View Full Version : Duelund Silver Cable

29-03-2012, 03:19 PM
Duelund (http://www.liveacoustics.com.sg/Duelund%20Cable.htm)

Duelund Wires In Silk sleeve
Version1.0 - 20AWG
Version 2.0 - 18AWG

anybody tried these? i keen to try the version2.0 as speaker cable with length of 2m.

will the flatness help / change anything?? be it improvement or differences?

ben hancocks
22-05-2012, 04:13 PM
Tried the wider one as an interconnect between Sugden Masterclass CD and Integrated amp with copper wbt 102 next gen plugs found they initialy sounded good but in end seemed to smooth out mid and high notes were rather wiry.

At the moment am using 0.75 orange two core flymo type wire for my SHL5s with 6m runs. Have used QED silver anniversary and Vandamme 6mm shotgun LC UPOFC and 2.5 three core from B&Q with earth and neutral wired together.

Have quite a lively listening room so am having trouble with natural sounding mids. The sound quality is in order I've listed them with Orange 0.75 best. Next will try Vandamme 1.50 Black Series Speaker cable as it is more conductor UPOFC but only 30 strands, as I suspect the SHL5 can count and prefers small numbers !!