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Since its inception ten years ago, the Harbeth User Group's ambition has been to create a lasting knowledge archive. Knowledge is based on facts and observations. Knowledge is timeless. Knowledge is human independent and replicatable. However, we live in new world where thanks to social media, 'facts' have become flexible and personal. HUG operates in that real world.

HUG has two approaches to contributor's Posts. If you have, like us, a scientific mind and are curious about how the ear works, how it can lead us to make the right - and wrong - decisions, and about the technical ins and outs of audio equipment, how it's designed and what choices the designer makes, then the factual area of HUG is for you. The objective methods of comparing audio equipment under controlled conditions has been thoroughly examined here on HUG and elsewhere and can be easily understood and tried with negligible technical knowledge.

Alternatively, if you just like chatting about audio and subjectivity rules for you, then the Subjective Soundings sub-forum is you. If upon examination we think that Posts are better suited to one sub-forum than than the other, they will be redirected during Moderation, which is applied throughout the site.

Questions and Posts about, for example, 'does amplifier A sounds better than amplifier B' or 'which speaker stands or cables are best' are suitable for the Subjective Soundings area.

The Moderators' decision is final in all matters regarding what appears here. That said, very few Posts are rejected. HUG Moderation individually spell and layout checks Posts for clarity but due to the workload, Posts in the Subjective Soundings area, from Oct. 2016 will not be. We regret that but we are unable to accept Posts that present what we consider to be free advertising for products that Harbeth does not make.

That's it! Enjoy!

{Updated Nov. 2016A}
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Asking Harbeth UK questions about old Harbeth/BBC speakers

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  • Asking Harbeth UK questions about old Harbeth/BBC speakers

    We receive occasional requests for brochures, spec sheets, serial number cross-checks, veneer colour verification, name of original customer, reviews and even price lists (!) for Harbeth speakers made many years ago. Whilst we are sympathetic, all the information we have available is shown here. The production Log Books are securely kept off-site, are not computerised and have to be retrieved. So, we have decided to offer this to those selling their speakers:

    1. We can only provide basic information (date of manufacture, veneer) for current and one previous generation of speakers providing that spare parts are currently available. As there are no spares for Mk1, Mk2, Mk3 and Mk4 we cannot comment on these speakers, production of which ended 22 years ago.

    2. We cannot photocopy, scan or otherwise provide info. not already shown on the spares page such as reviews, price lists and so on. For example, we can look up info on the current C7ES3 and the previous C7ES2 but cannot provide info about Harbeth speakers made before Alan took over and formal record keeping began.

    3. In future, as the on-line registration system grows, it may be easier to provide more information.

    4. We cannot give any indication of value. The sellers is responsibility for deciding what his speakers are worth after considering the availability of spares (here), condition etc..

    5. We will always direct potential buyers of old and second hand speakers to the Spares Matrix so that they can decide for themselves the purchase value, after considering the availability of spares. Sellers should be honest with buyers about what we can supply spares for .... there are no spares for Mk1, 2, 3, 4 etc..

    Thanks for your understanding.
    Harbeth PR,
    Harbeth UK