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Harbeth speakers are the most natural and accurate studio monitors available as well as being uniquely satisfying to work with: that's why they're the first choice for so many top sound engineers creating thousands of hours of blockbuster programmes.

British LibraryRead why the Monitor 40.1 is the first choice for so many studios creating live TV in our page-turning brochure here. (Flash file)

It's the absence of coloration and fatigue, plus the ability to reveal all at a relatively moderate loudness, that sets these instruments apart; no other monitors offer the overall depth of sound, microtone detail and pin-sharp imaging that comes with a RADIAL™ drive unit.

Techology breakthroughs in size reduction, cabinet design, drive unit and overall sonic performance have made these BBC-pedigree monitors the most confident monitoring solution for small and medium-sized studios, control rooms and OB trucks.

From the shoe box-sized Monitor 20.1 through Monitor 30.1 and 'Grade 1' Monitor 40.1, regardless of actual size, the whole family shares the same sonic balance, the same no-fatigue sound, and the same value for money and long-term investment sense.

Media files

Here is a video of the Harbeth 5.1 surround system used to make The X-factor (one of the UK's biggest TV show) and many others programmes....

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We returned to Fountain Studios seven weeks later to see how they were getting along with their Harbeths and their new digital mixing desk. What you hear is the harbeth speakers picked-up by the cameras inbuilt microphone.

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Post production dubbing is a highly skilled area of audio, where a typical radio/TV/film production spends thirty to fifty times longer than the original recording. This video is an example of Harbeths used in a post production. Full description of the dubber's workflow here.

Play (Standard resolution video)

Product range

Monitor 20.1 Pro
The smallest professional-use Harbeth is the Monitor 20 which replaces the BBC LS3/5a in size and performance. These incredible mini monitors offer the easy Harbeth sound and are idea for small spaces such as Outside Broadcast trucks or workstation-offices and editing suites. The overall balance and bass extension is carefully designed so that programs made on Monitor 20s can and do go straight to transmission.
Monitor 30.1 Pro
This new, upgraded Monitor 30.1 builds of the fifteen-year success of the original M30 which derived from the BBC LS5/9. Sharing similar drive units and sonic character to the much larger Monitor 40.1, the Monitor 30.1 is a perfect all-round solution to natural sound in a modest cabinet size.
Monitor 40.2 Pro
The three-way Monitor 40.2 is the solution to Grade 1 audio monitoring, fulfilling the same role as the previous Monitor 40 and M40.1. The large cabinet is optimised for free space stand-mounting and delivers a huge, involving and transparent sound stage which is perfect for audio monitoring in the near or far field.
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