth sound. When you're ready to re-hear your entire music collection afresh and with startling clarity, do make a date with your Harbeth dealer. Welcome to the extraordinary world of Harbeth!

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The Harbeth User Group

The Harbeth owners community for audio enthusiasts, HUG explores sound reproduction from recording to the listening room. You're welcome!

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