View Full Version : Lost, missing or stolen

08-02-2007, 06:19 PM
I sincerly hope that we do not have to make many entries here, but as a service to customers worldwide this seems an ideal place to start the hunt for wayward Harbeths that have sprouted legs.

It goes without saying that stolen speakers carry no Warranty. We will not encourage or support crime and if we can identify a thief we will, and have, report them to the police. In one case that comes to mind, this led the police to a treasure trove of stolen electical equipment. It irritates me and my staff to think that we invest an hour or two of our combined effort into making a pair of speakers for them to fall into the wrong hands.


HL-P3ES2 in maple s/number: 2716 L&R. Stolen en route to Harbeth Denmark from Harbeth UK. Harbeth Warranty has been cancelled and no after care will be provided for these speakers.