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The Harbeth User Group is the primary channel for public communication with Harbeth's HQ. If you have a 'scientific mind' and are curious about how the ear works, how it can lead us to make the right - and wrong - audio equipment decisions, and about the technical ins and outs of audio equipment, how it's designed and what choices the designer makes, then the factual Science of Audio sub-forum area of HUG is your place. The objective methods of comparing audio equipment under controlled conditions has been thoroughly examined here on HUG and elsewhere and should be accessible to non-experts and able to be tried-out at home without deep technical knowledge. From a design perspective, today's award winning Harbeths could not have been designed any other way.

Alternatively, if you just like chatting about audio and subjectivity rules for you, then the Subjective Soundings area is you. If you are quite set in your subjectivity, then HUG is likely to be a bit too fact based for you, as many of the contributors have maximised their pleasure in home music reproduction by allowing their head to rule their heart. If upon examination we think that Posts are better suited to one sub-forum than than the other, they will be redirected during Moderation, which is applied throughout the site.

Questions and Posts about, for example, 'does amplifier A sounds better than amplifier B' or 'which speaker stands or cables are best' are suitable for the Subjective Soundings area only, although HUG is really not the best place to have these sort of purely subjective airings.

The Moderators' decision is final in all matters and Harbeth does not necessarily agree with the contents of any member contributions, especially in the Subjective Soundings area, and has no control over external content.

That's it! Enjoy!

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Well, it happened

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  • Well, it happened

    I recently bought a pair of SHL5's. My Hybrid MartinLogan's moved to the kitchen/dining area. Initially, I was disappointed by a less defined bass representation (especially when playing dub, such as King Tubby) and also by less of a presence of mid range and vocals (with the Martin Logan's it felt Alicia Keys was in the room with me, or that Wes Montgomery was sitting next to me).

    However, what I realized, I am listening more and longer than ever before, and somehow, magically, they seemed to open up last night. Adele's 21, several Frank Zappa recordings, Ernest Ranglin, Keith Jarrett, Sonic Youth, Pixies, The Fall, Sarah Vaughan and Radiohead all sounded great. The presentation is less open and revealing than the Martin Logan's, but I love listening to the SHL5's.

    I have no idea whether my ears are getting used to the new set up after a week, or whether it has to do with the mythical burn-in of the speakers and cables?

    My system is Technics 1210 with Ortofon 2m black, Musical Fidelity VLS phono stage, Wadia Ipod transport, Cambridge Audio Dacmagic, Quad 24 pre-amp, Croft Twinstar 4 and Harbeth SHL5's. And Skogrand speaker cables (they look cool, cost a fortune, and hopefully add to the whole set up)

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    whether it has to do with the mythical burn-in of the speakers and cables?

    whether my ears are getting used to the new set up after a week
    That's it!
    Ben from UK. Harbeth Super HL5 owner.


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      That's very normal Boukman. Harbeths are not spks that will impress immediately. Instead, they will slowly warm you up & before you know it gets under your skin. That's definiely a sure sign of a great product. Live with the SHL-5s for a while. Then try going back to the Martin Logan & see what happens.


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        I will definitely keep comparing them, thanks!


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          Try to enjoying them instead of comparing them....after same time you will know which let you really "enjoying".

          Cheers and well come to the ultimate musical club.
          "Bath with Music"


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            Many thanks! I still listen to my ML's and they are also great but different. Better for parties, given the built-in 200 watt D class amps. And also my LS3/5A's in the office. Loads of great gear out there


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              I just changed the stock technics arm to a jelco 750. Feel like a real man after all that 'engineering'. Now some smokes, a drink and I am loving Sarah Vaughan. Radiohead next. Zappa test passed with colours. The new arm really makes it happen. Happy as Larry with my Harbeths, technics and quad/croft. Sleep well folks


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                Originally posted by Boukman View Post
                Now some smokes, a drink and I am loving Sarah Vaughan.
                Don't underestimate the effect of the smoke/drinks! After all, it isn't your ears that tell you what you are hearing, those centers are in the brain....and that's where the drink makes a difference to what you perceive to have heard. And after all, your perception is your reality.
                Now I am off to grab a drink to help float willie nelson even better than how he is, out of the C7s just now...:-))