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  1. Audio Myth Workshop from the 127th AES (Audio Engineer Society) Convention, NY 2009
  2. Human hearing, hearing loss and audio memory
  3. Psychoacoustics - what is it and why does it matter?
  4. MP3 and audio data compression
  5. Audio compression - making audio sound louder
  6. Do we grasp 'frequency domain' as opposed to 'time domain'?
  7. Our brains do not need High Resolution! (UNPROVEN ... READ ON)
  8. Frequencies, sound waves and hearing
  9. Sound waves and smells
  10. Having your hearing tested - observations
  11. Inaudible High-Frequency Sounds Affect Brain Activity: Hypersonic Effect
  12. Liking the wrong sound? High intesity over natural sound?
  13. Quantifying an "Open Sound"
  14. Do audiophiles get enough exposure to 'live sound'?
  15. Working with the human ear: the proper evaluation of audio equipment incl. amplifiers
  16. Tone controls, the ear and the audiophile - curse or saviour?
  17. An Interesting Auditory Experience - speech and music understanding
  18. Fact: the ear is extremely non-linear ...
  19. What is 'dynamic range' and how does it relate to amplifier power and the listening experience?
  20. "Dealerspeak"
  21. "Fluidity"? >>> clipping & amp sonics
  22. Getting to grips with "clipping" - an ongoing research project
  23. "Money For Nothing" - supplemental: CD v. SACD
  24. Training for the Ear
  25. Carl Sagan's Baloney Detection Kit
  26. An example of how unmatched volume levels can invalidate an audio comparison