View Full Version : Which Harbeth for my Naim Supernait setup ?

06-08-2010, 12:28 PM
Dear All

Just looking which speakers could match my current setup (see below), to eventually replace my D15

What i'm looking for, is speakers with less high (fill SN pairing D15 a bit aggressive when listen violin of voice in Opera...and this with both Vinyl and Streamer a source...) Also looking for a sweet, voiced medium.

- 40% pop
- 60% Classic and Jazz

My room :
A bit less than 25m2 (4.10x5.40mx2,30m) and more on the dark side of the neutrality (wall-to-wall carpet, with wood furniture)

Listening position :
circa 2.6 in front of the speakers, with circa 1.2max behind me
1.2 max Behind speakers
2.2 m Between Speakers
Closer near wall at 80cm from the right speaker, not limit to the left one.

My Setup :

SN + Hicap
Avid Diva II
Stage line "N"
Proac D15
Temporary source (via NAS) Logitech SqueezeBox 3 using Supernait DAC

Tks for your advice


20-08-2010, 08:41 AM
Hi Phil

I auditioned both Harbeth and Naim at the same time. It was my first exposure to both brands. I loved the sound and felt they were a great match.

I ended up buying the SHL5's and the Naim XS. The SuperNait sounded wonderful with the C7's and SHL5's but I bought the XS because it sounded just as magical with the Harbeth's and I already had a decent DAC

I have read posts that the SuperNait is a good match for the P3ESR as well so I don't think you will have any problem matching your SuperNait successfully.

Good luck,

Tks Jeff for your feedback.

Unfortunately it will not be possible for me to listen a pair of SHL5 or C7 before next year, because the nearest Dealer (500 km from my home) has not order those model for this year. So need to see if there will be available in Y11 ;-)