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  1. Amplifier selection for your Harbeths (general, not specific Harbeth models)
  2. Electrical safety (risk of electric shock)
  3. Which modern amplifiers suits the 'BBC sound' best?
  4. Tone controls, equaliser or tilt controls at home
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  6. Amplifiers - how big, how small? The truth.
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  13. My choice of amplifier
  14. Class A Amplifiers
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  16. Building a passive pre..
  17. Linn Amps for Harbeth! Any experience?
  18. Naim XS vs Rega Elicit Review
  19. Accuphase A50V + C290V + Meridian G08.2 with Harbeth SHL5 - Any suggestions?
  20. Exposure 2010S Integrated Amp
  21. The Harbeth integrated amplifier
  22. To upgrade a Quad 405 Amplifier
  23. Harbeth Speakers and (digital power amplifiers) T-amps
  24. Anyone tried the Luxman SQ-N100 amplifier?
  25. Onkyo with Harbeth
  26. Supernait vs Nait XS
  27. Which Harbeth for my Naim Supernait setup ?
  28. Which Harbeth for my Naim Supernait Setup ?
  29. Anyone use a tube amplifier or integrated tube amp ?
  30. Tubes vs. transistors - an amplifier designer's view from the '70s
  31. Harbeth Monitor 40 with a NAD M2 digital amplifier
  32. Harbeth SHL5 with Audio Research VSi60
  33. Harbeth Super HL5 + Sugden A21SE
  34. LFD released the LFD LE IV Signature Amplifier: A review
  35. Sonneteer Anyone?
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  37. Harbeth with Stello....
  38. Zen amplifier with Harbeth SHL5
  39. Anyone tried Symphonic Line amplifiers with Harbeth SHL5?
  40. for the love of Quad
  41. Destiny 2 (amplifier) for super hl5
  42. Yamaha RX-V667
  43. C7 ES3 and Rega Amp.
  44. Harbeth shl5 with set 845 triode class a
  45. Pass XA 30.5 with C7es3
  46. Which Harbeths in a multi-ch system? (Class D amps?)
  47. I have chosen LFD ZERO MKIII
  48. Rogue Audio amplifiers with Harbeth
  49. Simaudio with Harbeth?
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  51. Mono-blocking SHL5's
  52. Harbeth SHL5 & McIntosh MA 7000 Match?
  53. P3ESR + Audio Research VSi60
  54. matching Quad 99cd-p / 909 with SHL5
  55. Experience with Music Hall or Audiolab?
  56. LFD LE IV Problem Help
  57. Brio-R or 2010S2
  58. New LFD just bought
  59. The Loyal Opposition, or IMO (comparing a 25W amp with a 50W one)
  60. Using vintage electronics with Harbeths
  61. Dac to poweramp to Harbeth?
  62. Looking for an new BRITISH amp/cd to go along with my Harbeth speakers.
  63. Is Karan Integrated a good match with SHL5 ?
  64. Devialet DPremier plus Harbeth
  65. Have you found your final system?
  66. Nad Vs Rega for C7ES3
  67. Harbeth with Bryston?
  68. Quad 405-2 with Harbeth P3ES-2, service by Quad or refurbishment by someone else?
  69. Quad 44 Technical Questions
  70. Harbeth & Mc Intosh: How do they work together?
  71. Amp upgrade from Rotel integrated for Compact 7ES3
  72. Downgrading the amplifier
  73. Pair of BBC LS5/9 speakers with AM8/17 amps - One is louder than the other.
  74. Serviceability and reliability over "sonics"
  75. Does this mean my amp is about to die???
  76. SHL5 and new amp?
  77. 12 Watt per channel enough for M30
  78. House sound or no house sound for amplifiers
  79. Listening to and recordings the output of audio amplifiers
  80. Amps with useful features: variable gain/subsonic filter/tone or tilt control
  81. The Perfect Amp for Listening at Reasonable Volume
  82. NAIM UnitiLite with Harbeth P3ESR
  83. Estimating amp power demands
  84. Accuphase class A or AB for SHL5
  85. Old, unserviced amplifiers - beware capacitors
  86. One box solution V dedicated 2 channel amplifier - Any perceptible differences in sound quality?
  87. Will a 45W (@8 Ohm) amplifier be enough for my P3ESRs at loud levels?
  88. Power amp output balance testing - thanks HUG
  89. Buy what suits you best
  90. Anyone used a Linn Classik amplifier with Harbeth P3ESR loudspeakers?
  91. The last words on audio amplifiers [Jan. 2015]
  92. Amplifiers that are intentionally effected by the speaker load
  93. A monstrous brute of an amplifier ....
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  95. Pro audio amplifiers
  96. Amplifier that is 'Extremely Transparent': Another angle on that claim
  97. Hypex Ncore digital amplifier
  98. Clone Class D "digital" power amplifiers - can we really trust them....
  99. Class D "digital" power amplifiers - can we really trust them....
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  101. Would a 50 WPC @ 8 Ohms amp suffice for the 40.2?
  102. P3 ESR SE Amp suggestions?
  103. My ideal electronics options for the future
  104. PRE with everything
  105. Kerouac
  106. What amp for M30 in studio use ? Suggestions ? Advices ? (500 max)
  107. A different question about amplifiers? The practicality of comparisons without test eqpt.
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