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Alternatively, if you just like chatting about audio and subjectivity rules for you, then the Subjective Soundings area is you. If you are quite set in your subjectivity, then HUG is likely to be a bit too fact based for you, as many of the contributors have maximised their pleasure in home music reproduction by allowing their head to rule their heart. If upon examination we think that Posts are better suited to one sub-forum than than the other, they will be redirected during Moderation, which is applied throughout the site.

Questions and Posts about, for example, 'does amplifier A sounds better than amplifier B' or 'which speaker stands or cables are best' are suitable for the Subjective Soundings area only, although HUG is really not the best place to have these sort of purely subjective airings.

The Moderators' decision is final in all matters and Harbeth does not necessarily agree with the contents of any member contributions, especially in the Subjective Soundings area, and has no control over external content.

That's it! Enjoy!

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Crank up the P3 bass with a sub!

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  • Crank up the P3 bass with a sub!

    You might be relieved to hear that this hopefully is the last peice I'm going to write for awhile about my new Harbeth P3 because I'm writing too much and wearing out my welcome! :o)

    But, I've had my Harbeth P3 now for about a week. Before I bought them I KNEW that they went down to about 75Hz plus or minus 3db. So, I looked around for a "cheap" subwoofer that had musical bass...not just "thump, thump, thump".....and I found one that retails for $399 and can be found as "refurbished" on ebay here in North America for $285. (If Mr. Shaw will permit, the name of the brand is {oops again!}.) I REALLY LIKE IT with the P3's. I have found the P3 is CAPABLE OF VERY EXCELLENT AND SATISFYING FULL RANGE SOUND INCLUDING BASS BUT ONLY IF IT IS USED WITH A SUBWOOFER.

    Maybe I'm easily bothered but it somehow bothers me to contemplate some bloke or lass in The UK or Sweden or the USA who spent big bucks (or big pounds or big krona or big pesos or big marks...or whatever) sitting there with this lovely Harbeth P3 Speaker and listening WITHOUT a subwoofer and thus NOT USING THE THING TO IT'S FULL POTENTIAL...experiencing LESS enjoyment than the P3 can provide! Somehow the idea of that bothers me...I don't know why?

    As we know, there are CD's that have A LOT OF BASS! Rock and roll and pop music, for example. With this type of pop music you can really HEAR the bass thumping LOUDLY away......but only with a subwoofer. Even with my lovely 52CD Set of "Johann Strauss Concert Waltzes" (found on Amazon) that has HUNDREDS of beautiful melodies you havent heard yet until you get the box set for about $2 a CD, there is an enjoyalbe "bass melody" that you MISS WITHOUT A SUBWOOFER.

    I know the above from my own experience. "Oh, a subwoofer disrupts the balance" or, "A subwoofer detracts from the imaging" or "I don't care about the bass" and a hundred other reasons why some people say and believe that "I never would use a subwoofer"....and such dogmatic comments...should not deter you. DON'T LET PREJUDICE AGAINST A SUBWOOFER DETER YOU FROM BUYING AND USING ONE WITH YOUR P3'S.... Yes, you have to change the volume on the subwoofer depending on the type of music. But, that's not a difficult thing to do---just takes a few seconds.

    So, my suggestion is "please don't sit there with this lovely Harbeth P3 Speaker missing THE BASS" as in "who stole the bass?". Get the bass back into the music. MY SUGGESTION IS TO BE SURE TO INVEST IN AN INEXPENSIVE SUBWOOFER TO USE WITH THE HARBETH P3...THAT'S MY SUGGESTION for full enjoyment of this lovely speaker!

    John Boland, USA PS: If you want to see "music recommendations"....perhaps find "community" on the top black bar of the webpage...and click on "albums". Enjoy! :o)

    {Moderator's comment: for more on subwoofers and deep bass look here: