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17-01-2010, 07:16 PM
My dealer has suggested that Uk delivery times may be several weeks and can run into months, since most production is geared to the far east. This seems a little rough on a loyal UK following and especially off putting for people who are just placing orders like myself. Surely the factory should allocate enough stock for UK dealers to satisfy demand with a reasonable period...say a week to 10 days maximum?

I hope this is not a sour note in this forum....the speakers themselves (SHL5) were without doubt exactly what I need to compliment my Luxman SQ38u valve amp, and were audibly streets ahead of the auditioned competition, some of which cost 3X the price of the 5's.....but I cant have them now. help!

17-01-2010, 07:48 PM
My dealer has suggested that Uk delivery times may be several weeks and can run into months...This is not factually correct for the UK customer and has been covered here recently. Who is your dealer?

The UK situation is clearly laid out here (http://www.harbeth.co.uk/usergroup/showthread.php?p=7057). I think this is unchanged.

18-01-2010, 12:09 AM
Hi John,
I believe this is a mis-understanding. I said that delivery of the 5's would be '4 weeks' but 'I might be able to get them a little sooner'. I did, however, comment that the M40.1 delivery can run into months, which it can but your 5's should be as above.

Tomorrow (Monday) I hope to have an accurate delivery date for you.

All the best,
David (Radlett Audio)

18-01-2010, 02:29 PM
Following our recent thread about 'supporting your dealer' we've been especially keen to resolve this issue. Again it was given top priority this morning. As soon as the customer places a firm order we'll be able to log a sales order and the MRP system will generate a reliable delivery date - as soon as possible. We always hold back some production capacity for UK customers; overseas customers are wholesalers so order in bulk with a predictable cycle.

The production process automatically kicks-in with that sales order.

18-01-2010, 03:43 PM
Thank you both. I am especially keen to keep a good relationship with both manufacturer and dealer, so I hope the post was not misconstrued. The bottom line is that, after nearly 9 months of intensive auditioning, including: Tannoy, Zu, Ref 3a, Horning, Living Voice, Spendor, Aspara and Gamut, I fell in love with the SHL5 in about 10 minutes. I have never heard a speaker that sounded so right across such a broad range of music, and that included some deliberately chosen worn recordings and compressed mixes. Arriving home, I could barely listen to the present system, and having to wait a few weeks seems like daily torture! I need to get a new hobby for a while to pass the time.

So thanks for the responses, I do appreciate what we are all trying to do. If it is of any interest, and it relates to my post, Chester groups Midland HiFi show, based on the HiFiWigwam forum, is happening on the 5th of March and I am exhibiting a room there. On the strength of the above posts, I have now altered my listings to read:

"System is now Copland 266 / Luxman SQ38u and Harbeth SHL5's". You would be pleased I think to read on the wigwam the very positive response to my purchase, with many many 'wammers' looking forward to hearing what the Harbeths can do....keep some spaces in that order book for April!

18-01-2010, 04:31 PM
Brilliant. Thanks for the order which we've already heard about from your dealer and welcome to the Harbeth family.

As a matter of interest, you mention several brands that you've auditioned. For the benefit of our members what would you say was the defining sonic characteristic that the SHL5 offered you?

Please remember that the current model is the Super HL5 (SHL5), just to avoid confusion with the original HL5.

18-01-2010, 08:24 PM
Alan....its surprisingly easy really....the answer is - nothing. Every single other speaker seemed to be trying to grab my attention with one part of the frequency range or another....lovely emotional vocals meant loose bass and non existent top end, shimmering cymbals turned into recessed mids. Boxes were to the fore with soundstage struggling to escape the box and in the end, I'd decided that the more I might spend, the more idiosyncratic the designs became, with sublime bits let down by a simple lack of musical communication overall.

So the Super HL5's were plugged in and ....nothing was wrong. My private tick list read like this:

Neutral...no audible frequency lifts or dips
Voiced to concentrate on producing accurate timbre and emotion, but without emphasis.
Able to carry a rhythm with foot tapping bottom end, but no boom of excessive weight.
Sound-staging to be natural and 3D
Boxes to disappear. I want to shut my eyes and not hear the speaker.

Finally, I want to relax and enjoy the music. I wrote elsewhere that these speakers are like Big Tannoys without the colouration, or maybe like Snell Type E's on steroids. I respect both makes, but SHL5's combine the two, remove the faults and are half the price.

NOW can I have a sales job?

24-01-2010, 07:11 PM
Sales job indeed!!!!!!!!! Harbeths sell themselves :-) I was there first twenty years ago anyway ;-)

By the way, Snell E's don't come anywhere near to a properly designed modern speaker when taken out of their vinyl/valve comfort zone - the cheap drivers show themselves up quite spectacularly IMO.

Big Tannoy DC's? I love 'em, but they are a bit coloured on occasion in my opinion and I don't think that many are sold in the UK.