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A Media PC with internal power amps

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  • A Media PC with internal power amps

    Here is an interesting product

    On board 100w amps. More than enough to drive a pair of Harbeths.

    Quality unknown. Price unknown. Does anyone know?

  • #2
    I think the combination is wrong. A PC typically obsoletes in 4-5 years. An amplifier usually last at least 10 years - unless the amplifier is really crappy.


    • #3
      Not thought of that - depends on price, though.

      In UK HiFi market has higher profit margins than PC market, so it might still be a good deal - depending on quality.


      • #4
        Seeing that it is from Onkyo - I believe that the amplifier is of decent quality. But it is a wrong combination nevertheless.

        Currently I am using Denon Mk37 mini hifi, which delivers 30W per channel to drive a pair of P3ES2 in my bedroom. The electronics is very cheap, but I am satisfied with the sound. I believe that Japanese company like Onkyo and Denon will not produce any 'bad' electronics no matter how cheap the system is.

        Speakers is another matter. My P3ES2 ended in my bedroom because the speakers that came with the MK37 is simply not up to standard. But it is cheap though...


        • #5
          A decent power amp should run at least 20 years, at least that's what the chap that made mine said!

          Also, not sure about Vista? I've heard too many horror stories...


          • #6
            Vista is OK. Windows 7 is much better.


            • #7
              Looks like something for the Japanese market. If you have time you could try browsing bic camera (can be translated) or rakuten (English).

              Or if you have a pc lying about, and you would like to amp it, you can put in Sonic Impact Technologies’ (of the small t amp fame) card amp into an empty PCI slot. It’s a Tripath kicking out most likely 15W.

              80 bucks…you couldn’t go wrong


              probably good if you had a pair of spare speakers lying around, the one the harbeth replaced, ;-)


              • #8
                Just because a thing can be done, doesn't mean it should be done.

                If you don't particularly care about quality, there are many self-powered speakers (some of which are actually very good) that will let you change/upgrade your PC when needed without losing your amplification. This seems like a better option. (The Tripath option makes sense too.)

                If you do care about quality, you're not going to want a power amp inside your PC.

                So what's the point?


                • #9
                  Nvidia or Tesla processor ....

                  You can use this nvidia processor. The Tesla processor is 250 times faster than any other processor on the market today:
                  For a sound card you can use a Auzentech with that can be tuned via replaceable front (L/R) Operational Amplifier (OPAMP).
                  For the case you can use this one:
                  or a fanless one like this:
                  all the rest is up to you but this way you will have a computer that will last more than th 5 years you mentioned


                  • #10
                    Soundcard with HDMI input

                    Thank you SiloCar for the tip on the Soundcard. It is very unusual, if not rare to have an HDMI input. Just the type of card Iíve been looking for but unfortunately wonít fit into my current case as its full height. Looks like it will produce some decent sound!