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Many are called, few are chosen....
Two Harbeth models are listed among the very select few to create outstanding products worthy of  the coveted ‘Recommended’ status by international Stereophile magazine as it publishes its top 500 components for 2015. Stereophile 500

Both Harbeth’s P3ESR mini-monitor and the M30.1 monitor have heralded by Stereophile magazine.

 Only a select handful of components are picked each year as the ‘very best’ equipment available to audiophiles.

Commenting on the P3ESR, the magazine reminds its readers that, in the Editor’s opinion, it is “the best iteration yet from any manufacturer of the BBC LS3/5A mini-monitor concept”.

Of the LS5/9 replacement, Harbeth’s M30.1, Stereophile recalls how the compact monitor produces “ravishing midrange texture, tonality and resolution”.
Harbeth's at heart of new TV quiz
1000 Heartbeats is the new ITV daytime quiz show presented by Vernon Kay, that uniquely features a live string quartet in the studio.

Pictured is Sound Supervisor Tudor Davies with Sarah and Llinos from the quartet.

Tudor states that using Harbeth studio monitor loudspeakers was an important decision for this unusual Project:Heartbeats" When you are mixing a live string quartet you need to be very sure you are hearing the middle frequencies correctly, as this is where most problems are heard when closely miking string instruments. I knew that with the Harbeth reference monitors I was hearing something accurate, so could adjust the EQ accordingly."

1000 Heartbeats
can be seen on ITV at 4pm weekdays and is attracting a healthy audience. Players wear an electronic heart-rate counter device while answering questions in an attempt to win money. All the time, their heart-rate is monitored, counting down from an initial 1000. When the remaining number reaches zero, the game is over. During the game the contestant's heart rate is relayed to the live string quartet playing the soundtrack on set at the tempo of the contestant's heart rate (beats per minute) to maximise tension.
Bavaria festival was huge success
The weekend's Best of British festival at Hifi-Bauernhof in Bavaria was attended by scores of Harbeth customers, old and new.

Many had travelled substantial distances to meet the brand's owner and designer, Alan Shaw, and to attend his presentation 'Thirty Years in Thirty Minutes' which outlined the basics of BBC loudspeaker design and how Harbeth has taken the concept and made it fit for the twenty-first century.Alan's talk

"I was very proud to be invited to meet some of Harbeth's oldest and most loyal customers", said Alan Shaw (pictured right during his talk). "It was a pleasure to share my experiences with them and share stories about fine musical performances and fine recordings."

Each of the studio rooms at the Altusried dealer's rural premises (translated as Hi-Fi Farm) was used to show a different Harbeth model, with everything on demonstration from the P3ESR mini-monitor, the mighty Monitor 40.1 and the new Supr HL5plus.

The tranquil setting in the Allgaeu region was perfect to enjoy the wide variety of music on offer during the two-day event and meet many loyal Harbeth fans (below).
Alan meets fans
When Dietmar Sutter founded the hi-fi studio in 1979 he had just a single demonstration room and around 20 cows on the farm. Today the pendulum has swung the other way as there are seven studios and just two cows left, as family pets along with Felix the cat.  The setting is rather special since Dietmar was born at the farm, as was his father and his eldest son, Siegmund (21), who has now joined the Hifi-Bauernhof operation.

"It was a wonderfully magical weekend", said Trevor Butler from Harbeth's marketing department. "To be able to go from room to room and hear each of the Harbeth models was rather special. There was good music, good company, good beer and good food. What more would one need?"

Details from http://www.hifi-bauernhof.de/
Harbeth backs life-saving bikes
Thanks to Harbeth, a life-saving operation has been boosted.  Serv Sussex provides a night-time service to the NHS for urgent blood supplies and other medical requirements at hospitals close to the Harbeth factory. Blood bike

A donation by Harbeth has helped the local Lions charity to donate a new motorbike (pictured, right) to the charity and to equip their small fleet with essential GPS equipment so that their control centre can trace the nearest rider when needed for a medical emergency.

"This is, literally, a life-saving service which the hospitals could not manage without because there is no standard NHS blood transport or analysis service at night or weekends", said Harbeth's MD Alan Shaw.  "Having seen the magnificent work the SERV (aka the Blood Runners) do, it is a pleasure to support them in this way."

bike logoThe bikes now carry the Harbeth logo in recognition of the vital support the loudspeaker company gave.

Details of the service, which is completely staff by volunteers (including doctors and a professor of haematology) are on the SERV website:
Direct to the land of Oz
Australia is the latest country to be added to Harbeth’s ever-growing list of specialist international distributors as Audio Magic is appointed to look after the growing band of Harbeth customers ‘down under’. Australia

Audio Magic has been formed by Aleksandar Maksimovic as a specialist distributor of the very best high-end audio equipment.

“Our goal”, he explains, “is to offer audiophiles the best price-quality ratio from brands with several decades of tradition and reputation.”

Harbeth’s Sales Manager, Andy Sinden, says “I know Alek will provide a top-quality service to the growing number of Harbeth customers we have in Australia.”

He can be reached at 23/22 French Avenue, Northcote VIC 3070 in Melbourne. Tel +61 3 9489 51 22 and email info@audiomagic.com.au
Westward Ho! for the Bristol show
Thousands of discerning music lovers made the trek to Bristol for what’s become Britain’s premier hi-fi and audio show. Organisers of the three-day event, Audio-T, claimed it a huge success and certainly for the UK’s  best-loved loudspeaker brand it was a most worthwhile excursion. “Our room was constantly packed with audiophiles who just couldn’t get enough of the clear, natural sound of Harbeth”, said the brand’s Trevor Butler. Bristol show

Teaming-up with key partners in the audio industry, Harbeth had a most successful three days at the 28th Sound and Vision (The Bristol Show) weekend, meeting scores of customers and introducing the latest model in the brand’s line-up, the Super HL5plus.

With the multi-award-winning P3ESR mini monitor playing continuously in one room, a second, next door, was dedicated to Harbeth’s latest design which was very well received by the Bristol audience.

“There was tremendous enthusiasm revealed by the audiophiles attending the event”, says Trevor Butler from Harbeth’s marketing team, “to find out more about a brand they obviously revered.”
Making music in Hamburg
The tenth annual Norddeutsch HiFi-Tage (also known as 'Hörtest) saw north German audiophiles flock to the Holiday Inn hotel in Hamburg for the three-day audio event. Entrance

Amid the usual gathering of valve amplifers and turntables (plattenspieler fans were in abundance), Harbeth's monitor loudspeakers were a much sought after brand. Room 1603, commanding a magnificent view from the hotel's 16th floor, was packed for the duration.

Harbeth's designer Alan Shaw and Trevor Butler from the marketing department were on hand and worked with Bernd Hömke (from Harbeth Germany) and local, enthusiastic Harbeth dealers Clemens Meyer from Sound & Vision in Hamburg, and Loftsound's Markus Kampschulte from Arnsberg (pictured below, left). Markus

"Together we made the room rock", said Trevor. "All the Germans left the Harbeth room with a big grin on their faces as they enjoyed the clear, natural sound which only a Harbeth RADIAL™ can produce.  Some came back several times, not believing what they heard."

The hugely popular show is organised by Hifi Show Bramfeld, a local dealership which knows how to attract a crowd interested in good sound.  Admission was free, always an incentive, and the venue easily accessible by public transport as well as having good parking close-by.

"This was clearly a very well organised show, professionally marketed to attract audiophiles and with a warm welcome for both exhibitors and visitors", adds Trevor. "It was great to meet so many loyal Harbeth customers as well as others who are hoping to upgrade to Harbeth; they were keen to hear more about our BBC pedigree and how we have taken those landmark BBC designs and added twenty-first century technology. There's no doubt that the audience felt we are do make the world's best-loved loudspeakers." 
Westward Ho! for the Bristol show
The first UK-show audition of Harbeth's latest model is something to make a noise about, and rest assured the legendary Sussex-based brand will be celebrating at Bristol during Sound and Vision at the city centre Marriott Hotel, 20-22 February.
Working alongside digital partners Computer Audio Design, Harbeth will be showcasing the Super HL5plus in room 232 with the award-winning P3ESR mini monitor next door in 234.

Harbeth is also delighted to be working with friends from REL Acoustics who will be using a pair of the new Super HL5plus loudspeakers for the main stereo pair plus Compact 7ES-3s for the rear channel and another Compact for the centre channel in a 5.1 surround presentation in Rooms 308/309, opposite the lifts on the third floor of the show.

Already receiving worldwide acclaim everywhere it's been shown, from Hong Kong to Moscow, the SHL5plus brings a level of clarity and resolution not before heard in two cubic-foot BBC-style design. Designer Alan Shaw will be on hand to demonstrate how he's combined the unbeatable Harbeth RADIAL™ technology with a crossover created using the very latest simulation software, to reach new levels of audio supremacy.


