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Harbeth loudspeakers are precision instruments that are thoughtfully designed and carefully assembled and tested. Providing that they are not overdriven they will last indefinitely. Our official UK Warranty is 12 months from date of first purchase to the first, original owner providing that the speakers have been treated with respect, and operated within their rated specification. The original purchaser can extended his/her Warranty FOC to 36 month from date of manufacture upon completion of the on-line Warranty registration.

As an ISO9001 registered manufacturing company we have to follow the ISO rules concerning the supply of Warranty parts. These require that we fully investigate and internally report on all spares required by customers, no matter how few or how infrequent. The only exception is where the customer acknowledges that (s)he has damaged the speaker him/herself, in which case we will be as sympathetic as possible to get the speaker up and running again without needing to examine the parts back at Harbeth UK or at an authorised dealer.

ISO necessitates that we receive Warranty-claim spares back at the factory for examination before we can issue replacement parts. Examination provides a positive feedback loop into the design and production and helps us to guarantee Harbeth's long-term reliabilty.

This subject has been covered more fully on the Harbeth Use Group here.

Our speakers are sophisticated, high-tech engineering and not designed for Public Address use. They are also not intended to run for extremely long periods at very high SPLs; so lock away your Harbeths if you have a teenage party!

New models are introduced every so often, and spare parts are made available for previous models for as long as possible. Where Harbeth have manufactured the drive units in-house (such as the RADIAL™ bass/midrange driver or the bass unit for the Monitor 40.1) we are in a good  position to offer spare parts for a very long time. The bass/midrange drivers of the earliest Harbeth monitors (the Mk1, 2, 3, 4) were manufactured for Harbeth by other companies, who ceased trading many years ago. This has unfortunately brought to an end the supply of drivers for those venerable models.

View the Harbeth spares matrix

ACTIVE SPEAKERS: Regrettably we cannot provide any after-care for Harbeth active speakers which are now long discontinued and many years out of Warranty. They were designed for a specific UK customer and were never sold outside the UK. Spare parts, circuit information and factory servicing/calibration is no longer available nor are the 12" woofers.

Please note: we regret that we cannot enter into correspondence about discontinued models, crossover circuits or modifications - sorry.
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