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Super HL5plus or M30.1 domestic, which one suits me better?

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  • Super HL5plus or M30.1 domestic, which one suits me better?


    My room is wide, but short: 7,0 m x 2,60 m. Side walls are not an issue, but, due to its short deep (2,60m), the possible distance between speakers and rear wall is around 25cm only... Thus, the equilateral triangle formed between the speakers and the sweet spot has about 1,80m sides, a bit limited.

    Even with my room limitations, I decided to buy the Super HL5 plus or the M30.1 domestic. My doubts:

    1) Due to the short distance, which model would suit better, forming a better soundstage?
    2) In my situation, M30.1 would be better to avoid "boomy", or either models will perform the same?
    3) Super HL5plus is a better and refined speaker than the M30.1, or both has different "tastes" and virtues? Which ones?
    4) Which one sounds more similar to the flagship M40.2 domestic?

    I listen music at moderate volumes without abuse at high SPL, my preferences are mainly pop and rock. I like flat and balanced response.


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    First question is, can you demo these speakers before buying?

    I tested the 30s a year ago and was not stirred by their performance. A few months ago I sat down with the SHL5+ and bought them right off the floor. They just had more presence and impact -- these are qualities I look for. I feel that both these speakers are fairly room agnostic. My friend has a pair of 40s in a relatively small room. There was a significant bass bloat in his space. However, it was easily fixed with a few quick measurements and a corner bass trap. I would have to say that neither the 30s or the SHL5+ compare to what the 40s can do: the low end reproduction of the 40s is amazing.