Enhanced transparency. Smoother response. More involving listener experience. Just three of the new model's attributes.

"This is a serious speaker for the serious listener", says the designer.

The seventh-generation of Harbeth's legacy model, the new design retains all the strengths of its predecessors yet takes the classic BBC loudspeaker concept to new levels of listener engagement.

'The ultimate domestic monitor loudspeaker' is a bold claim - but one you can judge for yourself in Bristol where it's making its debut at a UK hi-fi show.

We look forward to welcoming you to the show.
Awards to round-off the year
Harbeth ends a bumper 2014 by collecting a clutch of audio awards.

A leading German magazine has awarded Harbeth's mini-monitor, the P3ESR,  "Best of LP" in its recent awards. LP is a popular magazine which focuses on excellence in vinyl and LP reproduction and a highly respected high-end magazine in Germany.  It was back in 2009 that the title gave the little P3ESR a stunning review.Award

Also added to the trophy shelf is the award from Hong Kong's 'Super AV Awards' Outstanding Overall Performance 2014 where the stunning M30.1 monitor loudspeaker has won the title of best 'bookshelf' loudspeaker. (The term is used to differentiate it from floor-standers)

These awards round-off a remarkable year for British-owned and run Harbeth which has marked a record year -- more happy customers in more countries than ever, whille taking technology to the fore with a brand new monitor design, the Super HL5plus.  The latest model has proven to be the company's fastest-selling model EVER.
Veterans appreciate support
Having read in the media about the chronic plight of ex servicemen and women in crisis this Christmas (Independent newspaper feature article 28 November, for example), Harbeth's MD Alan Shaw was determined to do something to help.

He read of a charity's marvellous work and thought Veterans' Aid a very dedicated and committed bunch of people who were working really hard to help those in desperate need by providing immediate and practical help, such as the way they knock on the door of Veterans' Aid and find solace. Cheqye
(The charity's CEO Dr Hugh Milroy is pictued with Harbeth's cheque)

Harbeth UK will making a guaranteed minimum donation to the charity plus an extra amount for every new, fresh pair of Harbeths sold by an authorised dealer - any model, any veneer - anywhere in the world to a member of the public until 31 December 2014 of £50.

Purchasers simply have to email the office confidentially with their valid serial number and purchase details. "It won't cost you or your dealer anything - we're funding this from HQ as our mark of respect for those who have fallen onto hard times", adds Alan.  "If you purchase but do not email us we will assume that you do not wish to be counted-in, which is entirely your prerogative and we perfectly understand and respect your position. There is no obligation whatever, just Register your speakers for Warranty as normal."
British to the core
A multi-national takeover has claimed another famous British speaker company. As news emerges that the major European loudspeaker brand is swallowed up by a Chinese conglomerate, it’s good to know that Harbeth is British through and through and remains true to those pioneering roots which create its world-class loudspeakers.
With most of the original British speaker names now in overseas ownership, Harbeth stands out as the one which is resolutely and steadfastly remaining true to its roots. Alan Shaw

“When you’re merely part of a huge conglomerate, just a small cog in a massive wheel, it’s hard, if not impossible, to maintain the maverick thinking that created the technological triumphs which became the BBC monitor”, says Harbeth’s MD Alan Shaw (pictured).

Such thinking and design needs the oxygen of creativity which does not conform to the rigid cost-driven necessity of a soul-less corporation.

“Loudspeaker design (and composing music)above all need uninterrupted concentration – both involve many refinements and neither are a linear path: they go in lurches; none of that lies comfortably with seasonal production runs and needless rehashing. Harbeth is completely master of its own destiny: we know what our customers want, we are good at making it for them and we’re here for the very long-term,” he adds.
TV audio guru adores new Harbeths

One of the first UK users of the new Harbeth Super HL5plus monitor loudspeaker was the highly respected and award-winning Sound Director, Robert Edwards (seen here, on the right, at the factory watching his new loudspeakers being handmade). Robert Edwards (right)

After an evening with his new monitors, Robert reported, "Harbeth’s Super HL5plus are simply stunning. There is a real sense of musicality in the delivery”, he says. “Here is a sonic Tardis that fills the room space completely, from its modest-sized and lovingly-created enclosures.

“Harbeth should be really proud of its achievement in taking what was already a fabulous-sounding speaker (the SHL5) and further fine-tuning the ingredients: the Super HL5plus is a triumph of Alan’s special skills and dedication in bringing music alive in the room.

“This is the definitive hi-fi speaker for the twenty-first century. It really is a classic design brought bang up-to-date. If you were a Michelin chef, you would be given five stars and a rosette!”

Benelux debut for Harbeth's new model
Gydotron Analog Audio show in Westmalle (Belgium) showcases Harbeth SHL5 Plus with stunning results!

On Saturday 13th and Sunday 14th of September, Flemish high-end dealer 'Gydotron' organised an audio event showcasing most of the brands in its portfolio, including Harbeth. This report by Garmt van der Zel.

In a very picturesque old 'Pastorij' (rectory) in the town of 'Westmalle' – world famous for its beer by the same name – only vinyl was played in a multitude of configurations. Some 130 visitors enjoyed the great music played and were delighted with the natural sound from the 'Harbeth' room. Driven by an amplifier and phono stage by ASR Emitter, with a VPI Classic turntable as the source, listeners commented on the keen price/performance ratio of the system and the unforced, open, musically enjoyable sound from the new Super HL5 Plus speakers.

The concensus seemed to be that this room was the best sounding one of the show in its own price class and well above and also hard to beat in musical satisfaction.

High demand in Hong Kong
The recent Hong Kong high-end show illustrated the high demand for Harbeth products.high demand in Hong Kong

In the brand's room, the nighlty M40.1 reference monitor impressed end-users with a constant crowd clamouring to hear the monitor loudspeakers.

“We played a varity of music, classical, jazz, pop music and rock’n roll”, said Kalson Chan of Harbeth KH. “The magical M40.1s just reproduce the real sound to the audience – nothing added, nothin taken away. We also proved how easy Harbeth speakers are to drive and produced a lovely sound in the process.”

Sited on Sound Anchors four-post 14inch high stands, custom-made for the Harbeth reference monitor, the speakers were driven by Sugden Masterclass MPA-4 mono power amplifiers sourced with Sugden Masterclass PDT-4F CD Player and Sapphire DAP 800 digital/analogue pre-amplifier.

It was a combination which received widespread praise, not only from customers but audio journalists and bloggers as well.
Heavenly sounds in USA capital
A ‘made-in paradise’ combination is how one journalist described the Harbeth room at Washington’s Capital Audio Fest last month.
capital audio fest
In the words of Stereophile’s Herb Reichert, Room 715 at the Sheraton was the place to be. In his online review of the event, Herb remarked how the Harbeth/Red Wine Audio room was a "made-in-paradise combination. To imagine what I heard think opposites: Extremely smooth yet extremely textured; extremely subtle yet extremely dynamic.”
Leaving the rest behind
A review of compact British monitor loudspeakers saw Harbeth come out on top with high praise for the Compact 7ES-3. Mark Marcantorino

When Tone Audio’s Mark Marcantonio switched to his beloved Harbeths, the music began to flow and  the difference was, as he said, palpable.

“The Harbeths bring more bass grunt and detail. Listening to music with any sort of low end through the Compact 7s is a whole different experience.

His conclusion was “AlanShaw, the BBC monitor crownbelongs to you”.
Big Belgian welcome
Belgium audiophiles enjoyed two setups during a Harbeth weekend hosted by the newest Benelux dealer based in Wijnegem.Belgium welcome
The first, (downstairs) consisted of Harbeth SHL5s  run with Pathos Logos amplifier and Endorphine CD-player. The upstairs system was Monitor 30.1s  driven by Norma amplifier with Norma CD-player and Nottingham Analogue turntable.
“We received unanimously positive comments, with several visitors showing immediate interest in owning Harbeths”, extols Garmt from Harbeth Benelux.
“Katrien and Guido were very warm hosts and it was definitively apparent that all showgoers felt immediately at home at Gydotron. We played a lot of music until around midnight, talking music and equipment. “
New name in Norway
Harbeth UK is delighted to announce that, with immediate effect, Torry Haegeland of Hagto Audio has been appointed the brand's official distributor in Norway. New name in Norway

"We know there is a strong following for Harbeth products in Norway and Torry will be meeting customer needs across the country. We are delighted to have him on board", said Harbeth's MD Alan Shaw pictured here (left) with the new Norwegian distributor.

"Torry has long been a personal user of Harbeth loudspeakers and knows the product line extensively. He can now share this passion with our customers old and new."

Biggest, warmest Munich welcome

A hugely successful High End audio show in Munich has seen Harbeth launch a new loudspeaker model. Harbeth at Munich 2014

The renowned British brand takes BBC monitor design to new levels with its Super HL5-plus -- a three-way speaker benefiting from a super tweeter, high-quality SEAS dome tweeter and the company's proprietary RADIAL2™ bass/midrange.

"The event was very well attended and reflected the European audio industry in its best light", explains Trevor Butler from Harbeth's marketing department. "Our photographer had to deftly find a moment when the Harbeth stand (above) was visible and not thronged with global visitors who came to hear about the world's best-loved speaker brand."

Harbeth had a backdrop showing the BBC's Last Night of the Proms which proved a talking point throughout the massive audio event.New SHL5plus

Harbeth's new speaker (left) was shown in pre-production form not only on its own stand but in an impressive 5.1 surround-sound system at the REL booth in an adjoining hall. Here a pair of SHL5plus speakers were used with three Compact 7-ES3s and RELs sub-woofers in an impressive home theatre demonstration.

"The effect was dramatic", adds Trevor, "and appreciated by the international audience who flocked to Germany."

Harbeth welcomed customers old and new from several continents as the High End event proved a magnet for discerning audiophiles.

"As well as distributors, dealers and media representatives, it was a pleasure to meet so many end-users and hear how much they enjoyed the Harbeth sound in their listening environments."


Sounding out India
Harbeth features in India's first 7000 square-foot flagship store featuring the very best off-roading products alongside customised leather sofas for home theatres and listening rooms, plus car seats.  India's newest store
The new flagship store is in the heart of the commercial district of Bangalore and is the only one of its kind in India.

"We are happy to announce that Absolute Phase launches its exclusive Stereo Lounge at the flagship store Everything 4WD", says Prithviraj Vedpathak.  Target clients are the HNIs who have expensive SUVs like Range Rovers, Porsches etc. 
"All our off-roading and SUV clients have an opportunity to listen to great music on the best loudspeakers in the lounge when they get their vehicles get done or they come shopping", he adds. 
The chief Minister, various politician, actors and celebrities attended the grand opening along with over 1000 guests for the launch who all heard the natural sound of Harbeths.
Hamburg show success
North Germany's most popular hi-fi event was a huge success, reports Harbeth Germany from the Norddeutsche HiFi Tage - Hörtest.

C7ES-3 at HamburgOrganized by the HiFi Studio Bramfeld every year, it is one of the best-visited audio events in Europe. Some 3,500 visitors came this year to hear what the 150 exhibitors at the Holiday Inn had to offer.

Overlooking the river Elbe, close to the "Elb-Brücken", audiophiles enjoyed the Harbeth sound. "We had a glorious showroom on the 16th floor, with a nice view over the harbour to the new concert hall now being built", explained Bernd Hömke from Harbeth.

Two Harbeth systems were demonstrated: the Harbeth Compact 7ES-3 35th Anniversary edition was coupled with The Palmer turntable, and tube pre-amps from Cary Audio, connected to the Croft mono regulated power amps. A second system featured Harbeth monitors with the new Creek Evolution 50 CD-player and Evolution 50A amp
.Norddeutsche HiFi Tage - Hörtest

"Both systems played very well", add Bernd. "The analogue front-end revealed Harbeth's ability to generate fantastic resolution and reveal a deep insight into the music."

There has been excellent feedback on the Harbeth sound which was witnessed by many customers, press-guys and dealers.

"As usual, Hamburg was a very good show which achieved a lot of attention from discerning audiophiles and we achieved a very good atmosphere in our room and got very fine results."
Latest award for outstanding model
News from the Czech Republic is that Harbeth's Compact 7ES-3 has been awarded certificate'Best Speaker of the Year' by HI-Fi Voice magazine. It's the latest award for this loudspeaker which has been highly acclaimed in many international markets.

"This is wonderful news", says Tomáš Kalina from KAS Audio who represent Harbeth there, as he received the certificate, signed by the publication's Editor-in-Chief, Daniel Brezina. "And testimony of Alan's design in creating a natural, clear sound from a medium-sized cabinet. It is great on so many kinds of music and a real winner here in the Czech Republic."

For more details, visit the magazine's website at  www.hifivoice.cz
Med coast venue perfect for idyllic sounds

Audiophiles were delighted at the sounds created during the recent Hi-Fi Sound and Technical Exhibition held in Toulon, southern France. Beautiful location

On 7 and 8 December, the Salon Son and Technique was staged in the prestigious setting of the Golf Hotel La Fregate Bandol. This third high-end show demonstrated the expertise of the auditorium Toulon with a fine selection of materials. Big names were present including, of course,hand-crafted English speakers from Harbeth. Centre stage was the multi-award winning Monitor 30.1.

"The show was staged in a rural paradise, with stunning scenery under a beautiful sun", explains Marc Chassonnery from Harbeth France. "As you would expect, the Harbeth demonstration was one of the best sound at the show - Monitor 30.1s in actionbut that's not just my opinion, visitors and audio journalists were also delighted at what they heard."

"A huge soundstage was generated by the Harbeth monitors with plenty of presence and a real sense of being immersed in the music", explained one visitor. The Monitor 30.1 were coupled with a CX-7 e /AX-7 e Ayre system, totally filling the 30 square-metre listening room at the venue. "Everyone who came along was amazed by such a big and natural sound. It was a wonderful weekend, with wonderful people and in a wonderful location."

Contributing to audio history
It is fitting that Harbeth has provided material for a definitive guide to the key loudspeaker development over recent decades.

Published by The Absolute Sound magazine, and eminently edited by Robert Harley,  the coffee-table publication provides an exclusive tour of the birth of the most famous loudspeaker brands and models around the world. TAS audio book
It includes a section devoted to the BBC monitor and the enormous effect it had on future design, not least the birth of Harbeth itself.

Having trawled the Harbeth archives, Alan Shaw was able to contribute photographs and white papers to assist the editor and section writer Paul Seydor.

Having acquired Dudley Harwood’s library on taking over Harbeth in 1986, there was extensive material on the BBC man’s creation of the world’s first polypropylene-coned loudspeaker as well as his notable work on legendary BBC designs and preparatory work on the famous LS5/8 Grade One studio monitor.

Shaw also had his own research material dating back to a childhood fascination with BBC loudspeakers.

The collection proved invaluable to the American publishers. Among the material featured in the new book is a photograph of Harwood and Shaw outside Harbeth’s then base in south London, and an image of the scale model loudspeaker which led, by accident. to the creation of the cult LS3/5A.

Order via the website at: https://store.theabsolutesound.com/
Germans flock to hear the Harbeth sound
Germany's prestigious Analog Forum, in Krefeld, attracted huge numbers of visitors and many came to hear Harbeth. Analog Forum

"Fans flocked to enjoy the sound system, which consists of the Palmer turntable, the Cary Audio tube preamps and the nice, big, 2x 200 watts power amp driving the Harbeth M30.1, "explained Bernd Hömke of Harbeth Germany. "The speakers reproduced an enormous dynamic and precise sound full of details and a very deep and wide soundstage."

So popular is the Harbeth brand becoming in Germany that in a much larger auditorium, the Anaolg Audio Association staged workshops, comparing turntables and rare tape recordings to a big audience. For them only the mighty Harbeth Monitor 40.1 Refernce would suffice. "Driven by the big Magnum Dynalab MD-309 amp, they did a very fine job", adds Bernd. "As well as on the event on Saturday evening, which turns into a into a dancing party until very late night..."
Rockin' at Mountain Fest
Harbeth rocked at the tenth Rocky Mountain Audio Fest in Denver USA and commanded high praise from audio journalists. Rocky Mount Audio Fest

 On the Stereophile magazine’s website, Stephen Mejias found the sound impressive. He remarked, “it’s no exaggeration to say that I love Harbeth’s Monitor 30.1 loudspeakers. No matter where I hear them, regardless of music or associated gear, I’m always impressed by the warm, full-bodied, detailed sound.
  “I noted great low-end weight, with clean highs and a rich midrange that made voices and jazz guitars sound especially lovely.”

  Commenting on the sound of Diana Krall’s version of Arthur Altman’s “All or Nothing At All,” , he says “it was so comfortable, so inviting, I could have stayed and listened for a good, long while.”
Non-stop demand in Germany
At the hugely popular Westdeutsche HiFi Tage, staged in Bonn, visitors and the Bonn showGerman audio press were impressed by the unique, natural and liquid sound of the Harbeth C7 ES-3. So much so, that Bernd   Hömke of Harbeth Germany was forced to play the Harbeth system repeatedly for customers.

The four thousand-plus show visitors keep Bernd and his team busy over the whoe weekend and proved just how popular the Harbeth brand has become in Germany where it's much in demand by discerning audiophiles.

“Powered by the Magnum Dynalab MD-301 amp, the MD-806 Intermedia tuner with digital sources and the Palmer 2.5 turntable as analogue source, the Compact 7-ES3s were really on-song”, explains Bernd. “The sound was just wonderful, even in a hi-fi show hotel bedroom visitors kept coming back for more!”
Delighting the Dutch
THE X-fi High-End Audioshow 2013 delighted the scores of Dutch audiophiles who found the Harbeth sound the 'best of the show'. Happy Dutch audiophiles

"The Harbeth room was constantly packed as people just wanted to hear more and more of the award-winning Monitor 30.1s", says Garmt van der Zel from Harbeth Holland.

The sound was also to the liking of audio journalists:

Hifi.nl wrote: "How refreshing it was to enter the Beter Beeld & Geluid rooms: no unnecessary frills, ultra expensive tweaks or esoteric music. [...] The Harbeth room was equipped with Linn equipment, complemented by a Sondek LP12, driving two Harbeth M30.1 speakers. With their unique signature sound, they simply sounded easily enjoyable. That Garmt and Bjorn have a knowledge of real music is truly an asset for a good demo." 

Meanwhile, Audio-creative.nl wrote: "The distributor of Harbeth had made a very simplistic setup​​. A set of monitors on stands, a streaming player/preamplifier] and a turntable. It sounded wonderful. And they used normal 'real life' music, like many should have." 
Golden Ear Award for Harbeth's latest model
THREE COVETED Golden Ear Awards now sit in the display cabinet at Harbeth HQ as the company’s traditional studio monitor designs have been award the pinnacle of audio acclaim for the third time in recent years.

Latest to receive the accolade is the recently introduced Monitor 30.1 model.
Golden Ear
“A new masterpiece from the designer Alan Shaw”, is how legendary audio journalist Paul Seydor described the Harbeth Monitor 30.1.   His comments earned the loudspeaker a revered Golden Ear Award from prestigious audiophile magazine The Absolute Sound.

Paul Sedor went on to describe the M30.1 as “...the best compact two-way speaker system I’ve ever heard, regardless of type, cost, or complexity...”. As for the sound quality, he says, “the midrange is simply ravishing, the bottom end is extended without any hype, resolution and transparency are state of the art, and dynamic range is sufficient to play orchestral music at natural levels in typical US living rooms”. Paul also notes how the Monitor 30.1 is a “speaker you can listen to for hours on end without fatigue, yet its accuracy is such that it is a true reference monitor.  In conclusion, he predicts that “it will become a classic design.”

Originally conceived as a drop-in replacement for the LS5/9 mid-sized BBC studio monitor speaker, the Harbeth M30.1 has won a succession of international awards since it was launched in Munich last year.

“To collect a third Golden Ear for the Harbeth Monitoring Series is truly awesome”, says Walter Swanbon from Harbeth USA. “It just proves that even the BBC legend lives on thanks to the application of key technology.”
Harbeth trio awarded
No fewer than three of Harbeth's hand-crafted British loudspeakers have been listed as 'Recommended Components' by the internationally respected Stereophile magazine.

Read the full article here

Stereophile RecommendedIn the magazine's Class A—Full-Range section, Harbeth's newest model, the Monitor 30.1 is listed along with the reviewer's comment: "...the Monitor 30.1 produced "ravishing" midrange texture, tonality, and resolution when partnered with higher-powered solid-state amplification."  And continued:... "if you"re into classical and jazz, there is no other loudspeaker I can recommend so highly for $6500/pair,"

In its Class B (Restricted LF) section, two Harbeth models are listed.

The C7ES-3 is described: "Bigger than a mini-monitor but smaller than a floorstander, the third iteration of the C7 is ...  tuned to deliver a rich, full-bodied sound at the lowest frequencies. The reviewer summed it up by saying, "Damn those audiophiles. This Harbeth is for music lovers!"

Also listed in this class is the mini-monitor Harbeth P3ESR which as described by the magazine's editor, John Atkinson thus: "The Harbeth P3ESR is the best iteration yet from any manufacturer of the BBC LS3/5A mini-monitor concept."
Models showcased in Kuala Lumpur
CROWDS flocked to the Harbeth room at the Kuala Lumpur International Show (KLIAV) on the 8th floor of the JW Marriot Hotel.

"We are delighted with the overwhelming response from the visitors to our room", explains Sam Chan of Harbeth Malaysia. "There were many hi-fi enthusiasts there, giving us very good compliments in the sound reproduction."

One audiophile commented that the Harbeth room was "the only room that is Hi-Fi sound" and music to his ears. Another complimented that it was "an ear -opener" for him in music reproduction.
California dreaming...
‘A welcome breath of fresh air’ is how Jason Victor Serinus from Stereophile magazine described his visit to the Harbeth USA room in the Hilton Hotel run by leading retailer Gene Rubin Audio. THE Show
“Listening to the Quartet Italiano playing Mozart, I was delighted by the very warm, civilized, and totally enjoyable sound of the system”, blogged the hi-fi journalist. 

On Saturday Grammy winning engineer David Reitzas dropped in, thrilling some of the lucky show attendees including Stereophile editor John Atkinson. “Many came away hearing the best sound at T.H.E. Show,” exclaims Walter Swanbon from Harbeth USA.

Dealer Peter Selesnick of Venice Audio (pictured) was kept busy showing off the M30.1 driven by the Leben Tube/integrated Amp (25W/C) demonstrating the benefits of Harbeth’s even handed 6-8 Ohm impedance profile. The result: stunning musicality and happy customers.
Artist chooses Harbeth
A YOUNG American artist is enjoying the sound produced by his new Harbeth Compact C7ES-3 loudspeakers. Venice  Audio

Born and based in Los Angles, Dashiell Manley has his works widely exhibited and much admired.

He contacted Californian Harbeth dealer Venice Audio where Peter Selesnick organised a loan pair of the Harbeth compact monitor while the artist's chosen veneer were manufactured and now fit perfectly into his home surroundings (pictured).
Sounding out Shanghai
HAL demonstationThe unbeatable Harbeth sound was demonstrated in three rooms at the recent Shanghai hi-fi show and received a warm welcome in each.

The audio event take place near the Shanghai commemoration exhibition of EXPO2010 and attracts a wide audience of discerning audiophiles, many of whom made repeated visits to the suite of Harbeth demonstrations to hear again, and again the unbeatable clarity which only RADIAL™ cone technology can deliver. 

"We have received much good feedback from the end-users and our dealers who came to Shanghai", explains Kelson Chan of Harbeth HK/China. 

"There was a separate exhibition room for each model shown: one demonstrating new,  M30.1, one of our viewdealers had a room demonstrating SHL5 and another dealer one for demonstrating M40.1", he adds.

Staff at the event were kept busy (but had time to pose for a quick photo - see above) with a constant flow of enquiries about how the world's best-loved loudspeakers which are highly revered in China and more and more consumers wish to acquire the high-quality sound which is based on the highly respected BBC research into loudspeaker performance.

Views from the exhibition centre across the city were stunning (as shown by the photo, left) behind the classic SHL5 monitor speaker.
Making music in NYC

Harbeth waved the British flag at the recent New York Audio Show 2013, staged in the venerable Palace Hotel.

Early, online reports from the event include this assessment of how the Harbeh 30.1 monitors were performing by Stereophile magazine's Art Dudley. pic @Stereophile
I would not hesitate to describe the sound of the Red Wine Audio Bricasti, playing a 44.1k 'conductor's mix' of the performance of Elgar's Dream of Gerontius by the Boston Symphony Orchestra under Sir Colin Davis—who died the day after this demonstration, at age 85—as among the very best digital playback I've heard, thanks also to the reliably musical Harbeth Monitor 30.1 loudspeakers”, he said.

Further accolades came from Anthony Kershaw of online audiophilia.com who remarked: “Harbeth 30.1 speakers sounded lovely with Red Wine Audio electronics. Smooth without the troubles some of the other rooms were experiencing”.

The Harbeth USA room set-up was also revealed in this image from enjoythemusic.com's online show report... pic @enjoythemusic.com

“The show was very busy! The feedback to us was consistently positive and the M30.1 loudspeakers in our configuration provided the attendees with great sound”, explains Dwight Dimartino from Harbeth USA. “We consistently have the best sound in this price range, or maybe any price range! There's no doubt about it: the Harbeth room at audio shows is the place to be right now.” www.fidelisav.com

'Ravishing' Monitor 30.1 gets five-star treatment
A leading US-based reviewer has lavished high praise on Harbeth's latest monitor loudspeaker.

"Ravishing in its warmth, richness, vividness, and beauty", is how Paul Sedor describes the sound quality of the Harbeth Monitor 30.1 writing in the April 2013 issue of The Absolute Sound magazine. The august journal is revered around the globe, and Mr Sedor is widely respected for having the finest ears of any audio writer. TAS review

The highly detailed review looks at Harbeth's pedigree and designer Alan Shaw's ethos as well as an in-depth appraisal of the new speaker.

He concludes that the "Monitor 30.1 is so beautifully voiced, balanced, and natural sounding as to make it one of the most completely satisfying speaker systems I've ever used."

