SHL5plus anniversary model awarded 'Outstanding' by Super AV magazine

The SHL5plus 40th anniversary model has been awarded 'Outstanding' in the Overall Performance Awards, presented by Chinese hi-fi magazine - Super AV. The model made its debut in China in August 2017 at the High End AV show where visitors praised the 'best of british' sound.

COMING SOON in 2018: Harbeth Live

In 2018 we will be working on an exciting live music project with Duet Media Technologies, featuring the musical talents of Sylvette, Riches and David Rees-Williams. Further details coming soon but in the meantime, watch the teaser trailer.

Watch the teaser trailer

Harbeth continue 40th Anniversary celebrations with new Limited Edition products

We're delighted to announce a third release of new limited edition products, continuing the momentous celebrations of our 40th Anniversary year.

The mini but mighty P3ESR speaker and brand flagship, the M40.2, will be available in a striking olive wood veneer, with the additional added features of our 40th Anniversary range including; the latest WBT-nextgen binding posts, British-made audio grade poly capacitors, and our 40th anniversary ultra-pure OFC internal cable. Each speaker will also include the 40th Anniversary limited edition front and back badges and the metallic black and gold anniversary grille badge.

Alan Shaw, Designer and Managing Director, says - "We're delighted to continue the celebrations of this milestone anniversary with the release of a limited edition version of our P3ESR model. A lighter veneer was one highly requested by a number of our dealers worldwide and olive wood is the perfect choice."

Andy Sinden, Production Manager, says - "We're overwhelmed with how well our 40th Anniversary products have been received this year, both by our dealers and customers. It's been a perfect way to celebrate our 40th year."

Input Audio present SHL5plus at High End on Tour, Germany

German Harbeth distributor, Input Audio, presented the SHL5plus at the annual High End on Tour show in Bochum, Germany last weekend. A successful show and praised by many visitors as "the best sound of the show

Steve Guttenberg calls M30.2 anniversary model "a music lover's speaker"

The Audiophiliac, Steve Guttenberg, recently reviewed the M30.2 40th anniversary model. This, the second release in our 40th anniversary year, is described as a speaker that "looks, feels and sounds like a beautiful piece of design."

"Where some high-end speakers can come across as sterile and overemphasize detail and resolution, that's not the case here. The M30.2s sound like a portal back to the session. It's a sound you'll want to savor."

"There was something really special going on here. The Harbeth Monitor 30.2 40th Anniversary Edition is a music lover's speaker."

Read the review

Harbeth pro-user, Aurelia Soundworks, win 'Best Sound Design Experience' at Raindance Film Festival

USA-based Harbeth pro-user, Aurelia Soundworks, have been awarded 'Best Sound Design Experience' in the Vitrual Reality category at this year's Raindance Film Festival, with their video 'Reeps One:Does Not Exist' which was, naturally, mastered on Harbeth speakers.

The video is "a spatial audio virtual reality experience featuring an original track performed by beatbox phenomenon Reeps One. Working in 360 from the ground up, the track was composed to fully utilise the 360 sonic and visual space, creating a totally new style of music video."

Aurelia specialise in 3D sound mixing for virtual reality, gaming and live installations, with all of their sound design and composing work done using Harbeths. Director and sound designer, John Hendicott, said "Although the end user experience for virtual reality is headphones, all of our sound design and composing work is still being done on trusty Harbeths. As such, I've now shipped my M20.1s and M30.1s out here to
Los Angeles."

To hear spatial audio, you will need to listen in a Chrome web browser and use headphones. Then you can rotate the video around in 360 and hear the audio move with it.
The future of audio - mastered with confidence on Harbeths.

Experience the video

Summer of Sound winner awarded SHL5plus speakers

The winner of our 'Summer of Sound' competition has been chosen! Brussels based Luc Coene is now the lucky owner of a new pair of Super HL5plus loudspeakers. They were delivered by Audio Ingang in The Netherlands to Brussels Harbeth dealer Pink Noise, who handed over the prize last week. Luc was obviously very happy with his new possession and we wish him many musical hours to come!

Hear the winning piece of music
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