Harbeth celebrates 40th anniversary

2017 marks a magnificent milestone for Harbeth as this year is our 40th Anniversary. To mark this historic occasion we are thrilled to announce our very special anniversary products...

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Spitfire Audio tour Harbeth

Composer, Christian Henson of Spitfire Audio visited us here at Harbeth a few months ago. An owner of three pairs of Harbeths, Christian was delighted to tour of our production area, where he witnessed what goes into crafting our speakers and our very special 40th anniversary products.

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Harbeth pro-user, Tudor Davies, receives Broadcast Sound Mixer award

Leading pro-audio magazine, Resolution, have awarded sound mixer, Tudor Davies, Broadcast Sound Mixer 2017.

A long-time Harbeth pro-user, Tudor uses a 7.4.1 set-up which includes 7 x M30.1s and 4 x M20.1s.

Tudor is probably best known for doing sound on Later ... with Jools Holland - the UK’s most cherished BBC2 TV music show - which recently celebrated its 25th anniversary with a broadcast from the Royal Albert Hall.

Very well deserved, congratulations Tudor!

M30.2 40th anniversary model "utterly captivating" at RMAF

Our M30.2 40th anniversary model has been described as "utterly captivating" by Part-Time Audiophile, at this year's Rocky Mountain Audio Fest - "this is listening to forget about hifi, and just lose yourself in the music."

Presented by our American distributor, Fidelis AV, and paired with Vinnie Rossi's LIO amp, our latest anniversary model was described as "rich and easy flowing, with superb tone character. Recordings via the Rossi/Harbeth system sounded exceptionally natural," by Herb Reichert of Stereophile.

Benelux distributor, Beter Beeld & Geluid, puts on 'Classic Albums' show with M40.2 40th anniversary model

On 7th October 2017, Benelux distributor Beter Beeld & Geluid presented the mighty M40.2 40th anniversary model in walnut during their 'Classic Albums' show. They used top-level electronics from Luxman to drive the speakers.
Our Netherlands distributor, Audio Ingang, said - "Attendance was high with music fans listening to classic albums from Fleetwood Mac, OMD, Supertramp, The Beatles, King Crimson, Paul Simon etc. etc. The very musical and open sound of the system was praised by all present and people stayed as long as they could to revel in the natural, addictive sound of Harbeth combined with Luxman, making an excellent match together."

Stereophile feature SHL5plus in Top Audio Products list

Stereophile magazine have featured the SHL5plus in their Top Audio Products list in their October 2017 issue. Art Dudley praised their "easy clarity", whilst Jana Dagdagan described the speaker's measured performance as "beyond reproach".

Duet Media Technologies visit: part 1

Last month we visited Duet Media Technologies to gain an insight into their business. Duet, who use M40.2s as their refrence monitors in their editing suite, specialise in event recording, working closely with many of their local schools on large music events.

You can now watch part 1 of our visit, with part 2 coming soon.

Watch part 1 here

SHL5plus 40th anniversary model attracts music lovers at Guangzhou hi-fi show, China

Our Chinese distributor, Garner Co., proudly presented the SHL5plus 40th anniversary model at last week's Guangzhou hi-fi show. Kalson Chan of Garner Co. said that the limited edition model attracted "many music lovers to join our room who enjoyed the music from the Best of British combination."

The show, which ran between the 15th-17th September, is the biggest of its kind in China and attracted a large number of visitors over the weekend. Other models on display were the M30.1 and P3ESR.


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