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About sound and match for 7esc3

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  • About sound and match for 7esc3

    1 week ago ibought 7 es3

    i tried it with several amps supernait2, sudgen ,audio avm, arcam, audiomat

    its intresting but only arcam and audiomat plays with it. on the other hand naim super nait audioavm and sudgen dont plays with it ( harsh or boomy sound and midbass is not enougt) my room is 35 m2

    İm waiting your helps

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    Good amplifiers should not sound that different, if at all. The snag is some have a load dependent frequency response (but Harbeth speakers are a benign load compared to many) or a very high input sensitivity, What source are you using? Short of that, how about a 2x100 watt Yamaha, Pioneer, Onkyo, Denon etc instead of all this boutique stuff? In practical terms, I would go for an amplifier with enough digital inputs. Or a receiver like the new all singing and dancing Yamaha RN 803d.


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      First of all - welcome to the HUG.

      As you have found, amplifiers do sound different because of various things such as power output, input overload, distortions, noise, output impedance etc. The differences aren't as obvious as differences between speakers but still there. You should go with whichever of the amps pleases you most and which has the facilities, build and backup you require.

      To your list I would add the Rega amps as they are sensible, reasonably priced, reliable and with great backup.


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        Hello for every day i hear bass sound decreasing i dont understant it. İ use them on coffe tables. Does it affect it, or is there any damage on speakers (but i think its impossible both of them have same sound


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          If the front of the speaker cabinets are not even with the front edge of the coffee tables, the way the sound is dispersed by the drivers would be affected, I believe. Can't say specifically how this would affect the bass.


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            I'm strongly of the opinion that this is a situation where the advice and experience of the local dealer is an absolute must-take. I can see nothing but confusion and worse, the prospect of spending more and more time and money tinkering with the issues, all of which is distraction from musical enjoyment.

            Perhaps we can have an update after a dealer visit to the user's home, and with some photos of the setup.
            Alan A. Shaw
            Designer, owner
            Harbeth Audio UK