Harbeth celebrates 40th anniversary

2017 marks a magnificent milestone for Harbeth as this year is our 40th Anniversary. To mark this historic occasion we are thrilled to announce our very special anniversary products...

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Gydotron Audio present Harbeth at High-End Show in Belgium

Flemish Harbeth dealer, Gydotron Audio, ran their yearly high-end show on the 14th-15th January in the beautiful town of Westmalle - world famous for its fantastic beer brewery.

Harbeth was among the brands presented in two of the six listening rooms. On the ground floor, a system consisting of the Super HL5 plus was making fantastic sounds driven by Analog Domain DAC and amplification. A Luxman CD transport, Bergmann Audio turntable and Revox reel-to-reel were used as sources.

In a room on the first floor the M30.1 was completely in its element, driven by Lindemann musicbook:25 source and musicbook:55 amplifier. A Transrotor Fat Bob turntable and ASR phono stage were doing the analog duties. Visitors found the M30.1 / Lindemann system one of the "most natural and musically convincing of the show". 

Our thanks go to Gydotron Audio for a great event.

Harbeth receives five component of the year accolades in Japan's Stereo Sound

January 2017 has started with a bang. Not only are we celebrating our 40th Anniversary this year with the launch of our limited edition products, we have received five Grand Prix Component of the Year accoaldes in Japan's leading hi-fi magazine, Stereo Sound.

Featured products are the C7ES-3, P3ESR, M20.1, SHL5plus and M30.1.

Part-Time Audiophile names M40.2 one of their Most Coveted 2016

Harbeth's flagship loudspeaker, the M40.2, has been received a Most Coveted 2016 accolade by Part-Time Audiophile.

"You read a lot of reviews talking about how a speaker “made music” or “touched my soul.” The 40.2 actually delivers on that kind of high-end hyperbole in a way I’ve never experienced."

M40.2 awarded Product of the Year 2016 by The Absolute Sound

We were thrilled to hear that our flagship, the M40.2, has been awarded Product of the Year 2016 by The Absolute Sound magazine. Winning the Stand-Mount Loudspeaker of the Year, it was described as a "masterpiece....the 40.2 takes any kind of music in its stride and reproduces it as accurately, faithfully, and beautifully as possible..".

Read more on page 82 in the January 2017 edition of The Absolute Sound. Out now.

High praise from Paul Seydor in M40.2 review in The Absolute Sound

If you haven't read the new issue of The Absolute Sound yet, make sure to download your copy now and devour Paul Seydor's review of the M40.2. There is high praise and pure love for the speakers throughout as Paul states that - "you feel you're hearing voices the way they really sound in reality" and "The Monitor 40.2 is now my reference loudspeaker, and so it shall remain for a long, long time to come.."

In this issue, you will also find an insightful interview with Alan on the "Genesis of the Monitor 40.2."

Get comfortable, you're going to want to take your time with this issue!

M40.2 awarded Outstanding Popularity Award by Super AV magazine, China

Harbeth's flagship model, the M40.2, has been awarded the Outstanding Popularity Award in China's Super AV magazine.

Garner Company present award-winning M40.2 at Guangzhou AV Fair 2016

China's Harbeth distributor, Garner Company, proudly presented the award-winning brand flagship, M40.2, at November's Guangzhou AV Fair 2016 in Hong Kong. Garner reported a "room full of audio fans during the show" who greatly enjoyed the M40.2.

Techno-M wow at Moscow Hi-End with M30.1

Another fantastic presentation of the M30.1, with Russian distributor, Techno-M, demoing Harbeth at November's popular Moscow Hi-End show where there was an "incredible atmosphere."

Visit Techno-M's Facebook page for some great pictures from the show.

Victory Audio present the M30.1 at IHEAC show in Indonesia

Harbeth's distributor in Indonesia, Victory Audio, showcased Harbeth for the 5th year in a row at the IHEAC (Indonesian High End Audio Club) Show between the 17th-20th November 2016. They proudly presented the M30.1 to a thrilled audience. Another successful show!

Visit our Facebook page for images from the show

Input Audio delight audio fans at Klangbilder show, Vienna

Harbeth's German distributor, Input Audio, delighted visitors at the Klangbilder show in Vienna last week. With a room full of avid audio fans, some of who returned to hear the natural sound of Harbeth several times throughout the show, the SHL5plus was thought to be "very dynamic, refined and full of musical emotions," said Bernd Hömke, Input Audio.

To see some pictures from the show, please visit our Facebook page.

StereoNET describes P3ESR as "so balanced and tonally so beguiling" in new review

Australian hi-fi magazine, StereoNET, this month described the P3ESR as "so balanced and tonally so beguiling" that reviewer, Peter Familari, had "no desire to listen to the larger speakers."

Read the review in full here.

Passion for music in the Big Apple at the New York Audio Show

Last weekend hifi came to the Big Apple at the New York Audio Show at the Park Lane Hotel. Our American distributor, Fidelis AV, reported great attendance by those who have a real passion for music and its reproduction.

Demoing the M40.2, visitors were treated to reportedly one of the best set ups at the show -

"Some of the very best sound at the show came from the Harbeth 40.2 speakers and VAC electronics in the Sound by Singer room. I reviewed the 40.2s late last year, but the sound was even better at the show than it was in my system! These speakers are so natural and highly refined it's actually hard to focus on the sound, I was too busy enjoying the music."                                 - Steve Guttenberg,  cnet.

Tekni-Fi thrill at Hi-Fi & Surround Show in Copenhagen

Denmark distributor, Tekni-Fi, presented a fantastic set up with the SHL5plus at the recent Hi-Fi & Surround Show in Copenhagen. A popular show which was very successful for Tekni-Fi. Head over to our Facebook page to see for yourself.

