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  1. Adjusting Room sound using material damping methods (not DSP)
  2. Harbeth's FAQ discusses the listening room
  3. Testing room/speaker acoustics
  4. The critical temperature of the listening room and why it should be controlled
  5. Adjusting room sound using DSP (not damping)
  6. Harbeth speaker or Rogers LS3/5a + subwoofer?
  7. Loudspeakers positioning
  8. Listening to speakers at home - the room is your friend ....
  9. Placement of the speakers in the room
  10. Uneven ceiling height
  11. How do you know your Harbeth placed correctly?
  12. How much room damping needed for quiet listening?
  13. One harbeth near the wall....
  14. Placement - Long wall or short wall?
  15. Speaker on TV cabinet
  16. Real speakers in real rooms - what to expect especially in the lower frequencies
  17. Toe-in => What was the initial idea/view
  18. Where can I find the Designer's Notebook Chapter 7: The curtain of sound?
  19. The almost rectangular room - damping
  20. DSP pool of information for Harbeth users to share ...
  21. Acoustic treatment AND room correction DSP together?
  22. How and where do you listen? Listen to the room or the music?
  23. Harbeths and room correction - output to below 31.5Hz
  24. Designing a listening room - wall construction and damping
  25. Room Acoustics and Speaker Interaction
  26. Room Acoustics and Speaker Interaction
  27. Speakers on a deep shelf - will Harbeths work there?
  28. Subwoofers - are two needed for hi-fi?
  29. Tone, balance, mono/stereo and filter controls - sadly missed
  30. Mass-loading speaker stands and speaker / room interaction or my imagination?
  31. P3ES-2 in large room with small amplifier