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  1. "Equal loudness" and our perception of sound
  2. Our incredible hearing system ....
  3. Dictionary of technical words
  4. Listening in combination with test equipment ...
  5. Comparing speakers by listening: without A/B switching
  6. Harbeth RADIAL v. other cone materials ...
  7. How to design a great rock music speaker ... (perhaps?)
  8. What is the BBC 'presence dip' or 'Gundry dip'?
  9. Measuring loudspeakers - and a training course
  10. "My existing speakers sound thin when I turn down the volume - can Harbeth help me?"
  11. Tech Talk - Adjusting the crossover for flattest in-room response
  12. ABX testing >>> values and satisfaction ...
  13. Resolution, our senses and loudspeakers ...
  14. "Subjective" v. "Objective" in Audio
  15. Loudspeakers Technology - painfully slow progress
  16. Clipping - audible or not?
  17. 1dB Difference - an experiment in audibility
  18. Repository of adjectives to describe "sound"
  19. The professional way to evaluate loudspeakers?
  20. Signal Attenuation and Sound Resolution
  21. Audio-nervosa: a name for the hifi bug!
  22. "Nothing new under the sun"? The challenge of evaluating audio equipment
  23. A cautionary tale of self deceit - from a loudspeaker designer
  24. What the 'professionals' think makes a great speaker ~~~
  25. Measuring loudspeakers - what do you believe?
  26. 'Fast' and 'slow' speakers - should 'fast' = painful to listen to?
  27. Maths and Music Theory
  28. Some good vintage audio texts
  29. Early analogue recordings & an evaluation of analogue technology ...
  30. From the studio to the home stereo - what's really important?
  31. The weakest links at both ends of the audio chain 1) microphones
  32. The effect of air molecules on a soundwave and or frequencies
  33. Recording the grand piano - a mini-explanation by audio example
  34. My volume control - amp power v. knob rotation
  35. Some old Wireless World PDF's Jim Moir , BBC research dept
  36. The results of a comparison among three different amplifiers by James Moir (Quad comparison - 1978)
  37. What is the truth behind audiophile 'facts'?
  38. Demonstrating the 'tube amplifier sound' - audio clips
  39. True objectivism and the human - possible or not?
  40. Binding post upgrade? Physics in the real world
  41. The truth about advanced audio coding formats - inaudible
  42. Solid-state vs Hollow-state
  43. More ridiculous audiophile propaganda
  44. Just how reliable are human senses?
  45. Chasing the ultimate specification - needless precision?
  46. The technical side of audio measurement
  47. In a word .... 'where does Harbeth stand relative to audio psuedoscience?'
  48. How good does your electronics have to be? A listening appraisal part 1
  49. Interconnects and my buddy!
  50. Does turning up the volume increase dynamic range?
  51. What is this mysterious thing called "phase"?
  52. A Parable About Audio Reviewers and Audiophiles?
  53. What does 'microtonal detail' actually sound like?
  54. Define: a high fidelity record/replay system
  55. Stereo - what's it all about ?
  56. Interesting new white paper from audio manufacturer on "high resolution" digital audio
  57. Public demonstrations - no attempt to match loundness between A and B
  58. A technology of their own: anti-mass sentiment and the high-end audio community
  59. Hi-res audio folk to introduce new rules and weed out impure noises
  60. Expert electrical analysis: $340 audiophile cables test “marginal”
  61. Distortion, specifications and sine wave vs. listening tests
  62. Happy birthday Claude!
  63. Horns and fleas: the politics of audio