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B-grade cabinets for charity?

This is a sticky topic.
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    Time = money??

    Frankly, I would think that destroying the cabinets and donating the monetary equivalent of the time it would take Alan and his associates to come up with a sensible scheme and implement it would probably generate a larger contribution to charity than the ideas offered so far.


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      Annual auction?

      How about an annual auction?

      Harbeth can manage as and when these speakers get made up so as not to take time from general production. This would of course mean that time and other materials are committed without guaranteed sales but this may still be more cost effective (and thereby maximise revenue for the charities) than making-up graded stock to order. Alternately the speakers could be made up after the auction but this would concentrate the production at one time.

      There is no need to take inquiries on an ongoing basis, just publish a list of what's available once a year and the best offer on each pair takes the speakers.

      This would lessen the impact on the dealer network; a limited number of speakers available once a year and with no guarantee of price (presumably Harbeth would set a reserve, but the reduction on the 'new' price would not be a known quantity).


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        UK auction only?

        good idea. online auction / bid but will it be limited to UK only? oversea freight for a single pair is not cost effective


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          Charity speakers - update

          As you know, we have a very long leadtime. Currently we have firm orders well into 2012 - 15 months+ ahead. After studying the order book which we must complete by about 20 Dec 2010 for delivery to our distributors we do not think we have enough time to take-on any unplanned production until the end of January 2011.

          So what we are going to do is make a donation to charity directly, and we'll reconsider the availability of these charity speakers as and when we can, if we can. That seems fairest to all.
          Harbeth PR,
          Harbeth UK


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            Charity B-grade

            Many thanks for keeping us updated, that is a very sensible plan.


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              B-Grade cabinets sale for charity: a great idea but perhaps a special label needed?

              Originally posted by A.S. View Post
              Because we believe that we should maintain a very high standard, from time to time we accumulate cabinets that fall below our cosmetic and constructional A1 standard. Sometimes we accidentally damage them during production. Today, we scoured the dark corners of the store room to round-up unmatched and B-grade cabinets. Normally we would physically destroy these cabinets so that there is no chance of their emerging in the market being passed off as representing our true quality level.

              However, as Christmas is approaching we wonder if there is some way that these B-grade cabinets can generate money for local charities. We would be willing to make-up these cabinets and give the entire profit to good causes especially children's charities. The only problem is how to protect our brand name and reputation and to inhibit these speakers being resold as perfect. Also, we do not want to divert any business from our hard working and loyal distributors especially in the current economic climate.

              What do we do? Proceed to destroy them as we would normally do with B-grade? Your constructive feedback most welcome as always.
              Hello to Alan, Andy and all HUG members,

              I'm new to the HUG but in fact not new to Harbeth ownership or BBC monitors.

              After having owned six consecutive pairs of LS3/5a, my final pair of Baby Beebs was replaced by P3ESRs last year. The uniquely balanced, honest and relaxed presentation of the ESR made it unnecessary for us to hang on to the LS3/5a's as a spare speaker-set.

              The introduction of new loudspeaker designs cannot take away the inherent qualities of renowned classics which means -for me at least- that the old Grade 2 mini has not lost it's charm but in comparison the ESR let's the music/programme speak for itself even better. Its reproduction simply feels more effortless.

              As the title points out, when I read this oldish thread regarding B/stock cabinets, I was happily surprised that such re use of materials and yield for charity was proposed.

              Two questions for Harbeth:
              The pictures seem to show mainly cherry cabinets. Is cherry more difficult material to use than Harbeths other veneer options (our pride and Harbethian joy is clad in dark Santos)?

              Were the B/stock speakers labeled as such?
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