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M30.1 in Jet Black high glossA Harbeth loudspeaker doesn't need a large listening space to work at its best. In fact, the original BBC application from which Harbeth monitors are derived, was in a medium-sized studio control room -- very similar in size to a typical domestic listening room. This happy coincidence guarantees a full, natural sound at even moderate listening levels, and from a listening position just a few feet away.

Uniquely then, even at low sound levels, your Harbeth speakers sound full bodied, perfectly integrated and totally balanced.

From the P3ESR up to the legendary Monitor 40.1, these traditional cabinets emphasise real engineering and total sonic excellence.

They have no equal for clarity and transparency, thanks to the unique Harbeth-engineered RADIAL™ cone which is at the heart of all models. Understated - definitely; real value - without doubt.

You can examine the entire range  in our online brochure.

Product range

Using Harbeth RADIAL™ cone technology, the legendary mini-monitor produces the wonderfully natural Harbeth sound yet occupies almost no space in the listening room.
Crafted around the exclusive Harbeth RADIAL2™ bass/mid cone material, the Compact 7ES-3 has fantastic micro-resolution and an electrifying clean presentation.
Super HL5 plus
This wonderful loudspeaker, in the classic BBC 'two cubic foot' style, is revered for its big warm, sweet sound. The superbly natural Harbeth RADIAL2™ cone enables acoustic music to really come alive.
Monitor 30.1 domestic
Sharing similar drive units and sonic character to the much larger Monitor 40.1, the Monitor 30.1 is a perfect all-round solution to natural sound.
Monitor 40.1 domestic
The Monitor 40.1 creates a wide, tall and deep 3D holographic sound stage that's addictive for its neutrality: the ultimate in bringing the recording to the home.
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