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Densen DM-10 with Harbeth P3

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  • Densen DM-10 with Harbeth P3

    I'm pleased to share with you some good feedback that i found in Densen's website.

    I use the DM10 with Dynaudio Audience 50 speakers. That said, this combo does not move me as much as when I use the DM10 with Harbeth HL-P3 speakers. Here, the sound has very good soundstage and the speakers still "disappear". The soundstage is a bit less wide, and the sound overall is a bit "darker": although the treble and bass are still quite extended, there is more emphasis on the midrange. I find this suits vocals (they still sound very clear but more lucid/fluid) and chamber works very well. Since I'm a midrange junkie, this is the combo I prefer best.

    I have much enjoyed my Densen DM10, to the extent that I no longer could find a reason to keep upgrading my hi-fi system (CD player is Primare D30.2, speakers Harbeth HL-P3). Well, maybe one of these days I will replace the P3 with HL5s......

    I have used the DM-10 with Dynaudio Audience 50 and Harbeth HL-P3 speakers (with Harbeth Bass Xtenders). They have very different presentations, and I very much prefer the Harbeths......

    The DM-10/HL-P3 combo is more focused in terms of soundstaging and also on the midrange, as if there is a flashlight beam being shone on you when you sit in front of the speakers. It's more suited for vocals and small chamber works, which I listen to most often. It is still transparent, with many layers -- when listening to music I had listened to countless times before, I was amazed at the degree with which I could hear into the recording. I have been amazed to discover that in some songs where I previously thought there was only one vocal -- the lead singer's -- there were actually 2 or 3 layered vocals. Not only that, I can even tell how many different people were singing, and at what pitch!

    I have the DM-10 and I have used it with Dynaudio Audience 50's and Harbeth HL-P3's. I much prefer the synergy with the latter speakers. I might try it with a Compact 7 one of these days... I have read it's a good combo.

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    Re: Densen DM-10 with Harbeth P3

    Make sure you hear the new p3esr's,before you purchase any other speaker.


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      How you people think Densen works with harbeth monitor 20? I could buy a second hand Densen beat 100, how much euros you think is a good price for a second hand one?



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        I finally bought a densen beat 100 7 months ago, if someone has questions i will be happy to answer.


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          Hi kerouack,

          What speaker cable did u use? I find densen Beat B100 lack of mid-low.

          Regards Wayne

          Originally posted by kerouack View Post
          I finally bought a densen beat 100 7 months ago, if someone has questions i will be happy to answer.


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            Sorry i see this message 8 months later. Can not remember my cables, nothing special, white ones, 15 euros/meter.