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Big Belgian welcome
Belgium audiophiles enjoyed two setups during a Harbeth weekend hosted by the newest Benelux dealer based in Wijnegem.Belgium welcome
The first, (downstairs) consisted of Harbeth SHL5s  run with Pathos Logos amplifier and Endorphine CD-player. The upstairs system was Monitor 30.1s  driven by Norma amplifier with Norma CD-player and Nottingham Analogue turntable.
“We received unanimously positive comments, with several visitors showing immediate interest in owning Harbeths”, extols Garmt from Harbeth Benelux.
“Katrien and Guido were very warm hosts and it was definitively apparent that all showgoers felt immediately at home at Gydotron. We played a lot of music until around midnight, talking music and equipment. “
New name in Norway
Harbeth UK is delighted to announce that, with immediate effect, Torry Haegeland of Hagto Audio has been appointed the brand's official distributor in Norway. New name in Norway

"We know there is a strong following for Harbeth products in Norway and Torry will be meeting customer needs across the country. We are delighted to have him on board", said Harbeth's MD Alan Shaw pictured here (left) with the new Norwegian distributor.

"Torry has long been a personal user of Harbeth loudspeakers and knows the product line extensively. He can now share this passion with our customers old and new."

Biggest, warmest Munich welcome

A hugely successful High End audio show in Munich has seen Harbeth launch a new loudspeaker model. Harbeth at Munich 2014

The renowned British brand takes BBC monitor design to new levels with its Super HL5-plus -- a three-way speaker benefiting from a super tweeter, high-quality SEAS dome tweeter and the company's proprietary RADIAL2™ bass/midrange.

"The event was very well attended and reflected the European audio industry in its best light", explains Trevor Butler from Harbeth's marketing department. "Our photographer had to deftly find a moment when the Harbeth stand (above) was visible and not thronged with global visitors who came to hear about the world's best-loved speaker brand."

Harbeth had a backdrop showing the BBC's Last Night of the Proms which proved a talking point throughout the massive audio event.New SHL5plus

Harbeth's new speaker (left) was shown in pre-production form not only on its own stand but in an impressive 5.1 surround-sound system at the REL booth in an adjoining hall. Here a pair of SHL5plus speakers were used with three Compact 7-ES3s and RELs sub-woofers in an impressive home theatre demonstration.

"The effect was dramatic", adds Trevor, "and appreciated by the international audience who flocked to Germany."

Harbeth welcomed customers old and new from several continents as the High End event proved a magnet for discerning audiophiles.

"As well as distributors, dealers and media representatives, it was a pleasure to meet so many end-users and hear how much they enjoyed the Harbeth sound in their listening environments."


Sounding out India
Harbeth features in India's first 7000 square-foot flagship store featuring the very best off-roading products alongside customised leather sofas for home theatres and listening rooms, plus car seats.  India's newest store
The new flagship store is in the heart of the commercial district of Bangalore and is the only one of its kind in India.

"We are happy to announce that Absolute Phase launches its exclusive Stereo Lounge at the flagship store Everything 4WD", says Prithviraj Vedpathak.  Target clients are the HNIs who have expensive SUVs like Range Rovers, Porsches etc. 
"All our off-roading and SUV clients have an opportunity to listen to great music on the best loudspeakers in the lounge when they get their vehicles get done or they come shopping", he adds. 
The chief Minister, various politician, actors and celebrities attended the grand opening along with over 1000 guests for the launch who all heard the natural sound of Harbeths.
Bristol bound

We were delighted to join our friends from REL Acoustics who created an amazing 5.1 surround sound set-up using Harbeth monitors in their AV demonstrations at Sound & Vision, the Bristol hi-fi event staged at the Marriott City Centre Hotel in Briston Showthe city centre.

The event was the busiest it has been in eleven years, with queues to hear the best products, such as Harbeth and REL.

Exhibition space for the 29th year Bristol show, organised by Audio T, sold out months beforehand and some brands were turned away due to lack of space.

"We were very excited to be at Bristol", said Harbeth's Trevor Butler. "The SHL5s and Compact 7ES-3s didn't disappoint and REL created a really stunning sound coupled with their range of subs. It was a show not to miss."

Pictured are a pair of Harbeth SHL5s (either side of the giant screen) as the main stereo pair and a Compact 7ES-3 for the centre channel. Two additional C7s were used for the rear channel. Audiences were in rapture at the audio-visual experience created.


Hamburg show success
North Germany's most popular hi-fi event was a huge success, reports Harbeth Germany from the Norddeutsche HiFi Tage - Hörtest.

C7ES-3 at HamburgOrganized by the HiFi Studio Bramfeld every year, it is one of the best-visited audio events in Europe. Some 3,500 visitors came this year to hear what the 150 exhibitors at the Holiday Inn had to offer.

Overlooking the river Elbe, close to the "Elb-Brücken", audiophiles enjoyed the Harbeth sound. "We had a glorious showroom on the 16th floor, with a nice view over the harbour to the new concert hall now being built", explained Bernd Hömke from Harbeth.

