Products Tech Talk (Designer's Notebook)
  11. Designing logos and labels  
  The process of creating a marketable loudspeaker inludes naming it, creating its logo and a badge or label. We've always wanted to retain as much control over the entire creative process within Harbeth as possible. This means control over not only the technical design and production of Harbeth speakers, but also their artwork.

In-house control means that we can be extremely responsive to customer requirements and specific market opportunities. For example, a potential customer for Harbeth's smaller speakers expressed an interest in "Monitor 20.1" based on the domestic P3ESR. As this is fundamentally a re-labelling exercise, we had the resources in-house to create an identity for the Monitor 20.1 and product labels within a few hours and to our house-style.

The original thread concerning this new speaker is here.

During the creation of the Monitor 20.1's identity, we recorded a narrated screen-cam of working on the logoartwork, then placing the new logo onto the M20.1s back label artwork for production. Running time approx. 10mins.

Play (Medium resolution video)
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