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"This Harbeth User Group (HUG) is the Manufacturer's own managed forum dedicated to natural sound, realisable by controlling the confounding variables between tthe microphone and the listeners' ears.

For example, the design of and interaction between the hifi amplifier and its speaker load can and potentially will alter the sound balance of what you hear. To reproduce the sounds captured by the recording microphones, as Harbeth speakers are designed to do, you would naturally select system components (sources, electronics, cables and so on) that do not color the sound before it reaches the speakers.

Identifying components for their system neutrality should, logically, start with the interpretation and analysis of their technical, objective performance, as any and every deviation from a measurably flat frequency response at any point along the serial chain from microphone to ear is very likely to cause the total system to have an audible sonic personality. That includes the contribution of the listening room itself.

HUG specialises in making complex technical matters simple to understand, aiding the identification of audio components likely to maintain a faithful relationship between the recorded sound and the sound you hear. With our heritage of natural sound, HUG cannot be really be expected to guide in the selection, approval, endorsement or even discussion of equipment that is intend to introduce a significantly personalised sound to the audio signal chain. For that you should do your own research and above all, make the effort to visit an Authorised Dealer and listen to your music at your loudness on your loudspeakers through the various electronics offered there. There is no on-line substitute for that time investment in a dealer's showroom.

If you desire to intentionally tune your system sound to your personal taste, please consider carefully how much you should rely upon the subjective opinions of strangers. Their hearing acuity and taste will be different to yours, as will be their motives and budget, their listening distance, listening loudness and listening room treatment, not necessarily leading to appropriate equipment selection and listening satisfaction for you.

Alternatively, if faithfully reproducing the sound intended by the composer, score, conductor and musicians over your speakers is your audio dream, then understanding something of the issues likely to fulfill that objective is what this forum has been helping with since 2006. Welcome!"

Jan. 2018
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Which cd player to add to a LFD Zero MK III LE - Harbeth M30 combination?

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  • Which cd player to add to a LFD Zero MK III LE - Harbeth M30 combination?


    I'm looking for a cd player or Cd transport/DAC combination to add to my LFD Zero III - M30 combination.

    Anyone any experience with:

    Luxman D-38u cd player
    Meridian 500 MKII - 563 DAC
    Njoe Tjoeb Reference
    Northstar Sapphire

    Thanks for your advice

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    I can not help on the cdps you listed there. But what I want to say is your Le3 + M30 = music paradise. Congratulation!
    "Bath with Music"


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      LFD + CD players + Harbeth

      It's a pity that LFD haven't got their own CD player or even a 'tweaked' player but as they haven't, I get excellent results with the Rega players - Apollo, Saturn and Isis. The Naim players are all very good and so is the EAR Acute.

      All are excellent with the LFD and Harbeth M30's. They are all well made, reliable and have great back-up should you need it.


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        LFD Mistral CD player?

        Hello Dave and Keith,

        Thanks for your replies. Any idea where to find a discontinued LFD Mistral cd player? Would you advise a solid state cd player or one with tubes, or both?


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          LFD Mistral CD

          Hi Toro,

          There is a Mistral cdp in this Singapore site.

          I did not experience any tube cdp so far. My currently cdps are marantz cd17mk3 and cd6000ki. I also have a self modded China brand 6922 tube Dac call Lite Dac 50 (using dual BB63 K grade dac chips). All give different presentation. Listen to either one of them depand on my mood by turning my LFD selector switch.
          "Bath with Music"


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            PrimaLuna Prologue 8 CD player

            I very much like the sound of tubes, and I have been very happy with the PrimaLuna Prologue 8 CD player. Be sure to specify the upgraded chip. The Absolute Sound has a review, that describes how tube rolling can change the quality of the sound.


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              Singapore shop?

              Hi Keith,

              Do you know this shop in Singapore yourself?


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                Singapore shop

                Hi Toro,

                I roughly know where the shop located in Singpoare but I never been there myself.
                "Bath with Music"