Two Harbeth systems were demonstrated: the Harbeth Compact 7ES-3 35th Anniversary edition was coupled with The Palmer turntable, and tube pre-amps from Cary Audio, connected to the Croft mono regulated power amps. A second system featured Harbeth monitors with the new Creek Evolution 50 CD-player and Evolution 50A amp
.Norddeutsche HiFi Tage - Hörtest

"Both systems played very well", add Bernd. "The analogue front-end revealed Harbeth's ability to generate fantastic resolution and reveal a deep insight into the music."

There has been excellent feedback on the Harbeth sound which was witnessed by many customers, press-guys and dealers.

"As usual, Hamburg was a very good show which achieved a lot of attention from discerning audiophiles and we achieved a very good atmosphere in our room and got very fine results."
Latest award for outstanding model
News from the Czech Republic is that Harbeth's Compact 7ES-3 has been awarded certificate'Best Speaker of the Year' by HI-Fi Voice magazine. It's the latest award for this loudspeaker which has been highly acclaimed in many international markets.

"This is wonderful news", says Tomáš Kalina from KAS Audio who represent Harbeth there, as he received the certificate, signed by the publication's Editor-in-Chief, Daniel Brezina. "And testimony of Alan's design in creating a natural, clear sound from a medium-sized cabinet. It is great on so many kinds of music and a real winner here in the Czech Republic."

For more details, visit the magazine's website at  www.hifivoice.cz
Med coast venue perfect for idyllic sounds

Audiophiles were delighted at the sounds created during the recent Hi-Fi Sound and Technical Exhibition held in Toulon, southern France. Beautiful location

On 7 and 8 December, the Salon Son and Technique was staged in the prestigious setting of the Golf Hotel La Fregate Bandol. This third high-end show demonstrated the expertise of the auditorium Toulon with a fine selection of materials. Big names were present including, of course,hand-crafted English speakers from Harbeth. Centre stage was the multi-award winning Monitor 30.1.

"The show was staged in a rural paradise, with stunning scenery under a beautiful sun", explains Marc Chassonnery from Harbeth France. "As you would expect, the Harbeth demonstration was one of the best sound at the show - Monitor 30.1s in actionbut that's not just my opinion, visitors and audio journalists were also delighted at what they heard."

"A huge soundstage was generated by the Harbeth monitors with plenty of presence and a real sense of being immersed in the music", explained one visitor. The Monitor 30.1 were coupled with a CX-7 e /AX-7 e Ayre system, totally filling the 30 square-metre listening room at the venue. "Everyone who came along was amazed by such a big and natural sound. It was a wonderful weekend, with wonderful people and in a wonderful location."

Contributing to audio history
It is fitting that Harbeth has provided material for a definitive guide to the key loudspeaker development over recent decades.

Published by The Absolute Sound magazine, and eminently edited by Robert Harley,  the coffee-table publication provides an exclusive tour of the birth of the most famous loudspeaker brands and models around the world. TAS audio book
It includes a section devoted to the BBC monitor and the enormous effect it had on future design, not least the birth of Harbeth itself.

Having trawled the Harbeth archives, Alan Shaw was able to contribute photographs and white papers to assist the editor and section writer Paul Seydor.

Having acquired Dudley Harwood’s library on taking over Harbeth in 1986, there was extensive material on the BBC man’s creation of the world’s first polypropylene-coned loudspeaker as well as his notable work on legendary BBC designs and preparatory work on the famous LS5/8 Grade One studio monitor.

Shaw also had his own research material dating back to a childhood fascination with BBC loudspeakers.

The collection proved invaluable to the American publishers. Among the material featured in the new book is a photograph of Harwood and Shaw outside Harbeth’s then base in south London, and an image of the scale model loudspeaker which led, by accident. to the creation of the cult LS3/5A.

Order via the website at: https://store.theabsolutesound.com/
Germans flock to hear the Harbeth sound
Germany's prestigious Analog Forum, in Krefeld, attracted huge numbers of visitors and many came to hear Harbeth. Analog Forum

"Fans flocked to enjoy the sound system, which consists of the Palmer turntable, the Cary Audio tube preamps and the nice, big, 2x 200 watts power amp driving the Harbeth M30.1, "explained Bernd Hömke of Harbeth Germany. "The speakers reproduced an enormous dynamic and precise sound full of details and a very deep and wide soundstage."

So popular is the Harbeth brand becoming in Germany that in a much larger auditorium, the Anaolg Audio Association staged workshops, comparing turntables and rare tape recordings to a big audience. For them only the mighty Harbeth Monitor 40.1 Refernce would suffice. "Driven by the big Magnum Dynalab MD-309 amp, they did a very fine job", adds Bernd. "As well as on the event on Saturday evening, which turns into a into a dancing party until very late night..."
Rockin' at Mountain Fest
Harbeth rocked at the tenth Rocky Mountain Audio Fest in Denver USA and commanded high praise from audio journalists. Rocky Mount Audio Fest

 On the Stereophile magazine’s website, Stephen Mejias found the sound impressive. He remarked, “it’s no exaggeration to say that I love Harbeth’s Monitor 30.1 loudspeakers. No matter where I hear them, regardless of music or associated gear, I’m always impressed by the warm, full-bodied, detailed sound.
  “I noted great low-end weight, with clean highs and a rich midrange that made voices and jazz guitars sound especially lovely.”