Auditioning the speakers with the all-critical human voice courtesy of the Huddersfield Choral Society, the result was an uncannily realistic presentation "with the chorus and orchestra occupying the entire soundstage from side-to-side, the chorus extending behind the orchestra, the vastness of the space convincingly reproduced."

For the full review, grab a copy of the magazine - subscriptions available online at http://www.theabsolutesound.com/
Winning hearts and minds and accolades in the States
NO fewer than three of Harbeth’s speakers have gained the prestigious honour of being the Editors’ Choice by The Absolute Sound magazine. TAS editor's choice
    These are the products the publication’s editors and writers have selected as most worthy of readers’ consideration. These are the components they themselves  would buy or recommend.
    The P3ESR mini monitor is cited as having “neutrality and natural tonal balance that reign supreme...”; the Compact 7ES-3 establishes “a new benchmark for compact two-ways”; while the reference Monitor 40.1 produces “neutral sound, exceptional midrange clarity, refined and extended treble, almost full bass extension in room, and surprisingly ‘outside the box’ imaging.”
German audiophiles entranced

ON THE penultimate weekend of prestigious high-end H.O.T. event in Nuremberg, audiophiles were treated to a sound to remember.

“I had chosen the 25sqm space deliberately to allow the Harbeth Super HL5 loudspeakers to wow audiences”, explains Bernd Hömke of Harbeth Germany. Harbeth at HOT

The classic speakers were partnered with the Croft Series 7 Regulated mono amps and Cary SLP-03 line-tube pre-amp. Sources were the Palmer turntable, run through the tube phono stages of Cary Audio; the Creek Destiny 2 CD Player; and the Inter-Media Tuner MD-806 from Magnum Dynalab.

The combination produced a highly dynamic and wide frequency range across a wide and immersive soundstage to create 'really great cinema'.

“The system simply played to the point that it was a pleasure”, adds Bernd. “Many visitors confirmed this again and again, because they really came to us several times to ascertain that the Harbeth / hybrid amplifier system really played as well, as it seemed at first sight. And it did!

“The big Harbeth set-up drove me on several occasions to have joyous goose bumps down my spine”, he adds. “We reached a sound quality that I can recommend to any music lover, unconditionally."

The next chance for German audiophiles to hear Harbeth on the road will be at the October 'Analog Forum' in Krefeld - “I'm looking forward to it already”, admits Bernd.

Meanwhile details from Harbeth Germany online at www.inputaudio.de

National school sets Harbeth as audio standard
HARBETH has become the audio standard for the UK’s National Film and Television School which trains the next generation of professionals for film, television and new media industries.
NFTS delivery     Monitor 30.1 loudspeakers have been installed the school’s four, newly built composers suites with further pairs destined across the Beaconsfield campus.
     “The new Harbeths have proved a fantastic success with the students”, says Head of Sound Recording, Andrew Boulton.
    “They are, for the first time, experiencing a sonic quality and definition they had not heard before”, he adds . “There is now no hiding place within the new, precision monitoring environment, but the students appreciate the challenge of having to raise their standards.”
     Andrew Boulton is pictured (left) taking delivery from Harbeth's MD and designer, Alan Shaw who said "it is a pleasure to collaborate with the NFTS to ensure that future generations of film and TV professionals understand the importance of accurate sound monitoring using fatigue-free loudspeakers. The Harbeth Mastering Series is proving an instant hit across the campus with the graduates and tutors alike."
Top music producer can't live without Harbeth qualities
ONE of the UK's top music producers says that installing Harbeth monitor speakers in his studio has opened up a 'magnificent 3D soundstage' which he just wasn't hearing on his standard speakers. Now, he says, he just can't do without his Monitor 30.1s. Loving M30.1 monitors

"From day to day my work-flow can vary hugely; it’ll go from composing film-scores, producing bands, to mixing live music shows", explains John Hendicott. "I tried and tested many reference monitors to get the best balance for my needs, with the priority being a neutral soundstage and a response that is non-fatiguing after hours of listening.

"I was then fortunate enough to come across some of Harbeth’s new Monitor 30.1s. I had heard lots about the heritage of the company but had never actually tested them for myself", he explains.

The immediate results were just sensational as John points out, "On cueing up some familiar material, I was quite taken aback at what I was hearing, or more precisely, what I hadn’t heard before. The response was confident, effortless and open which creates a truly 3D soundstage. The key difference was depth; it allowed me to look into the mix like never before and more importantly, truly feel a part of it.

"The confidence and vibe they bring to a session helps immeasurably when either composing, mixing or simply impressing that client who likes to check in every now and then. I can’t do without them."

To see how Harbeth monitors could improve your professional life, contact the pro' sales team on 01444 484371.

Russians love reference monitor
HARBETH'S magnificent 'reference' monitorloudspeaker  has been highly praised by the Russia edition of What Hi-Fi? in its January, 2013 issue.

The in-depth test concluded that the mighty speaker produced a 'noble performance capable of displaying the smallest details as well as big-scale sound images'.

Harbeth Russia's Alex Entin welcomed the review as testimony to the excellent sound quality which only a Harbeth is capable of producing thanks to its unique RADIAL™ drive unit technology.

"It's not surprising that the magazine's reviewer enjoyed the top-of-the range Harbeth monitor sound", he said. "It is a reference to which others can only aspire in terms of tonal neutrality, soundstaging and ultimate clarity and detail. That's why it's the first choice for so many professional sound engineers in broadcasting and the music industry."

More details from http://www.techno-m.ru/
Making 'sound of the show' in Vegas
The Monitor 30.1 went down a storm at the mega CES in Las Vegas as Dick Olsher from The Absolute Sound magazine selected the Harbeth/Red Wine Audio electronics combo for ‘Best of Show’.Wow in Vegas

     “Our selection for best sound at the lowest price is just another testament to excellence!”, says Dwight Dimartino from Harbeth USA.

    “We knocked ‘em out with great sound!  Great monitors, set up in the room, and the astonishing Red Wine Audio battery-powered monoblocks really made for a nice system!

    “The 30.1’s are just impressing the heck out of everyone. The whole Harbeth range is on fire!” he adds enthusiastically.
'Best compact two-way... ever'
THE HIGHEST praise for Harbeth's Monitor 30.1 has come from one of America's leading audio reviews, Paul Seydor of The Absolute Sound magazine.
In an online preview of his forthcoming review, Paul says that the new model is the "best compact two-way speaker system I have ever heard, regardless of design type, cost, or complexity".  He praises the M30.1's "high neutrality, low coloration and low distortion", adding that it is a "constant joy and pleasure to listen to, consummately natural, unbelievably beautiful."

In conclusion, the reviewer says, "this is a reference-caliber speaker that is also gloriously musical."

The full review will be published in The Absolute Sound's Issue 232.

We can't wait!
Harbeths star in US TV hit
LOOK out for Harbeth’s mini monitor in the American hit TV series House of Lies. The makers, Sony Pictures, contacted Harbeth recently to specify P3ESRs in black ash. They demanded Harbeth as the ‘classic’ British shoe-box monitor brand.
House of Lies    “The P3s will appear in the show placed in the room of actor Don Cheadle”, explains Walter Swanbon from Harbeth USA .  “ We are thrilled that a wider audience will see these stunning looking speakers. It’s only a pity they won’t be able to hear what an awesome sound they create, too.”

 Shows featuring the speakers will air in the coming year.
Ooh la la! French excitement over SHL5
THE highly respected French high-end publication Ecoutez Voir put the Harbeth SHL5s through their paces and found them ‘addictive’.
SHL5 review    Testing the classic, two cubic foot BBC-style monitor, online EV mag said “Harbeth’s Super HL5s easily fill a large room and are particularly attractive.”

     The reviewer concluded that the speakers were “...transparent, vibrant, and both refined and fluid. The Super HL5 is all that and more. They reveal a remarkable quality across the entire bandwidth, reproducing a sonic image with exceptional dynamic capabilities which are rare if not unique...”

    Marc Chassonnery from Harbeth France calls this a  ‘beautiful test report’ by Antoine Gresland, explaining how the reviewer lived with the SHL5s for six weeks, “and so was able to give them a thorough review.” Adding, “this is not the mere two-days of listening by some magazines. “
More information at http://www.evmag.fr
Harbeths chosen for 'sonic sensation'
NO FEWER than 19 Harbeth monitor loudspeakers are at the centre of an audio project to create a whole new ‘cinema’ experience minus the pictures.

Ear Films' leading-edge audio project to create a sound-only cinema experience is on international tour to the USA.
Ear Films in action
After months of planning and preparation, Ear conceived and built their prototype multi-channel sound environment at Devon’s Dartington Hall studios. The sound dome is a geodesic structure with nineteen critically positioned Harbeth Monitor 20.1 loudspeakers.

“Recording the first test version of To Sleep To Dream, we assembled a wonderful team of actors, technicians and foley artistes, explains EAR’s founder Daniel Marcus Clark.

