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20-12-2007, 03:52 PM
Harbeth new monitor unveiled in Vegas ? January 2008

The great British loudspeaker brand Harbeth is unveiling its long-awaited new reference model, the Monitor M40.1 at T.H.E. SHOW in Las Vegas during CES (Jan 2008). (Room 1508, Alexis Park Resort, 375 E.Harmon Ave)

The new three-way builds on the very best of the original Monitor 40 which was designed as a broadcast monitor, being a direct drop-in replacement for the famous LS5/8 when it suddenly ceased production upon the demise of the UK brand Rogers.

" The Monitor 40 has worked well in the ?dry? acoustic favoured by broadcasters", explains Harbeth's Alan Shaw. "And we have sold the speaker to the BBC and a host of commercial programme makers"

The new Harbeth-design bass unit in the M40.1 has a low-frequency response perfect for more ?lively? environments, such as typical living rooms. It is the culmination of a twelve-month research programme initiated when the previous model's bass unit was no longer available.

As part of the thorough design process, a prototype M40.1 was carefully evaluated in the BBC research department?s anechoic chamber at Kingswood Warren in Surrey. ?It?s important?, says Alan Shaw, ?to compare these measurements with those from our software simulator to be sure that the new model will behave as predicted in every room.?

"The BBC?s facility is one of the best in the world, and gives us the confidence that the updated M40 will satisfy the most discerning customer at home or in the studio?, adds Alan.
Harbeth's USA distributor, Walter Swanbon of Harbeth USA (Fidelis AV), came to England to work alongside Alan Shaw to verify that the new version monitor was completely acceptable to the discerning North American customers. Walter says ?The Harbeth Monitor 40 has become a legend in The States, and unquestionably the M40.1 will do great things - it?s a winner and I just hope Alan will keep pace with the orders.?

"Listeners to the pre-production pair of the new M40.1, at a small hi-fi show in the USA recently, commented on a drier, tighter and more extended bass; noticeably increased sensitivity; easier amplifier load, and smoother overall balance", according to Shaw."
Production of the M40.1 is starting in the New Year to meet a growing international order book. For more details on all of Harbeth's products visit www.harbeth.co.uk (http://www.harbeth.co.uk)

UK - 20 December, 2007