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  1. Technical questions to Harbeth's designer
  2. Floorstanding speaker?
  3. How much power do I need? (How big or small an amp?)
  4. Test equipment (reference-standard microphones)
  5. Designing speakers in and for small rooms
  6. OFC cable
  7. Crossover design question
  8. Plate glass windows and speaker cabinets ....
  9. Cymbals in resonance, pianos and microphones
  10. "What amplifier does the designer use?"
  11. Cheating with bass specifications ....
  12. Speaker ageing (not burning-in)
  13. 'Positive colouration' in small bass units?
  14. Strange noises in the bluebell woods! (M40 testing outdoors)
  15. Left or right speakers. What is the meaning?
  16. Burning-in your Harbeths: necessary or not?
  17. Biwire terminals and sound differences?
  18. How flat are my ears?
  19. How fast are your ears compared with your eyes?
  20. Which Harbeth is easier to drive
  21. BBC-style thin-wall cabinets. Why so special?
  22. SEAS Excel Tweeter
  23. Why does Soundstage Depth and Width Change with Toe-in?
  24. Fusing Tweeters
  25. Radial-2
  26. Single wiring to Biwire/Triwire Posts
  27. Using M30 with a sub - what crossover frequency?
  28. Break-in (burn-in) and biwiring - fantasy?
  29. Radial on P3
  30. How to safely remove the grilles
  31. Harbeth vs. 'accepted wisdom'
  32. How can you afford to manufacture in UK?
  33. Phase invertion
  34. Help! Soundproofing to minimise neighbour irritation
  35. Alternative exciting cone materials?
  36. Fungus and mould
  37. C7-ES3 Tweeter question
  38. Phase Coherence - A Desirable Attribute In A Loudspeaker?
  39. Harbeth speakers and shielding
  40. Thud sound when power down
  41. Grille fitting and removal
  42. Matching Amplifier for SHL5?
  43. Active Harbeth's
  44. Noises on C7ES3 Radial driver
  45. Difference between finishes
  46. Biwiring the SHL5s
  47. Screw Force vs. Performance
  48. Lack of bass in new Hl5's
  49. M30 & SHL5 output
  50. Xpression DPM1 / HHB Circle 5
  51. Which one is the replacement of HL COMPACT?
  52. Bi-wire, bi-amp connection problems
  53. Speakers on side
  54. Yet another subwoofer integration question
  55. Failure Compact ES-2
  56. Metal tweeter technical characteristics
  57. 4 or 8 ohm speaker to amplifier connection
  58. What Amplifier Does The Designer (NOT) Use : Part 2
  59. A/B visual comparisons - and audio?
  60. softer on one side?
