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HUG has two approaches to contributor's Posts. If you, like us, have a scientific mind and are curious about how the ear works, how it can lead us to make the right - and wrong - decisions, and about the technical ins and outs of audio equipment, how it's designed and what choices the designer makes, then the factual Science of Audio sub-forum area of HUG is your place. The objective methods of comparing audio equipment under controlled conditions has been thoroughly examined here on HUG and elsewhere and can be readily understood by non-experts and tried-out at home without deep technical knowledge.

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Questions and Posts about, for example, 'does amplifier A sounds better than amplifier B' or 'which speaker stands or cables are best' are suitable for the Subjective Soundings area. From Oct. 2016, Posts in the Subjective Soundings area will not be spell checked or adjusted for layout clarity. We regret that but we are unable to accept Posts that present what we consider to be free advertising for products that Harbeth does not make.

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That's it! Enjoy!

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My new SHL5 has arrived

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  • My new SHL5 has arrived

    Hi all, this is my first post here but I've been lurking for some time..

    My new Harbeth SHL5 in Tiger Ebony has just arrived.. They look gorgeous.. stunning.. simply beautiful. I can't wait to set them in my room and play some music.. In a few days I'll report how good they sound. I hope that the upgrade of the rest of my system will be also completed in a few days..

    I'm happy, which is not a frequent state for me :-)


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    Re: My new SHL5 has arrived

    Lucky lad, you're gonna enjoy them.


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      Re: My new SHL5 has arrived

      I hope so :-) I know Harbeth speakers pretty well, but been waiting quite long for my own pair..


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        Re: My new SHL5 has arrived

        After the first few hours of listening I must admit that these are the best speakers I've ever heard :-) The wife appreciate superb clarity while I love the way that instruments are separated and rich, full-body sound with great extension both in upper and bottom registers.

        Mr Shaw and the rest of Harbeth Audio Ltd. - congratulations, you've done a fantastic job.


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          Re: My new SHL5 has arrived

          I, too, just unboxed my (used, but new to me!) 30th Aniv SHL5's.

          First record played? 'Kind of Blue'.

          Oh My God! THIS is what I've looked for for over 30 years!

          Most humble thanks and admiration to Alan and his team.


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            Re: My new SHL5 has arrived

            Who would have thought such wonderful sounds could come from plain ol' boxes.


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              Re: My new SHL5 has arrived

              Still in love!

              It's interesting the sense of authority that comes with listening to something through the Harbeths. If a cd or album doesn't sound good, I know it's the fault of the recording, not my playback. I've never had that confidence before with other speakers.


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                Waiting for my SHL5!

                I am still in my lonnngggg wait for my SHL 5 :-(


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                  Bought SHL5 without audition ....

                  Originally posted by tein3 View Post
                  I am still in my lonnngggg wait for my SHL 5 :-(
                  It will be worth the wait, believe me. I've not had mine very long but I knew from the first time I heard them (I bought a pair without an audition) they were the best I've ever heard or or owned.



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                    Waiting for SHL5

                    Originally posted by Rapid 17 View Post
                    It will be worth the wait, believe me. I've not had mine very long but I knew from the first time I heard them (I bought a pair without an audition) they were the best I've ever heard or or owned.Geoff.
                    Thanks Geoff for the assurance of the wait, I am sure it will be a good wait, have heard that several times. Have been waiting... to date... about... 4 or 5 months, I think... and another 2 to 3 months to wait I think... that will make a 6 to 7 months.

                    Anyway.... I have my C7ES to keep me company now, will be moving to a new place soon (Sept)... guess I will not have a chance to listen to the 5's in my current listening room before I move My 7's are a definite stay when my 5's arrive... will not wish to wait for monthssss..... if I ever wish to have the 7's again, hahahaha.