Before you post on the Harbeth User Group please read the Forum Policy here. From the outset it has been our desire to create a knowledge archive. Knowledge is based on facts and observations. Knowledge is timeless. Our basic position is in line with this here.

To post on HUG, your contribution must have a timely, relevant and significantly factual, objective content. Subjective and highly personal opinion based posts are unlikely to be of interest to future Harbeth owners/users as fashions change and opinions come and go.

We regret but we cannot accept Posts that give what we consider endorsement to products that Harbeth does not make, including exotic cables, electronics or accessories and such posts will be deleted without notice or edited down. Questions and posts about whether amplifier A sounds better than amplifier B will not appear here as they cannot be answered without a controlled comparison which requires test and measurement.

The Moderators' decision is final in all matters regarding what appears here. From April 2013 the moderation policy has been adjusted to keep the overall content as tight and relevant as possible for serious objectively-inclined readers. People like us, in fact, who by keeping our feet on the ground are able to design and deliver real-world value in loudspeakers that last for generations. [Updated Jan. 2015]