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Monitor 30 - Radial or Radial2 cone?

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  • Monitor 30 - Radial or Radial2 cone?

    I was just looking at the pages of both the domestic and professional version of the monitor 30, and the domestic version says it's build around the Radial cone technology, and the pro version states it's build around Radial2 cone technology.

    Is this correct?

    And also, is there a large difference between Radial and Radial2?

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    Perhaps someone from Harbeth could give the answer?


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      Apologies for the delay in replying. The 'RADIAL2' that you quote in your posting is in the introduction text of the M30 pro, not in the specification table.

      As we see it, the current position is this -

      Harbeth downloadable sales brochure
      shows (domestic, veneered) Monitor 30 as having a RADIAL cone.

      The Harbeth website shows the Monitor 30 (domestic) as having a cone of RADIAL technology here

      These are both correct. The M30 pro intro text is wrong and will be fixed.

      The difference is apparent if you inspect the woofer. The RADIAL2 woofer has a larger, 'softer' radius where the surround leads into the half roll. This subtly improves cone to surround to chassis damping at the top end of the woofer's working range.
      Alan A. Shaw
      Designer, owner
      Harbeth Audio UK


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        Keep going!

        Thank you for clearing that up. No apologies needed, how many owners of a premium manufacturing company would take the time to answer questions of single users this day anyway? It's very clear to me that you're a person who takes pride in his product, and puts as much effort as possible in making sure its users are equally satisfied.

        It's so nice browsing this forum and learning new things every week, e.g. how a seemingly simple question about boomy bass lead to you instantly providing us with an in depth article about room acoustics featuring multiple videos.

        Many thanks for all of that, I hope you can keep doing what you're doing for years and years to come!