Products Tech Talk (Designer's Notebook)
  On this page you'll find background information that touches on some of the issues that define Harbeth. We've tried to cover Harbeth as a company, our design approach and some of the influences on us and our designer. New items are added from time to time.  
An overview of the decision tree facing the designer when contemplating a new model.
Impedance compensation and correction circuits in crossover design.
Pt.1 The patenting of polypropylene cones
... and how easily you can be fooled.
Surprising how many functions are simultaneously enacted by the crossover?
This chapter is of critical importance. It explains what characteristics to listen out for.
When the basic frequency response is flat in-room then listening to music can begin
After simulation, build the crossover network and measure the response
This is a screen-cam video of designer Alan Shaw laying out the PCB.
Pt.2 Harbeth's pioneering RADIAL? cone material
Another duty for the designer ...
Recorded in 1958, our tribute to this landmark in stereo sound
A Harbeth-made high quality speech recording
Worthwhile or not?
The proper way to A-B compare speakers
Technical analysis of the sound of baby Great Tits
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