The young, creative engineers spent a hectic Christmas in New York to show off the concept and seek international syndication of the idea.

“This is a very exciting stage of the concept”, says Harbeth’s Alan Shaw. “I have just returned from Dartington Hall and I now fully appreciate the entertainment experience these guys have crafted. With over 4,000 tracks of audio and sounds that swirl around the blindfolded audience, I left without realising that there were no pictures. Because the sound from the Monitor 20s was so immersive I’d been carried along with the story and my imagination had done the rest.”
STOP PRESS - The rig's been flown to New York City for the ISPA and APAP Conferences.

Rapid take-up for high-gloss finish
INITIAL enthusiasm towards Harbeth’s new, high-gloss finish loudspeakers is “better than we could possibly have imagined”, admits the firm’s marketing man, Trevor Butler.

     Since announcing the new lacquer finishes of Gun Grey, Arctic White and Jet Black, take-up around the world has been phenomenal. “We’ve  already had to increase production, and the season’s hardly started! he adds.”

     “Too many products today seem to major on style over substance”, adds Trevor. “It is refreshing to find that, when it comes to top quality British handmade speakers, it is possible to have both: the unbeatable Harbeth RADIAL™ sound and a classy, high-gloss lacquer finish which is fit for any upmarket surroundings.”
Jet Black high gloss    “Anyone who has admired a Steinway up close will  have fallen in love with the beautiful mirror-finish which exudes quality and surely adds to the musical experience. We’ve tried to capture the essence of that in these high-gloss Harbeths”, says MD Alan Shaw.

    We are fortunate to be neighbours with the prestigious Ardingly College private school.  Their glorious music facilities include a stunning Steinway which provides the perfect accompaniment for the high gloss Harbeths.
(Pic: Jim Holden)
High-gloss lacqure finishes added to range
THE FINAL Harbeth 35th birthday present to its customers is an exciting new range of high-gloss lacquer finishes which has just been launched.
     Chic black, glistening white, and sophisticated silver finishes will become available across the Harbeth range.
     Production is starting and samples are on their way to Harbeth distributors globally.
P3 in high gloss Gun Grey“Modern living requires modern finishes and here they are!”, explains Harbeth’s production manager, Andy Sinden. “Commercial installations will also benefit greatly from these high-gloss lacquer finishes which also bring improved sonics.”
     Some say that a lacquered loudspeaker can improve HF dispersion, midrange resolution, and LF dynamics among quoted audio improvements.
     Underneath these stunning finishes is the traditional Harbeth hand-made cabinet with all the famous sonic quality of a Harbeth – but with added pizzazz.
     “Contemporary rooms demand a contemporary look and feel, as any interior designer will tell you”, says Harbeth’s marketing man Trevor Butler. The new range of Harbeth finishes will fill the gap and meet the needs of those who require a loudspeaker of the quality only Harbeth’s unique RADIAL™ design can bring, but in fresh looking cabinets.
     For more information, please contact your local Harbeth dealer.
Rising to the top in Poland

AWARDS just keep rolling in from around the world for the new Monitor 30.1 loudspeaker. The latest accolade comes from our friends at the influential High Fidelity magazine in Poland. 2012 best proudct

Wojciech Pacuła says of awarding the M30.1 a 'Best Product' award, "We have very few such awards every year, so every one is really important for us. Congratulations on a really great speaker!"

The Polish version of the article is here: http://highfidelity.pl/@main-1480&lang= The English version goes on sale on 1st December. 
A winner - the M30.1

"This is a tremendous tribute to Alan's latest design", says Harbeth's Trevor Butler. "And a further endorsement of the growing global success of the space-saving reference monitor which is finding favour in homes as well as with professional sound engineers who demand the most accurate monitoring."

The speaker was launched at the High End Show in Munich as a Harbeth 35th anniversary model. It's already become one of the brand's best-selling models, providing outstanding midrange clarity and well-controlled bass.

Award-winning M30.1 on display in Germany
JUST days after winning a coveted award from high-end hi-fi & records magazine, the new Harbeth M30.1 will be on show at the "Analog Forum", Krefeld in Germany on 3rd and 4th November.

You can find Harbeth Germany (Bernd Hömke, input audio) in Room 130 of the Mercure Hotel Krefeld-Taar

At the "Analog Forum" analogue units only will be displayed and an exciting selection of turntables, tuners, tape-machines and tube amplifiers will be shown there, including the remarkable new M30.1 loudspeaker from Harbeth which is proving a huge hit in Germany as well as elsewhere.

See more here: http://www.inputaudio.de/inhalt/deutsch/neues/000004_krefeld.shtml

Or contact
Bernd Hömke
input audio
Generalimporteur von Creek Audio - Harbeth - Croft
0049 (0)4346/600601
Wunderbar Harbeth!
EXCITING news from Germany about the new Harbeth M30.1 monitor which has been given the coveted“Editor’s Choice Award” by the highly-respected high-end audio magazine hifi & records.
     The publication’s chief editor, Wilfried Kress, praised the new model which was launched at the Munich Show in May.
     He said of Alan Shaw’s latest design, “This is a storybook BBC Monitor created with a great deal of accuracy and never-ending work on extracting the last ounce of detail.”
     He concluded that, “for the natural and relaxed reproduction of classical music, there may not exist a better one in that size.”
     Herr Kress added that the award is also “a bow for the great BBC loudspeaker heritage” which is lovingly maintained and improved by Harbeth.
     “This is excellent news, indeed”, confirmed Bernd Hömke of Harbeth Germany. “It’s a miracle that, even after all these years, this legendary product could be improved, but somehow Alan did!”
Making music at national UK show
HARBETH were delighted to provide loudspeakers to Palmer Audio to create one of the finest sounds at the recent National Audio Show held in the delightful Whittlebury Hall.
national audio show

Partnered with the magnificent Palmer turntable, and amplification by Sugden, to form a truly British affair, the Harbeth C7ES3s excelled to produce the talk of the show.

"This was a winning combination", says Harbeth's marketing man, Trevor Butler."The result was mentioned on audio blogs and social media."

Our thanks to Palmer Audio for choosing Harbeths for the Northamptonshire event.
Celebration at ISO9001:2008 success
ANOTHER successful audit confirms that Harbeth’s top-to-bottom business processes are A1.
     “As Harbeth’s ISO compliance manager, it’s my job to maintain a paperwork system that puts the customers’ needs at the front of our business”, explains Anne Mattison.
     “In the fourteen years I’ve been here, I’ve instigated and upheld rigorous systems from financial management and personnel to vetting suppliers and calibration auditing,” adds Anne.
ISO9001     Harbeth’s annual ISO9001 auditor assures the independent accreditation authority that we have in place methods and processes to protect our internationally revered brand. “From the humblest washer to the most expensive cabinet, we treat quality very seriously and it is always satisfying to be re-accredited”, says Anne seen here holding the certificate.
Harbeth providing 'pure pleasure'
THE MINI P3ESR has enthralled Indian hi-fi reviewers who found the little monitor ‘easy on the ears’ and ‘perfectly balanced’.
    AV Max magazine titled the report on the shoebox-sized speaker ‘Pure Pleasure’ and it’s clear that the review team were highly impressed with what they heard. AV Max review
     They wrote about the performance being ‘as smooth as silk’ and remarked on a ‘distinctive performance that was clean, resolute and most importantly very entertaining’.
     “This is an amazing product”, admits Harbeth’s marketing man Trevor Butler, “and it’s clear that the Indian reviews understood the whole concept about producing a top-quality monitor as successor to the legendary BBC LS3/5A speaker while harnessing all the technology available today, such as our RADIAL2™ drive units.”
     The article also highlighted the P3’s ‘immaculate midrange, which had the power to convert an otherwise regular listening session into a very personal and an intimate one.”
     Summing up that these speakers were ‘a delight’, the reviews conclude that the P3 has ‘high entertainment quotient’, particularly the ‘illustrative mid-range response of the speaker, which made the vocals sound full bodied and extremely eloquent.”
     The product, available in India from Absolute Phase, scored four stars in the write-up and was awarded a ‘Recommended’ status.
Harbeth in 'crime' demand
AS THE last remaining wholly British brand designing and manufacturing traditional thin-wall cabinets, Harbeth was recently selected to provide studio monitors for the popular TV series Crimewatch. 
     Since January 2011, the programme which asks views to help the police catch wanted suspects, has been made in Cardiff (by BBC Cymru Wales) for the national BBC One channel. M40.1 in studio
     The Monitor 40.1 is the flagship studio loudspeaker in Harbeth’s professional range, and is used in the production of many highly-revered shows, including the BBC’s Eastenders, and at Fountain Studios (pictured right), home of The X-Factor, The Cube, and Britain’s Got Talent – some of the biggest UK audience shows which are viewed around the globe.
     Harbeth’s MD, Alan Shaw, said, “We are delighted to have been able to provide the sound solution BBC Wales needed for the prestigious Crimewatch show. To work with sound professionals who clearly care about the audio quality is a privilege in an age of so much mediocrity. The quality of the sound on Crimewatch is clearly second to none and we are proud to be able to play our part.
Stands from down under
A NEW range of bespoke stands in hard rock maple has been created by Harbeth New Zealand.

