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M40.2 40th anniversary model demoed at 'Classic Albums' show in the Benelux

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  • M40.2 40th anniversary model demoed at 'Classic Albums' show in the Benelux

    Good morning HUG

    Our distributor in The Netherlands has shared some images from a dealer of theirs, Beter Beeld & Geluid, who ran a 'Classic Albums' show on Saturday (7th October). The M40.2 40th anniversary model in walnut was on demo and feedback from them was as follows -

    "Attendance was high with music fans listening to classic albums from Fleetwood Mac, OMD, Supertramp, The Beatles, King Crimson, Paul Simon etc. etc. The very musical and open sound of the system was praised by all present and people stayed as long as they could to revel in the natural, addictive sound of Harbeth combined with Luxman, making an excellent match together." A complete run down of the system is below:
    - Harbeth M40.2 40th Anniversary loudspeaker
    - Luxman C-900u / M-900u pre/power amp
    - Luxman EQ-500 phono stage
    - Luxman PD-171A turntable
    - Nagaoka MP-500 cartridge
    - Luxman DA-06 DAC
    - Melco N1 'audiofiele' NAS/USB as digital source
    - Cardas cabling
    Did anyone have the chance to attend?

    Emma Smith
    Brand Manager
    Harbeth Audio UK

  • #2
    Had this been a demonstration I could have attended, it would have been supremely disappointing to encounter a system without a CD player.
    It's not as though Luxman doesn't make one, as there are presently at least three such units in their model line up.
    Likewise, cost limitation was clearly not a factor, since the total value of the equipment shown is about $80K (USD).
    Perhaps this particular dealer does not read HUG?


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      Thank you for your feedback. Events such as these are simply an introduction to the speakers and the sound. In no way is this a system that one would have to purchase if they owned Harbeths nor is/was that implied. The dealer is a business man and therefore presenting a combination he feels is suitable for the event and his audience.

      There is of course always the opportunity to discuss with our dealers alternative combinations to satisfy different budgets, rooms, musical tastes etc. and arrange a demo in-store afterwards. Harbeths are designed to work well with all systems.

      As you'll know from Alan's contributions here on HUG, what he uses in the lab to design is modestly priced equipment, to be sure that whatever our users wish to combine with Harbeth that they will be absolutely delighted with their investment. Perhaps for oldies like Alan, "album" implies an LP record!

      Emma Smith
      Brand Manager
      Harbeth Audio UK


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        Beter Beeld en Geluid are a good company and at other moments have demonstrated digital gear. The demo with Alan of the massive amplifier power needed on some types of music was also at their place. But yes, it is a bit sad that dealers also have to show expensive gear like vinyl decks that are ultimately inferior to far cheaper digital sources. Such is our culture and hence the market.