  61. Taking grills off the SHL5
  62. Pragmatism, science and amplifier evolution?
  63. Super HL5 Super Tweeter
  64. Driver tightening on the front panel
  65. Speaker stands for SHL5s
  66. What kind of jumpers do you using it?
  67. Why no RADIAL for the 12 inch bass unit?
  68. What is the true sensitivity of my speakers?
  69. Radial drivers and crossover frequencies
  70. How small a room can a pair of M30s fit in?
  71. Wiring for MONO Beatles CD
  72. Sealed or vented box - a speaker design question
  73. SHL5 with single wire posts
  74. Speaker Placement and Tilt
  75. Speakers for surround sound ... what's needed?
  76. A speaker's life
  77. impedance curve for C7ES3
  78. Does cone material on subwoofers matter?
  79. Speaker design
  80. Active Domestic Speakers
  81. 5.1 system used for X-Factor
  82. SHL5 super tweeter related
  83. Can I use a bi-wire speaker cable as a single wire?
  84. The Family Likeness
  85. Frequency Response
  86. HL5 lover needs to downsize -- C7ES-3 vs M30???
  87. Concepts akin to Harbeth's and brand development ....
  88. Speaker Update
  89. Slight hum like sound
  90. mid bass driver repair
  91. Power Amplifier Modules
  92. The Harbeth Thin Walled Sound
  93. Driver Damage?
  94. question about a speaker that fell off the stand
  95. Are there voices that are more difficult for a speaker to render faithfully?
  96. Internal Rewire SHL5
  97. What coupling (if any) do i use in between my SHL5's and Sound Anchor stand? Blu Dots are awful!
  98. Sub Woofers
  99. A peculiar case of bi-wiring
  100. Woofer driver positioning on baffle - in front or behind baffle?
  101. Where does Harbeth take its product development from here?
  102. Celestion HF1300 tweeters ....part of BBC monitor history
  103. Are the M40.1 xxxxL and M40.1 xxxxR identical or symmetrical ?
  104. Break-in time for P3ESR?
  105. Harbeth Compact 7 circa 1997 Radial Midrange Driver?
  106. My formative experiences with high fidelity sound
  107. Later recordings and private recordings from the 80s
  108. Naim "Plop" - serious problem for speakers or not
  109. Dolby's Digital Stereo Creator and my digital camera's output ...
  110. Low frequencies - omni-directional? - true or not?
  111. Message board : subjects for discussion
  112. Xpression! Dpm1 repair?
  113. Professional speaker connections - and consumerism gone mad?
  114. Loudspeaker listening - what I hear
  115. Clipping
  116. Dented Super-Tweeter
  117. Replacing the super tweeter on a Super HL5
  118. Which Harbeth in a 30 sqm room?
  119. Need help: is my compact 7ES broken ?
  120. Amplifier harmonics and load stability
  121. Audio shockwaves from brass instruments - and Harbeth's RADIAL cone material
  122. From the scrapbook - notes on the progress of a new speaker design
  123. Low wattage tube amplifier combined with high sensitivity speakers
  124. Passive v. active - why or why not?
  125. Refurbish capacitors inside speaker crossovers?
  126. What setup (source and amplification) for testing speaker design
  127. Question on original 90s Harbeth HL-P3 mid/bass driver
  128. Harbeth Cone Excursion - a theory?
  129. DIN vs RCA connectors - technical advantage?
  130. Home-made videos from the designer ....
  131. The real sound of some tweeters! Nature's way of demanding attention ...
  132. How do you determine the impedance of a speaker system?
  133. Trends in speaker design. What to listen out for?
  134. A DIY audio amplifier design
  135. Speaker cloth replacement
  136. Leaving amplifier on and effect on speakers
  137. Hard or soft dome tweeter, how does Mr. Shaw decide?
  138. Mounting SHL5 on their side for studio use.
  139. How do you decide on the final design of a cross-over?
  140. WirelessWorld - Harwood article
  141. Can speakers be protected from amplifier damage? How do amps work?
  142. SHL-5 supertweeters: damage and effect
  143. 6dB, 12dB, 18dB or 24dB crossover filters - surely the gentle 6dB (per octave) is the best?
  144. The 'should-I, shouldn't-I' of using a subwoofer or not....
  145. Internal bracing on M30 & M30.1
  146. "Damping factor" - another great audiophile myth?
  147. "New B.B.C. Monitoring Loudspeaker" (Harwood, 1968, Wireless World magazine)
  148. Placement bass port and drivers; cable considerations?
  149. What's it like to be working at the BBC anechoic chamber?
  150. Maximum/average volume for durable listening with P3ESR?
  151. Sonic performance of speaker stands? Humbug or True?
  152. Capacitors and how they sound? (If they have a sound)
  153. Enough power for my compact 7 es-3 ?
  154. Loose wire inside 7ES 3?
  155. Whatever happened to Vantex/Comtex and did A.S. ever audition it?
  156. Did I damage my C7ES3 by using bi-wire cable?
  157. Harbeth and the Quad ESL 57 speaker - a common though process?
  158. Do I need to pay attention to my DAC choice?
  159. Problem with the radio breakthrough
  160. What type of screws are used in Harbeth speakers?
  161. Do lightbulbs suck?
  162. Become a human A to D converter!
  163. Using loudspeakers in a (sometimes) steamy room
  164. Surrounded by Xpression
  165. Speaker upgrade?
  166. Building a Silent Room - From the Outside
  167. Bolting to stands?
  168. Flutter from a radial mid/woofer
  169. Why did the new speaker cable change the sound ?
  170. Dynamic vs Planar
  171. C7ES-3 History and Design Brief
  172. Measuring sound, and reference levels for dB measurements
  173. Why not an active Harbeth speaker?
  174. Shorted Shl5 due to not removing connectors while bi-amping...
  175. Size of the acoustic listening room
  176. What is Harbeth’s SuperTunedStructure
  177. Rotated whole binding post on speaker rear panel and lost sound - needs further investigation ?
  178. Real-world drive unit and crossover issues
  179. Is this manufacturer making sense, from a speaker manufacturer's perspective ?
  180. Merits of a DAC
  181. Harbeth speakers in a low humidity environment?
  182. World best driver.
  183. Speaker / Amp Impedance matching
  184. Any general concepts about speaker placement?
  185. Harmonic distortion of loudspeakers at low frequencies
  186. Quad 44 CD/AUX input".
  187. Is the ideal cone absolutely rigid?
  188. The "sound quality" of copper, brass and silver binding posts & plugs
  189. Concerts and recordings
  190. Stereo imaging
  191. Rubber surround to drive unit
  192. Shock! Horror! Probe! Alan's new loan amp sounds different!
  193. The 2015 BBC Prom season - in 4 channel sound. Setting up to listen
  194. Amplifier setting 4 or 8 ohm?
  195. Linn - Space Optimisation and Harbeth speakers
  196. Test video (dynamics)
  197. Harbeth nomenclature
  198. Soundstage and imaging
  199. The sense of "focus", stereo imaging...
  200. In an RCA interconnect a sort of crossover network?
  201. While Tightening the C7ES-3 Woofer Screws.......