M40.2 featured in What Hi-Fi? Thailand

What Hi-Fi? Thailand have featured the M40.2 on the front cover of their June edition, describing it as "state-of-the-art." This is prior to a review in the pubication's July issue, which we look forward to reading next month.

From Russia with Love

The Russian audio press have featured not one but two reviews of Harbeth speakers in recent months. What Hi-Fi? Russia reviewed the M40.2 calling them "excellent speakers for those who value quality sound above all", whilst Pro High End Magazine called the Compact 7ES-3 "one of the most unique systems the hi-fi market can offer today".

P3ESR wins Golden Ear Award 2016

The Absolute Sound has awarded the P3ESR a Golden Ear Award 2016, judged by Paul Seydor, hi-fi critic and acclaimed Hollywood film editor who said - "Suffice to say that this is hands down the most accurate subcompact BBC monitor ever made and perhaps the only one that actually deserves to be called a monitor."

Harbeth's 40th Anniversary Logo

Over the past few months, we have been hard at work planning for our 40th anniversary next year. Including our celebratory logo, which we are delighted to unveil to you.

With thanks to Rather Fine Design for fulfilling our brief perfectly, creating a logo that expertly reflects our legacy and celebrates our 40 years in business as the world's best loved loudspeakers..

Harbeth overcomes BBC LS3/5A flaws

Leading USA magazine The Absolute Sound has published a critical report on recent efforts to re-create 21st-century versions of the BBC’s LS3/5A speaker, saying that Harbeth’s approach to re-design the shoebox-sized monitor from the ground up was the preferred way forward.

In the May 2016 issue, respected journalist and film editor Paul Seydor (inset) concludes that modern reincarnations of the old LS3/5A are “manifestly limited, flawed, and certainly dated”. Little wonder, then, that he recommends the Harbeth P3, and in particular the current P3ESR as its successor.

Seydor commends Harbeth’s designer, Alan Shaw, for doing what he says the BBC should have done back in the 1980s, returning to first principles: “use what was valuable in the original design then do the job right and make a speaker that is vastly more uniform, reliable and accurate, as well as able to maintain its performance without material degradation over the long run.”

M40.2 and Super HL5plus hailed as The Best Speakers on the Planet

Both the M40.2 and the Super HL5plus have featured in Steve Guttenberg's The Best Speakers on the Planet list on c\net.


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