Harbeth library: Harbeth users say what they think . . .

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"Listening to the Harbeth speakers I was able to concentrate on each single musical instrument".
(HL-Compact 7ES2 feedback)
"I didn't know I was able to hear the difference between natural sound and artificial sound so well. After listening to the Harbeth loudspeakers for a couple of weeks, I've come to the conclusion that . . ."

"I can listen to them 24 hours a day. They are the musical windows to my soul."
(HL-Compact 7ES2 feedback)
"What I will disclose is the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. On September 2, 2003 I suffered a massive and near fatal
stroke ..."

" . . . you have created a truly magnificent product that has already produced an enormous amount of pleasure."
(HL-P3ES2 feedback)
"It is very seldom that I make a purchase that impresses me so thoroughly that I am moved to write . . . "

"The M40s are great speakers. They sound different from other speakers. They are so neutral that they allow the audiophile to hear what is being used further up in the audio chain".
(Monitor 40 domestic feedback via internet)

"I'm an ex-musician (now lawyering) who never wanted to be an audiophile . . ."
(Super HL5/ Compact 7ES user)

"As a film editor first with the BBC, I worked with Vladimir Ashkenazy, Andre Previn, Christopher Hogwood . . ."
(HL-P3ES2 user)

"Just finished up at 12:45am (for the fourth night in a row!)..."
(HL-Compact 7ES2 feedback)