Products Endorsements

Super HL5

"...the 5s are not tricky to place. They will equally sing in a smaller room, as well as in a larger. Thanos in Athens.

"Super HL5's are unparalleled - let the musical performances speak for themselves without intrusion. I am also continually amazed by their sound-staging and imaging performance, not to mention the realism of the orchestral instruments themselves on good classical recordings.  Also, the string sound is the finest I've ever heard, as subtle variations in tone and phrasing are now laid bare. Overall I couldn't be happier with the Harbeths, and consider them to be my best-ever audio purchase." Alan W, USA.

HL Compact 7ES-3

"The new 7ES-3s must be one of the most MUSICAL speakers around", Manos, Greece.

"This speaker sounds almost alive. An incredible piece of engineering!", Naimeo, Singapore

Monitor Series

In use at the new flagship headquarters of The British Library in all its studios and transfer channels to provide continuity of sound throughout the entire audio area which is used to archive the nation.

Monitor Series, including 5.1 surround systems

The first choice for discerning audio engineers who balance the sound on some of the most highest-viewed TV series including BBC Crimewatch and Eastenders, and hit ITV shows such as The X Factor, Britain's Got Talent, The Cube and Emmerdale.


"Easy on the ears and perfectly balanced" - Sumit Bhosie from AV Max magazine, India.

"The last hi-fi speaker you'll ever buy" - Steve Guttenberg of c|net. "you may never want to replace it."

Monitor 30.1

Best Product 2012, awarded by Poland's influential High Fidelity magazine. "...a beautiful speaker, beautiful engineering, beautiful sound. Classic."

"One of the most completely satisfying speaker systems I've ever used", according to Paul Sedor of The Absolute Sound magazine. "Near peerless midrange... breathtaking transparency, presence and a really huge dynamic range... ravishing in its warmth, richness, vividness and beauty."

The monitoring standard at National Film and Television School which trains the next generation of professionals for film, television and new media industries. "Our students are now experiencing a sonic quality and definition they have not heard before..." Andrew Boulton, Head of Sound Recording.

HL Compact 7ES-3

"I'm about 3 weeks into 7ES-3 ownership, paired with my McIntosh equipment (MA6900, MC201, MR85) and I could not be happier! " Sephiam, USA

C7ES-3 used for Grammy Award-winning album The Road from Memphis by Booker T. Jones (of Green Onions fame). Producer Rob Schnapf says, "I really trust and depend on the Harbeths... a nice combination of musicality and accuracy that really helps me hear deep into a mix. They are very well balanced."

Super HL5

"I just played "Metallica - The Black Album" on my Harbeth Super HL-5 OFC.... boy oh boy... love the sonics.... fantastic sound. Harbeth SHL-5 timing is just spot on." SB, Singapore

Super HL5

"For me, rock 'n' roll through the SHL5's can be heaven. Particularly a recording with a wide dynamic range, one well-mastered." Hoop, USA

Super HL5 and C7ES-3

"I got my dream sound from SHL5. I will keep my C7 and SHL5 for my life. I am very proud as a Harbethian. Keith W, Malaysia

Super HL5

"The Harbeth speakers are marvellous speakers. They sound as wonderful as they do because of this, and not because of the electronics use with them." Ned, USA.

Monitor 40.1

tor's choice by The Absolute Sound magazine "Neutral sound, exceptional midrange clarity, refined and extended treble, almost full bass extension in the room, and surprisingly 'outside the box' imaging".


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