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  The care, skill and craftsmanship that exude from Harbeth speakers reflect the human touch that goes into every pair. Naturally, 100% of drive units and crossover boards are checked using the latest electronic test equipment, but electronics is only part of the story. Working with wood creates a respect between the material and the craftsman - or woman - as no two trees are precisely alike. This is where fine judgements about pairing and matching grain and features has to be done by the trained eye: it all takes time. Time is money.

The core of the Harbeth sound is the exclusive RADIAL™ driver technology, made by hand at the factory in Lindfield to an exacting technical specification. The precise material combinations, the optimum selection of adhesives and our long established methods of test to IS09001 QC standards gives perfect consistency. The audible results is Harbeth's exceptional stereo imaging and holographic sound stage. Nothing else comes close.

Production and pairing of Harbeth drive units in-house to such a high standard increases cost. But it guarantees that driven with respect, your Harbeths are an environmentally responsible investment with a very long service life. The modular construction makes it easy to replace every part without the need for any specialist tools.

The production flow is managed by an stock management system which keeps track of the hundreds of individual piece-parts, customer orders, supplier lead times and Bills of Materials. These BoMs testify to the high engineering content of Harbeth speakers: there are over fifty individual piece-parts, many custom made and on long lead times, in each speaker. Professional material management frees-up production staff to concentrate on production confident that all parts are to hand or on order from long-standing Approved suppliers with an excellent QC track record. Production efficiency is essential: the order book typically extends for more than six months ahead.
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