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The stunning accuracy of Harbeth loudspeakers.

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  • The stunning accuracy of Harbeth loudspeakers.

    I was at a concert featuring the singer Edwina Hayes.
    I ought to add I run a small PA business, MGM Audio, and run PA systems for small venues such as village halls.
    Anyway, back to Edwina Hayes.
    I was in St. John's church in Oxford at a Fairport Convention gig and
    Edwina was the guest musician.
    I was sitting at the back near the mixing desk.

    Simon Nicol of Fairport introduced Edwina, the lights dimmed and she started playing.
    I must add I had never heard her before. She is an exceptionally talented singer and guitarist.
    I was surprised how good she was. I was captivated.
    Bought the CD and a week or so later gave it a listen at home.

    Oh, I had forgotten, this is about Harbeth speakers, not my life in the world of PA.

    I slotted the CD in my player and pressed go.
    I was instantly taken back to the concert and Edwina playing those opening chords.
    Those little P3ESRs not only gave me the music, but also the feeling of being there at St. John's church.
    Harbeth speakers are stunningly accurate.

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    Curiously, I was at St John the Evangelist Oxford yesterday for several events, including a performance of Vivaldi The Seasons. Lovely slightly warm acoustic, no hard edges, probably something to do with the wooden barrelled ceiling. Very Harbeth-esque.


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      I have never run my PA for anything slightly 'Classical'.
      You wouldn't.
      The nearest I got was a Vocal Choir.

      I used an expensive Neumann KMS105 vocal mic. for the female lead.
      Some PZM mics. for distance pickup and AKG1000s mics. for the remaining Choir members.
      Oh, this could be difficult, as too much PA will spoil the mix.

      The JBL Control 5s are fine for electric guitar, most folk voices and the like.
      They are probably too colored for non-amplified voices.
      With care, all was OK.
      The venue wasn't very big, so the mix just helped the Choir with some volume.

      What has this got to do with Harbeth speakers?
      Someone recorded it on high quality kit and burnt me a CD.

      It sounded very good, indeed excellent, through my P3-ESRs.


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        Is this the CD you bought?

        Beautiful voice!