View Full Version : Spare parts listed on ebay as 'used by Harbeth'

08-10-2007, 07:37 PM
From time to time we are aware of spare parts (usually tweeters) listed on ebay as 'used in Harbeth speakers' or 'similar to one used in Harbeth speakers'. An example is attached.

Some sellers are blissfully unaware that there are many different versions of the same tweeter available - some for the hobby market, some for the pro market and yet others for the hifi market made according to custom specifications (like ours). Some of these differences are obvious (such as the colour of the diaphragm) but many differences are deep inside the unit, such as the voice coil height, its resistance and the strength of the magnet. We fully understand that if you are desperate for a spare part for a long discontinued model that providing the tweeter fits the cut-out you may well be satisfied for non-critical use. However, it is only possible to meet our original system specification if you use a spare part bought from Harbeth - when available.

When we are aware* of a spare part listed on ebay uk, we check the listing for accuracy. In the example below we contacted the seller to advise him that Harbeth have not used that exact type of tweeter. We did not notice at that time that the seller lists it as a VIFA tweeter - in fact, the picture shows a SEAS unit. In this case, the seller has kindly amended the description but this is not always our experience: in particular some sellers of LS3/5a parts are extremely florid in their descriptions and confuse the numerous varieties of B110 bass units: despite our best effects to protect you, they will not amend their descriptions. It leaves us feeling powerless and dreading the inevitable buyers disappointment.

"Caveat emptor"

* Please note: we only have a cursory glance at ebay so you must use your own best judgement when buying anything on ebay.