They are made by Parmenter Sound and are available in clear lacquered maple or black satin finish. Three different materials are used in the construction: maple for the open frame stand, a powder-coated steel bottom plate for extra mass and stability, and solid brass feet for level adjustment and ‘tone tuning’ of the steel bottom plate. All three elements combine to make a stand that allows the Harbeth speakers to perform to their full potential. Harbeth stands

“We have added a 6 mm steel bottom plate for extra stability on carpet, using threaded 8 mm spikes”, explains Jason Parmenter. “In the clear Maple we have grain matched the legs and faces”.
The most popular Harbeth models are catered for: P3ESR, C7ES-3, SHL5 and the mighty M40.1. Four brass footers per stand, with M8 threaded studs, allow for perfect stablility and easy leveling.

“I have found that by using the hard rock Maple timber for my speaker stands I do not need to use any de-coupling pads between the speakers and the stands”, adds Jason. “The bass is very natural sounding with the Harbeth speaker placed
directly on top of the stand.”

More information from www.parmentersound.com
35th anniversary range
A RANGE of 35th anniversary models is being made available to mark Harbeth's formation in 1977.
     Special-edition C7ES3s, SHL5s and Monitor 30.1s will boast improved, OFC internal wiring and 'gold' anniversary badging.35th range
"The new models are already proving popular", explained Harbeth's production chief, Andy Sinden. "They are being rolled out to many international markets as a limited 'celebration' product to mark Harbeth's unique role in loudspeaker development."
     Full details from local distributors - find yours here
Harbeth Club Thailand
Thailand's Audiophile magazine has featured the country's popular Harbeth Club in its latest issue (July 2012). Thailand club
     Its many members talk about their affinity with the highly respected British loudspeaker brand. They wear Club clothing, sport Club car stickers and hold regular members' evenings. They have a forum, Facebook page and Twitter feed where they exchange details and images about their Harbeth-based systems. Some of the members are also paticipants on the offical factory-based Harbeth User Group.
     Read the magzine's full feature about the club here:
Glowing praise for SHL5
A highly respected online hi-fi website has published a glowing review of the  Harbeth flagship domestic loudspeaker.
     The SHL5 is a descendent of the brand's original model and in high demand around the world. SHL5
     Hi-Fi Pig's critic fell in love with the classic 'two cubic foot' BBC-style monitor, a design which he felt 'simply allows you to dissolve into the musical experience'.
     Testing the loudspeaker with a wide range of music, the reviewer felt that they were 'ruthlessly revealing, without screaming at you'. With some transcribed Mahler, played on Gloucester Cathedral's organ, the verdict was, 'at last, stand mount speakers that do justice to organ works'.
     In conclusion about the SHL5, the article decided that they were 'immensely musical, natural and transparent'. High praise indeed.
Read the full online review here:
Irish distributor appointed
ONE of Ireland’s oldest established Hi-Fi businesses is proud to have become an official Harbeth stockist and distributor across the island of Ireland.Cloney Audio
     Dublin’s legendary Cloney Audio has a long and prestigious history of serving the needs of audiophiles.
     Full details from the shop at 55 Main Street, Blackrock or online from
Harbeth is 'top pick' twice in Japan
JAPAN’s Stereo Sound magazine featured Harbeth twice in its ‘Top Pick 100’ special-edition issue. Every one of the hundred products listed was carefully selected by the editorial staff who looked at all the audio lines available in Japan. Stereo Sound
   “Products had to qualify in three ways”, explains Sasamoto san of Harbeth Japan. “This means that the top picks are carefully selected – being of good reputation, remarkable or a new product.”
   The Harbeth P3 mini monitor as well as the stand-mount Compact 7-ES3 were both listed and flagged as ‘Remarkable’.
   “This is an incredible achievement for a small, British brand competing against multi-nationals”, says Harbeth’s marketing man Trevor Butler. “We are all very proud that the fine, traditional Harbeth sound has been recognised and rewarded in this way by such a prestigious audio magazine with an international reputation.”
California Gold
HARBETH USA (Fidelis AV) reported brisk business at T.H.E. (the Home Entertainment) Show held recently at two hotels in Newport Beach, California.
Fidelis AV  
The High End event attracted over 500 exhibitors who welcomed around a thousand audiophiles to hear the very best equipment available.
    Walter Swanbon, Gene Rubin and Peter were kept busy demonstrating the Compact 7ES3 as well as the first chance to hear the new Monitor 30.1 stateside.
    “The M30.1 went down a storm”, explains Walter.
“Vistiors just couldn’t  get enough of the Harbeth sound which soon became the talk of the Show.”
Distribution spreads east to Estonia
INCREASING expansion into Eastern Europe, Harbeth is delighted to announce the appointment of Hi-Fi Studio in Tallinn to represent the brand in Estonia.

Paavo Kiinros , Hi-fi Studio’s director, says he believes passionately in “all the emotions and energy offering an experience which is as good as a live performance. We strive towards maximising sound quality without compromise, and only the best live sound is good enough.”

The company has listening rooms at Toompuiestee 18, 10149 Tallinn, and can also arrange listening sessions in customers’ own homes.

Munich model launch
TO MARK its 35th anniversary year, Harbeth has unveiled an exciting new model at the Munich High-End show (3-6May).

    The new Monitor 30.1 loudspeaker features a new, RADIAL2™ mid/bass drive unit; a new, top quality SEAS tweeter (as used on the flagship M40.1); and a redesigned crossover. There is now a more open sound, a smoother response with greater, more even dispersion which means less critical stand height and a more involving listener experience.
The original Monitor 30 was unveiled in 1997 as successor to the BBC’s medium-sized studio monitor loudspeaker, the LS5/9.  It has remained in demand ever since. No other Harbeth model has been unchanged and in continuous production for as long. This validates the integrity of the original design.
     Designer Alan Shaw said, “the refinements I was able to make 15 years later are possible because of the leap in computer modelling software. Modern simulators are far more sophisticated than the DOS-based systems I had in 1997. They allow for a levels of precision just not possible before, so I could hold a powerful ‘magnifying glass’ over the whole design and make precise and targeted improvements.”

     The Munich High End show gave European visitors the first chance to view the M30.1 on the eve of the initial production. “A pre-production pair of the new speakers was made and shipped to Munich”, explains production manager Andy Sinden. “The first production will satisfy orders taken at the Show. World-wide shipping will then commence in June. as the new model is rolled out around the globe.”

     The High End Society Munich show has become a highlight in the worldwide audio calendar. It is now a vital place for leading manufacturers to display their brands to international audio buyers.
Swedish success story
VISITORS to the high end show in Stockholm made very positive comments about the Harbeth sound being created by our colleagues at Audio Connection.
"We had many visitors, and people stayed on in our room just to listen and listen," explain Roland and Magnus who organised the bright, airy demo room at the venue (pictured right).

"Comments afterwards were very positive about the sound in various Swedish onlline forums.

"Harbeth is now a very well known loudspeaker in Sweden and our customers are very dedicated to the great British brand of hand-crafted, traditional loudspeakers."

Harbeth's role in Grammy winner
THE legendary Booker T. Jones (of ‘Green Onions’ fame) has won a prestigious Grammy Award for his new album which was finished using Harbeth monitor loudspeakers.
Producer with his HarbethsThe Road from Memphis traces Jones’ journey from his hometown of Memphis, Tennessee to the world stage.

It was produced by Jones himself, with The Roots and Rob Schnapf (pictured, left), the American musician and record producer. He used Harbeth Compact 7-ES3s during the production and monitoring stages to create the award-winning sound.

“I really trust and depend on the Harbeths”, Rob Schnapf told us. “There are many occasions when the audiophile world and commercial record making do not comfortably co-exist”, he adds. “But the Harbeths are a nice combination of musicality and accuracy that really help me hear deep into a mix. They are very well balanced.”

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German readers back Harbeth
THOUSANDS of readers of Germany's prestigous hi-fi magazine Audio voted for the Harbeth C7-ES3 compact monitor. awards

Harbeth Germany's Bernd Hömke, of input audio, collected the award at a ceremony hosted by AUDIO and sister publications stereoplay and VIDEO.

"These are the our biggest and most popular magazines for HiFI and Video", he explains. "They gave awards to the first three products in different categories which are elected by over 25,000 readers.  "And I am so pleased to report that the hand-crafted Harbeth Compact 7 ES-3 won second-place, taking-on many much bigger brands, in the price category up to €3000.

"Harbeth goes from strength-to-strength here in Germany."

Zut alors! - high praise for P3 in Canada
Highly-respected Canadian audiophile publication Le Magazine Son & Image found the Harbeth P3 mini-monitor 'outstanding', 'very natural', and capable of 'an exceptional communication between the artist and the listener'.

"This is high praise indeed", acknowledges Harbeth's marketing man, Trevor Butler. "Reading the in-depth article, it becomes clear quite quickly that the reviewer is enamoured with Alan's shoebox-sized design and the latest implementation of the Harbeth RADIAL™ cone technology."

The review, in French, covers five pages and is flagged on the cover (see left).
Reviewer Jan-Erik Nordoen says of the P3 (translated)... "The P3ESR are endowed with a capacity of outstanding communication, reproduction of voice is disarmingly natural and brings a foreshortening with the artist who cannot remain indifferent. ... I could write a further 2000 words on these speakers to try to convince you, but without reaching the evidence that five minutes of listening will give you. Bring your favourite discs with you to a Harbeth dealer and treat yourself."

High praise, indeed.

The speakers are available in Canada through Planet of Sound and its dealers.
'TAS' top rankings for Harbeth
THREE of the Harbeth models make The Absolute Sound (USA's prestigious audio magazine) '2012 Editor's Choice Awards' listings.

The Harbeth P3ESR:  "This latest version of Alan Shaw's sub-compact 
monitor is so cannily designed it almost transcends the limitations 
of its genre.  Neutrality and natural tonal balance reign supreme, 
but this one can also play loud and descend to depths in the bass  
Exceptional driver integration, coherence, and openness also 
characterize the design".

Harbeth C7ES-3: "Arguably the ne plus ultra of BBC two-way designs, 
with bass down to 45Kz, an essentially perfect midrange, and a top 
end that reproduces ambience fantastically, the 7ES-3 will play loud 
enough for serious music listeners(though not for head-bangers).  
With respect to accuracy, neutrality, and natural tonal balance, the 
7 establishes a new benchmark for compact two-ways".

Harbeth M40.1: "The new version of the M40 has a slightly more 
forward midrange, more "domesticated" (less "pro" tonal balance and 
higher sensitivity.  A BBC-style three-way monitor, with Harbeth bass 
and mid drivers and SEAS Excel tweeter.  Neutral sound, exceptional 
midrange clarity, refined and extended treble, almost full bass 
extension in the room, and surprisingly 'outside the box' imaging".

"This is a magnificent achievement", says Harbeth's designer and MD, Alan Shaw, "and wonderful news in this the company's 35th anniversary year.
Making waves in India
MEDIA coverage heralded the arrival of the Harbeth brand in India as new distributor, Absolute Phase, secured reporting of its recent appointment.

News items have appeared in several publications, including the India edition of massmarket 'What Hi-Fi', and the specialist audio/video title 'AV Max'. These not only detailed the product range but also the heritage behind the company and its founder, the senior BBC engineer, Dudley Harwood, 35 years ago.

"We look forward to our new association with Absolute Phase", says Harbeth's marketing man, Trevor Butler.
"These are exciting times in India where there is a demand for high-quality, hand-crafted loudspeakers which can now be fulfilled. "

For details of the whole range available please see http://www.absolutephase.com/
35 successful years
2012 MARKS a very special anniversary for Harbeth which celebrate 35 years of making top quality hi-fi and professional monitoring loudspeakers.
35 yearsLittle could senior BBC engineer Dudley Harwood have imagined that the British loudspeaker company he started would be creating world-leading technology 35 years later. Just as he had taken his breakthrough cone technology, polypropylene, to the mass market in 1977, Harbeth Audio today is unique in using its revolutionary, breakthrough material RADIAL TM across its range of home hi-fi and professional broadcast monitors.

The name Harbeth is a fusion of the founders surname, Har-wood, and Eliza-beth, his wife’s name; today it is a brand revered around the globe as creator of hand-crafted British loudspeakers with unbeatable resolution and clarity.

Look out for Harbeth anniversary events around the globe during 2012 - and special product launches.
Award for Harbeth flagship monitor
HARBETH'S 40.1 reference monitor has been honoured in Poland where it has just become 'Award of the Year' by High Fidelity magazine.
Editor-in-Chief, Wojclech Pacula, said it was his pleasure to make the announcement, and offered his 'sincere and heartfelt congratulations' to Alan and the Harbeth team'.

Another flagship TV Show opts for Harbeth
AT the centre of a £5 million TV studio refurbishment are Harbeth loudspeakers. When Britain’s commercial ITV channel, makers of the hugely successful weekday series Emmerdale, revamped its Leeds broadcasting centre they had to have the best possible monitors.
     After a year-long project, the Emmerdale studios now have the latest high definition audio and video technology. 

Emmerdale using harbeth

“The audio team at Emmerdale know how important well balanced sound is to their hit TV show”, says Harbeth’s Alan Shaw.
    “I am in awe of how much technical crafting goes into a mass-market daily drama like Emmerdale. Every camera angle, every microphone position, and the smallest detail of lighting is pre-planned, weeks ahead.  Nothing is left to chance becaue the cost of re-filming is so great.
      “The entire cast and crew are working extremely long hours, and that’s where Harbeth’s natural sounding monitors really shine. Even after a twelve-hour shift, talented sound engineers go home unfatigued, ready to do it all again the next day: rare nowadays as more and more studios cut corners to save costs, and inevitably compromise their monitoring.    
     Harbeth was chosen because experienced audio engineers must have complete confidence in their monitors when making artistic decisions, and know they can rely on the traditional, uncoloured Harbeth sound with its BBC design pedigree.
     Well done again ITV Leeds, for investing in Harbeth monitoring, just like your colleagues at The X-Factor!”
The Angel of Harbeth
HEROES is how Harbeth staff have been described as they came to the help of a worthwhile charity in real need.
“I can’t begin to tell you what these Harbeth C7ES-3 speakers have done for our young people”, says an extremely grateful Chris Davis who runs a music project to help engage disadvantaged young people in north-east England.
“They come from an area of extreme deprivation, they don’t have computers or designer clothes, they never watch football because they do not have Sky; but now they have, arguably, the best studio facility available in the area – something of real quality that others, more fortunate, around them didn’t have”, he adds.
“I estimate we have helped over 60 young people in just a few short months with many, many more to benefit in the future”.
The donated Harbeths are the centrepiece for all topic of conversation, every user comments on their beauty and more professional clients have expressed their jealousy over them. Quite simply, they have changed our lives. So, from all the young people of Brookfield, Preston we would like to thank Harbeth very much.”

THERE’S another  international award for the Harbeth Super HL5 – this time from the German-based online magazine Fairaudio.
Details online at:
THE MAN behind the magical sound of hit TV shows such as The X-Factor visited the Harbeth factory to see how his favourite broadcast monitors are designed and made.

Every week some 15 million people hear the sound crafted by Robert Edwards as they tune in to ITV’s The X-Factor. The live sound you hear is mixed and balanced using a Harbeth 5.1 surround system with the mighty Monitor 40.1s as the main left/right speakers. Harbeth is Robert’s first choice for accurate broadcast monitoring, and he has been using Harbeth’s domestic models at home for over two decades.

“Robert took a great interest in everything we do here at Harbeth”, says Harbeth's marketing man Trevor Butler. “ “He was particularly keen to learn more about our unique RADIAL2™ cone material and how it makes Harbeth monitors unbeatable for clarity – essential for accurate monitoring.”
HARBETH speakers should never end up in the dustbin, as a new logo on the products will soon show.

The European WEEE directive (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment) came into force in January 2007. The Directive encourages everyone to reuse, recycle and recover products.

To comply with the new law all Harbeth speakers will soon carry a small logo. It depicts a wheelie bin with a cross through it. “This clearly shows that our speakers should never be thrown away”, says marketing man Trevor Butler. “Our customers already know that Harbeth speakers last a life time, the logo reinforces the fact.”

Harbeth is publishing details for waste disposal sites saying how to dismantle the speakers and return each part to the factory where it could be used by someone needing a spare part for something they have damaged.
“Although the regulations apply only in Europe”, adds Trevor, “the facts are true the world over – that every part of a Harbeth is so well made that it can be used over and over again. There is never a need to throw any away.”
BRITISH products are in increasing demand, and that’s official. Harbeth reports not only increased sales around the globe but a  continued increase in UK sales through its dealers.

“The factory is not used to this level of demand from the UK”, says production chief Andy Sinden. “We’ve been kept busy with our usual  shipments for  distributors in over 35 countries and at the same time it is pleasing to see our products being sold in Bournemouth as well as Beijing!

"From what we have been told”, says Harbeth’s owner and designer Alan Shaw, “people are looking increasingly for products which will prove reliable long-term investments, and Harbeth fits the bill."

Harbeth has been making hand-crafted loudspeakers for over thirty years and we know that many  of founder Dudley Harwood’s original models are still in use. That’s real customer satisfaction!
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