Harbeth Loudspeaker Factory Visit

Composer, Christian Henson of Spitfire Audio ''fell in love'' with Harbeth Hifi speakers after hearing them about 18 months ago. Now an owner of three pairs of Harbeth loudspeakers, Christian was delighted to tour our production area, where he witnessed what goes into crafting our speakers and our special 40th Anniversary products. ...

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Harbeth Live featuring David Rees-Williams 2 Min

Harbeth loudspeakers has launched a new track to its latest live music video series - Harbeth Live - Introduced to mark the company's 40th Anniversary. Produced by Kent-based audio and video production company, Duet Media Technologies, feauting pianist David Rees-Williams. ...

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Harbeth Live featuring R!ches (bonus track)

Harbeth loudspeakers has launched a new track to its latest live music video series - Harbeth Live - introduced to mark the company's 40th Anniversary. Produced by Kent-based audio and video production company, Duet Media Technologies, the latest release features music duo R!ches. ...

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The Official Compact 7ES-3 40th Anniversary Loudspeaker Release

Harbeth loudspeakers has announced its fourth and final release in its limited-edition 40th Anniversary series. ...

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Sneak preview to the latest Harbeth Live series featuring R!ches

Harbeth loudspeakers has launched a pre-release to its latest live music video series - Harbeth Live. Produced by Kent-based audio and video production company, Duet Media Technologies, the latest release features music duo R!ches. ...

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Harbeth loudspeakers continue 40th Anniversary celebrations

Harbeth loudspeakers are excited to announce the fourth and final release in the limited-edition 40th Anniversary series. 

To mark the occasion, Harbeth loudspeakers has partnered up with it's exclusive London dealer - KJ West One - to launch the 40th Anniversary Compact 7ES-3 loudspeaker at their shop in central London on Thursday 25th October. The evening will consist of two demonstration sessions at 6pm and 8pm. Available to pre-order. ...

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In your words featuring Rico Van Rosengarten

First of all this is my hifi loudspeaker set up and it contains the following components:Harbeth M30.2 40th Anniversary loudspeakers standing on Atacama SLI stands, connected with Tellurium Q black 2 cables to the PrimaLuna Dialogue premium integrated amp with the KT120 tubes Marantz sa11s3 sacd player/DAC. Interlink is also from Tellurium Q ''the ultra black'' and a Bluesound Node 2 streamer that is connected with a Reference Audio 40 dig coax to the DAC from Marantz SA-11S3. ...

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In your words featuring Chris

My hifi equipment has an analogue source as well as a digital one. I still have many loudspeakers left for which I have a turntable, a Thorens TD 147 Jubilee, which has a TP16 tone arm and a Shure V15 Mark V, as well as a Revox B77 15/7'5 IPS for which I various home made recordings. My amplifier is a Yamaha AS201 which I got becuase it had 100 watts per channel, enough for Harbeths. The CD player is a Yamaha CDS 300 and the tuner a Yamaha TD 500, which broadcasts Radio 3 perfectly in digital mode. ...

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Harbeth Live series featuring Riches

A new episode to the much anticipated Harbeth Live series is out now! ...

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Harbeth Live Featuring R!ches (short edit)

A new episode to the much anticipated Harbeth Live series is out now! For the recording Harbeth owner and designer - Alan Shaw - travelled to Canterbury's Colyer-Fergusson Hall at the University of Kent, where the UK artist Richard Navarro described the ''incredible venue'' in which he performed his latest tracks. ...

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Harbeth Live featuring Sylvette

We are delighted to announce our second episode of our Harbeth Live video series featuring Sylvette.

Recorded at EVE studio, the video features up and coming band, Sylvette, playing their latest song. The band were ''excited'' by the detail in which the P3ESR speakers allowed them to ''differentiate and analyse each individuals performance.'' ...

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Harbeth Live featuring Sylvette (2 min)

We are delighted to announce the short-edit second version of our latest live music video series - Harbeth Live -  featuring up and coming band Sylvette. ...

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In Your Words featuring Zach Maggio

When I began building an audio system some years back, I knew what I wanted, but didn't know exactly how to find it. I wanted loudspeakers that were natural, non-fatiguing, and most of all faithful to the source material in a way that made recordings come 'alive'. ...

