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Nad Vs Rega for C7ES3

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    We all respond differently to the sound of an amp into a given speaker and it is a personal choice as to which is best.

    To my ears and those of my customers who have tried, the new Brio R is a very dynamic, lucid, communicative amp and, as I said, it is to replace the Mira, which is out of production in it's current form. A replacement will probably be here next year but at a far higher price.
    Originally posted by Bas R View Post
    Sorry, I'm a newbie here but I just had to respond to this statement because I feel the opposite about these amplifiers. I tried both amps, the Brio R and Mira3, and found them to be sounding very different on my C7-es3's. To my ears the Brio R was a delicate sounding amp that just lacked the dynamics, air and flow to get me involved in the music it amplified. The Mira3 on the other hand did just that, it got my head floating and my feet wildly tapping. To my taste and needs the Mira3 is an excellent amp for the money, it brings out 90% of the glory that Harbeth speakers can give and in such a way that you don't really care about the other 10%. Needless to say, I bought one, together with a Rega Dac. If only I wasn't a sucker for tubes (I like to stare at glowing objects..) I could swear I would never need another amp again. Offcourse, all that is personal. For others who are more into a dry, clean and detailed sound the Brio R might be the 'better' option. But I think it would be a mistake of Rega to discontinue this model. And I certainly wouldn't label the Brio R as better than a Mira.

    Just for reference of my personal taste, before I went out listening to the Rega's I had a Naim XS in my system for two weeks. I realise that Naim is highly regarded on this forum. The XS sounded amazingly detailed and clean but in the end I found it's sound to be a bit dry and cold for my taste.


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      A little late for this thread, but I just finished A/B comparisons of a newly arrived Rega Elicit and my current Luxman amp. The Elicit is for a planned 2nd setup but I hooked them up to my Compact 7s just to give them a spin. Very dynamic and very ballsy sound, detailed yet to tiring to listen to. I'd heartily recommend the Rega Elicit for the Compact 7.

      I still prefer the sound of my Luxman + Compact 7 combo, but really if you had the budget and prefer Rega, I'd say go all the way to the Elicit.


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        I don't have C7's, but have run my P3's with both NAD and Rega. I was using an NAD C326BEE and am now using a Brio-R. Both work excellent with my Harbeth speakers. I still have the NAD, my wife is using it in her system.