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Bryston BackPac (PP60) mounted on backside of SHL5?

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  • Bryston BackPac (PP60) mounted on backside of SHL5?

    Hi everybody,

    I have a pair of Bryston PP60 which i like to mount on the back of SH5L speakers.

    Is it a problem because of cabinet 'thin-wall' panel construction? Thanks.
    regards, Al

  • #2
    Scres into cabinets - no

    Personally, I wouldn't do anything that would damage the beautiful Harbeth SHL5 cabinets. I just couldn't drive screws through without shedding tears.

    Why don't you mount the amp-packs on the stands or on the floor and run short lengths of cable to the terminals ?


    • #3
      Changing the damping by adding mass

      Apart from the question of whether putting holes in your cabinet is a good idea (my guess is, probably not), my understanding of Harbeth's design principle is that the thin-wall cabinet is supposed to resonate in a predictable way at non-audibly-objectionable frequencies, so that energy is not dissipated in ways and at frequencies the ear finds offensive.

      With that in mind, I have to imagine that bolting a rigid object of not-insignificant mass and surface area to one of the cabinet panels is going to affect the intended resonant behaviour of the whole cabinet, and therefore very possibly introduce an audible coloration that wasn't there before.


      • #4
        Rubber bushes?

        You could always use rubber bushings to partially decouple the amp pack, but I must agree with HiFi dave here that defacing any "domestic" Harbeth cabinet should be avoided for depreciation reasons if nothing else.. ;)


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          That's what i had guessed also. Now i have no doubt anymore. My stands will be open frames design, so no possibility to mount the amps on them.


          • #6
            'Don't do it!'

            As I'm reading this post, I can almost hear The Band's, Levon Helm singing, "Don't Do It, Please don't do it."


            • #7
              Added mass will have an effect

              While a rubber bushing would decouple, the additional mass would still be present and certainly alter cabinet resonance.


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                M40 amps?

                ....i thought it might work, because the m40.1 also have the amps backside....

                {Moderator's comment: No. Not M40.1. First/second generation M40. Pro active.}