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All Marantz system with shl5 or c7?

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  • All Marantz system with shl5 or c7?


    as the title says for itself :

    i have a cd player marantz sa11s2..... so i know it would be very nice combo completing with the sc11.sm11 .....going all MARANTZ |!!!

    ..BUT also interested about the luxman ...........cant resist too !!!!!!!

    ..........want to get the shl5 or c7............can;t decide which model....very interested in harbeth(although never had a harbeth)

    anybody heard marantz reference series on harbeths (good synergy with the harbeths???...preffer classical music jazz......????)

    i know luxman is popular here (their current line of integrated amps) and from many other reports/reviews/blogs/forums excellent match with the harbeth brand in general .....cant go wrong!!!!!!

    cant audition nor marantz neither luxman with the harbeths (no chance in my country )??????

    thanks for all the help !!!

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    SM11 power amps

    Hi Alien

    Ive never heard the SM11’s but they are power amps i salivate over. There’s a measurement of it here….

    its pretty much no nonsense performance and as good as any “real” amplifier can be. Looking at the graphs, I imagine it will have very clear, transparent, low distortion sound with minimal intervention to the input, as close to the “wire with gain” anecdote can be.

    There is a measurement of a Lux integrated on Please have a look and I leave judgement for you. I imagine it will have a slightly different presentation to the Marantz.

    A transparent low distortion amp with a pair of SHL5’s can be a working tool, Alien. Unfortunately what this means is that you can hear the compromises made on the recording itself. On the weekend I listened to Filippa Giordano (Erato Sugar) and some of the popular classical songs on it. i sat tensed, in shock and awe. She has a most beautiful sweet voice. With a decent recording, the mids on the SHL5 come through as clear, distinct, without any fatigue with very good separation, and the highs are extremely sweet. On a poor recording (listened to Ciara “Fantasy Ride” just now ) or rough voice (Susan Boyle, yes, I didn’t realise she had a rough voice until I listened to her through Harbeths) will sound like what they really are. But because Harbeths have such detail, it is possible to turn the volume down and still completely enjoy these recordings and be exposed to the whole spectrum of music.


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      Harbeth + Marantz or Luxman ... more

      hi kittykat,

      thanks for your response!!!!!!!

      yes.......... i have all the great reviews from stereophile/hifichoice/whathifi/othermagazines on marantz reference 11 series............and know that 11 series sounds awesome (by doubt!!!!)..............

      but also the same goes for the luxman......... l-590a2 and l-550a2 sound incredible and received tons of reviews make my decision even harder is that i can get marantz or luxman for almost the same price .....yes........+/ - few dollars difference................

      and when i dont have the chance and possibilities to audition them.........i must obey on reviews and critics means a lot in my situation...............!!!!!

      about the sound in general........i really apreciate transparent and neutral speakers.......neutral and uncoloured as much as possible........revealing and full of details....precise.............but on other side veeeeryyyyyy musical...... it is in the recording.......bad recordings sound bad as it should (cause they are really BAD) but with above average ones........its the reward and nirvana...........modern recorded classical and acoustical material (from 80s and on) is spectacular ..............and thats what i want!


      from many reviews and on harbeths forum its obvious that luxman +harbeth is a winner in many ways......a heaven........

      {Removed by Moderator: this is the Harbeth User Group. It is not permitted to engage our readers here then introduce other speakers brands/models you aspire to own. Please read the rules.}


      my Saga Continues...........