  Commenting on the sound of Diana Krall’s version of Arthur Altman’s “All or Nothing At All,” , he says “it was so comfortable, so inviting, I could have stayed and listened for a good, long while.”
Non-stop demand in Germany
At the hugely popular Westdeutsche HiFi Tage, staged in Bonn, visitors and the Bonn showGerman audio press were impressed by the unique, natural and liquid sound of the Harbeth C7 ES-3. So much so, that Bernd   Hömke of Harbeth Germany was forced to play the Harbeth system repeatedly for customers.

The four thousand-plus show visitors keep Bernd and his team busy over the whoe weekend and proved just how popular the Harbeth brand has become in Germany where it's much in demand by discerning audiophiles.

“Powered by the Magnum Dynalab MD-301 amp, the MD-806 Intermedia tuner with digital sources and the Palmer 2.5 turntable as analogue source, the Compact 7-ES3s were really on-song”, explains Bernd. “The sound was just wonderful, even in a hi-fi show hotel bedroom visitors kept coming back for more!”
Delighting the Dutch
THE X-fi High-End Audioshow 2013 delighted the scores of Dutch audiophiles who found the Harbeth sound the 'best of the show'. Happy Dutch audiophiles

"The Harbeth room was constantly packed as people just wanted to hear more and more of the award-winning Monitor 30.1s", says Garmt van der Zel from Harbeth Holland.

The sound was also to the liking of audio journalists:

Hifi.nl wrote: "How refreshing it was to enter the Beter Beeld & Geluid rooms: no unnecessary frills, ultra expensive tweaks or esoteric music. [...] The Harbeth room was equipped with Linn equipment, complemented by a Sondek LP12, driving two Harbeth M30.1 speakers. With their unique signature sound, they simply sounded easily enjoyable. That Garmt and Bjorn have a knowledge of real music is truly an asset for a good demo." 

Meanwhile, Audio-creative.nl wrote: "The distributor of Harbeth had made a very simplistic setup​​. A set of monitors on stands, a streaming player/preamplifier] and a turntable. It sounded wonderful. And they used normal 'real life' music, like many should have." 
Golden Ear Award for Harbeth's latest model
THREE COVETED Golden Ear Awards now sit in the display cabinet at Harbeth HQ as the company’s traditional studio monitor designs have been award the pinnacle of audio acclaim for the third time in recent years.

Latest to receive the accolade is the recently introduced Monitor 30.1 model.
Golden Ear
“A new masterpiece from the designer Alan Shaw”, is how legendary audio journalist Paul Seydor described the Harbeth Monitor 30.1.   His comments earned the loudspeaker a revered Golden Ear Award from prestigious audiophile magazine The Absolute Sound.

Paul Sedor went on to describe the M30.1 as “...the best compact two-way speaker system I’ve ever heard, regardless of type, cost, or complexity...”. As for the sound quality, he says, “the midrange is simply ravishing, the bottom end is extended without any hype, resolution and transparency are state of the art, and dynamic range is sufficient to play orchestral music at natural levels in typical US living rooms”. Paul also notes how the Monitor 30.1 is a “speaker you can listen to for hours on end without fatigue, yet its accuracy is such that it is a true reference monitor.  In conclusion, he predicts that “it will become a classic design.”

Originally conceived as a drop-in replacement for the LS5/9 mid-sized BBC studio monitor speaker, the Harbeth M30.1 has won a succession of international awards since it was launched in Munich last year.

“To collect a third Golden Ear for the Harbeth Monitoring Series is truly awesome”, says Walter Swanbon from Harbeth USA. “It just proves that even the BBC legend lives on thanks to the application of key technology.”
Harbeth trio awarded
No fewer than three of Harbeth's hand-crafted British loudspeakers have been listed as 'Recommended Components' by the internationally respected Stereophile magazine.

Read the full article here

Stereophile RecommendedIn the magazine's Class A—Full-Range section, Harbeth's newest model, the Monitor 30.1 is listed along with the reviewer's comment: "...the Monitor 30.1 produced "ravishing" midrange texture, tonality, and resolution when partnered with higher-powered solid-state amplification."  And continued:... "if you"re into classical and jazz, there is no other loudspeaker I can recommend so highly for $6500/pair,"

In its Class B (Restricted LF) section, two Harbeth models are listed.

The C7ES-3 is described: "Bigger than a mini-monitor but smaller than a floorstander, the third iteration of the C7 is ...  tuned to deliver a rich, full-bodied sound at the lowest frequencies. The reviewer summed it up by saying, "Damn those audiophiles. This Harbeth is for music lovers!"

Also listed in this class is the mini-monitor Harbeth P3ESR which as described by the magazine's editor, John Atkinson thus: "The Harbeth P3ESR is the best iteration yet from any manufacturer of the BBC LS3/5A mini-monitor concept."
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