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In Your Words featuring Paolo

My Harbeth experience started the day I walked into Son Ideal Hi-Fi store in Montreal, and I met Claude and Robert (who would eventually become a close and personal friend). I was looking for a new pair of speakers, so they asked about my room, musical tastes, listening habits and sources. Then, they showed me the P3ESR. Within the first notes of the Muddy Waters record, I was mesmerized by the tone and liquid midrange of these little guys! ...

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Harbeth Live featuring project partners Duet Media Technologies

Since the start of 2018 Duet Media Technologies have been working with Sussex based loudspeaker manufacturer, Harbeth Audio Ltd, to produce a three-part series of live performance videos for use in online and social media advertising and also for use at trade shows and in demonstration facilities in retail outlets. ...

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In Your Words featuring Tom Mallin

I first learned of Harbeth back in the late 1990s when the line's virtues were being trumpteted almost single-handedly in North America by Dr.Robert E.Greene (REG) writing in The Absolute Sound. I had long admired REG's equipment reviews, increasingly finding his assessments of loudspeaker virtues and vices well-aligned with my own. ...

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In Your Words featuring Steve Paines

In your words feature from Harbeth owner, Steve Paines:

I first heard about Harbeth from the November 2007 edition of Hi Fi News. They ran a feature on the history of Harbeth. The article covered the company’s history including the loudspeaker cone research project which resulted in the creation of Radial cone material. I always thought a custom designed and manufactured driver cone was a good idea and always held the project in the back of my mind. ...

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Harbeth Loudspeakers New Recruits

 Harbeth loudspeakers are pleased to announce two new members to its distribution network. ...

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Show us your Harbeth speakers

We love seeing pictures of your Harbeth loudspeakers, regardless of age, model or system. That's why we have created two stages to show off your speakers. The first feature will include, from those received, a couple of our favourite photos over the month to be shown in our monthly newsletter. There isn't a specification on the photograph so lifestyle shots, close up's or a picture taken with your phone will all count. ...

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Harbeth Live featuring David Rees-Williams

We're delighted to announce the release of the first video in our NEW Harbeth Live video music series, featuring pianist David Rees-Williams. ...

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The best decisions need facts

Reading some of the typical posts that appear in audio forums gives an overriding impression of a vast knowledge gap between the average audiophile and the designer of his equipment. We could reasonably expect a manufacturer's marketing machine to do what it does to motivate consumers towards its products, thereby perhaps obfuscating the product reality. ...

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A fabulous recorded performance - Britten's Peter Grimes

The technical overview of this seminal Decca recording from 1958, one of the first stereo discs issued has been documented on the Harbeth User Group in this thread, here. ...

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Adjusting the crossover for flattest in-room response

Once a credible and reliable free-field anechoic or quasi-anechoic frequency response is available, it is loaded into the simulator and a theoretical crossover model is developed in the simulator. The next step is to physically build the crossover and then set-up to measure the frequency response of the speaker system with that crossover in-room. ...

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The formative years ...

Video cameras hadn't been invented in the early 1970s for me to show you the DIY speakers I was making (all totally influenced by the BBCs monitors of which I dreamed!) but the influence is still vivid ...

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In the words of the designer ...

In this series of home-movies, the Harbeth designer talks about where he designs, and talks about some of the issues facing him. Interviewed by journalist Trevor Butler, Alan talks candidly about facets of the process of speaker design where art meets science. ...

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Listening to loudspeakers.

The ear has to be deceived into creating invisible musicians in space, between and beyond the physical x-plane of the loudspeakers so the dispersion of the loudspeaker's energy into the listening room has to be carefully controlled by design. ...

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What the 'crossover network' does...

One of the least understood aspects of a loudspeaker system is the function of the electrical circuit (the crossover network) and how it integrates the acoustic outputs of the drive units. ...

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Harbeth's history in speaker cone research

The heart of today's Harbeth sound is our unique, Patented, RADIAL cone material. It has an interesting legacy. On 19 March 1976, our founder, H. D. Harwood of the BBC Research Department, filed a Patent application (1563511) claiming that polypropylene could be used as a loudspeaker cone material, ...

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Frequency response curves

Here from one of my 1988 log books is a traditional pen-chart trace of a speaker under development. If I couldn't recall which model this prototype would become in production, I could not deduce its name from this curve. ...

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Pages from '88, the early days

Here are a few of the first steps along the design path from around the time of the original HL Compact and HL5, launched in 1988/9. In those days of paper-trace pen-charts, the only convenient way to make permanent records was by gluing the trace sheets into bulging Log Books. ...

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