One-HiFi present M40.2 & Compact 7ES-3 at Hi-Files Show, Belgrade

Our Serbian distributor, One-HiFi, reported that "everybody loved the sound of Monitor 40.2, but many of them also enjoyed Compact 7ES-3 presentation even more, which was maybe a small surprise for us - in good way," at the Hi-Files Show in Belgrade. If you'd like to hear more, don't hesitate to make an appointment at one of their listening sessions in their showroom.

The "amazing" sound of the M40.2 at Italian hi-fi show, Sintonie

Our Italian distributor, Hi-Fi United, reported a fantastic response to the "amazing and very British" sound of the M40.2 at recent hi-fi show, Sintonie. Listeners were reportedly entranced by the set up.

SHL5plus receives 'Excellent' rating in STEREO, Germany

We were delighted to learn that the SHL5plus had received such high praise in a recent test review in German magazine, STEREO, receiving an excellent rating.

Australian Hi-Fi & AV Show a success

Our Australian distributor, Audio Magic, demoed both the M40.2 and the SHL5plus at last weekend's Australian Hi-Fi & AV Show. A successful show which saw visitors enjoying the natural sound of our flagship and most popular model.

Harbeth's LS3/5A wins Hi-Fi News shootout

Pick up a copy of the October issue of Hi-Fi News and you'll find a blast from the past in an article from their vault; The LS3/5A shootout, on page 124.

You might presume all models would sound the same, as they were built under licence to BBC specifications however, when tested against each other that was not the case. The Harbeth model came out on top!

"The love, care and attention that we put into our products goes above and beyond, as it should." - Andy Sinden, Production Manager.

M40.2 and SuperHL5plus featured in The Absolute Sound High-End Audio Buyer's Guide 2017

Not one but two Harbeth models are featured in The Absolute Sound's High-End Buyer's Guide 2017; the Super HL5plus and M40.2, featured on pages 46 and 48 respectively.

The Super HL5plus was described as having a midrange that is "drop-dead gorgeous" with "the top end sweet and detailed. In sum, a reference-caliber component that always sounds like music"

Similarly the M40.2 was praised for reproducing the timbre of real instruments and voices beautifully, like no other speaker.

Monitor 30.1 well received at Westdeutsche Hifi-Tage, Bonn

Harbeth's German distributor, Input Audio enjoyed a successful show earlier this month, at the popular Westdeutsche Hifi-Tage in Bonn.

The Monitor 30.1 received high praise and applause as, Input Audio tell us - "the sound of the speakers was so involving, natural and full of emotion."


Success at X-fi Audioshow

Audio Ingang, Benelux distributor for Harbeth, had a big presence on the X-fi Audioshow on the 24th and 25th September 2016, in 'De Koningshof', Veldhoven. They featured all their brands including Harbeth in three demo rooms.

The Harbeth P3ESR was combined with two Velodyne SPL-1200 Ultra subwoofers and electronics by Lindemann. The Lindemann musicbook:25 was able to stream all possible digital file formats and for analog duties, a beautiful Bergmann Magne turntable was used. A great little setup that really demonstrated the hidden powers of the P3ESR.

P3ESR wins Golden Ear Award 2016

The Absolute Sound has awarded the P3ESR a Golden Ear Award 2016, judged by Paul Seydor, hi-fi critic and acclaimed Hollywood film editor who said - "Suffice to say that this is hands down the most accurate subcompact BBC monitor ever made and perhaps the only one that actually deserves to be called a monitor."

From Russia with Love

The Russian audio press have featured not one but two reviews of Harbeth speakers in recent months. What Hi-Fi? Russia reviewed the M40.2 calling them "excellent speakers for those who value quality sound above all", whilst Pro High End Magazine called the Compact 7ES-3 "one of the most unique systems the hi-fi market can offer today".

M40.2 and Super HL5plus hailed as The Best Speakers on the Planet

Both the M40.2 and the Super HL5plus have featured in Steve Guttenberg's The Best Speakers on the Planet list on c\net.


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Harbeth's 40th Anniversary Logo

Over the past few months, we have been hard at work planning for our 40th anniversary next year. Including our celebratory logo, which we are delighted to unveil to you.

With thanks to Rather Fine Design for fulfilling our brief perfectly, creating a logo that expertly reflects our legacy and celebrates our 40 years in business as the world's best loved loudspeakers..

M40.2 featured in What Hi-Fi? Thailand

What Hi-Fi? Thailand have featured the M40.2 on the front cover of their June edition, describing it as "state-of-the-art." This is prior to a review in the pubication's July issue, which we look forward to reading next month.

Harbeth overcomes BBC LS3/5A flaws

Leading USA magazine The Absolute Sound has published a critical report on recent efforts to re-create 21st-century versions of the BBC’s LS3/5A speaker, saying that Harbeth’s approach to re-design the shoebox-sized monitor from the ground up was the preferred way forward.

In the May 2016 issue, respected journalist and film editor Paul Seydor (inset) concludes that modern reincarnations of the old LS3/5A are “manifestly limited, flawed, and certainly dated”. Little wonder, then, that he recommends the Harbeth P3, and in particular the current P3ESR as its successor.

Seydor commends Harbeth’s designer, Alan Shaw, for doing what he says the BBC should have done back in the 1980s, returning to first principles: “use what was valuable in the original design then do the job right and make a speaker that is vastly more uniform, reliable and accurate, as well as able to maintain its performance without material degradation over the long run.”