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40.1 front - SHL5 rear - which one for center?

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  • 40.1 front - SHL5 rear - which one for center?

    hi all

    I am one step before ordering SHL5 , heard them 2 weeks ago in local distributor in Athens Greece and was more than satisfied.
    Consider them firstly as my main speakers but then going to a 5.1 speaker system, in maximum one year time that is ,

    so my questions :

    1. are 40.1 very good match with shl5 ? 40.1 as new front speakers and moving shl5 as rear speakers

    2. what is the best solution for center channel? will center channel take long to develop? which other single speaker could i use instead? are single speaker sold or only in pairs?
    eg. could I buy just one m30 ?

    thanks in advance for your replies

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    Read Harbeth News

    Please read the article in Harbeth News, HARBETH FLAGSHIP USED TO BALANCE UK'S TOP SHOWS


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      Placed order for SHL5 today

      Earlier today I placed my order for SHL5 in cherry colour ... delivery date end of May...

      Later this year research for 40.1 or one more pair of SHL5 will continue in order to come one step closer to a full 5.1 system (5 Harbeth speakers for sure, will see about .1 - subwoofer)


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        Subwoofer not needed

        You probably won't need a sub woofer with SHL5's and definitely not with M40.1's.


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          wont .1 make a difference in movies?


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            What for a centre channel?

            maybe we can go back to the entry-question.

            I use the 40.1as front speakers and the SHL 5 as rear speakers.
            I found a Spendor center C3 as a good match.
            Does anyone has another suggestion?

            Electronics: Linn Kisto, Akurate 2200 with Dynamik, AV 5125, Unidisk 1.1 with Dynamik.




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              Use M30 for a centre channel with M40.1 for left/right channels

              The best idea would be a single M30, if you can get one. It's the same 'family' as the M40.1 and is what ITV (the UK broadcaster) use for their surround sound setup on the X-Factor TV show, with M40.1 as front left and right speakers. I think they use M20 for rears though.


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                Movies and sub energy

                Generally, yes, it will. But it depends on the types of movies you watch. For deep, thoughtful indy type films, you may not miss the sub. But if you watch action/adventure/thriller/sci-fi movies, a sub greatly enhances the experience. Modern movies make a lot of use of the LFE.
                Originally posted by vasilisnt View Post
                wont .1 make a difference in movies?


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                  Why not 5 x P3ESR?

                  Why not five 3PSRs, and one or two REL subs depending on the size of your room? An alternative would be M30s for left and right, that integrate well with good subs and be used for two channel. The only problem is where do you get the odd P3SR?


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                    Drdennis, this sounds like a very workable solution. I agree as it would maintain a consistent sonic picture. Even though Harbeth speakers are of the same family and voiced by the same master (Alan) they sound (a little) different from one another.