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Gluing my Harbeth Logo back on

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  • Gluing my Harbeth Logo back on

    I thought it funny that there is a thread called "remove Harbeth logo from the grille" because I found this User Group while looking for information on regluing my logo!

    Not long after receiving my CS-7s a couple of years ago, one of the logos started to partially detach on one side. Now both of my logos are very diagonal and hanging on by a thread. I'd like to reglue them to my grilles, nice and straight. Would a superglue work perfectly well without damaging anything, or would you suggest I try something else? Thank you!

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    Glue - with care

    I tried double sided carpet tape but found it too would tend to let go after a couple of months. The Cdn distributor suggested Gorilla Glue that I have used with success. You just need to be careful to use it sparingly as it is activated by water and spreads out a bit while setting.

    It holds well and I've not had any issues since it was applied. I understand recent logo's are not a problem as a different method of putting them on is being used.


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      Caution with Gorilla glue

      There is a product in UK called UHU Pur, maybe available in USA. It's for gluing polystyrene together and does not set complete hard so has a bit of flex in it, for instance in micro sized model aircraft guys actually use it to make the hinges for the control surfaces.

      I have never tried it on grille material so can't say how it would work but you could try a little drop on the back of the grille first. I use Gorilla glue all the time for model making but it's a serious expanding glue so as Don suggests you need to use it very sparingly.

      If you buy Gorilla try a little blob on scrap material and watch it grow as it reacts with the water. It sets rock hard too so no chance of removal without damage.


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        Textile adhesive?

        There is glue called textile adhesive. You may try it. I pasted both tags on speaker stand with 3m heavy duty double side tape. Look cool!
        "Bath with Music"


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          Gluing badges

          Jeez, you can see the speed at which I move... Here I am a year and a day later checking to see what was said. Just got a Rogue Chronus Magnum and now I want to make everything look nice. Thank you for the advice, folks! Gorilla glue is easily available here, so I'll take your advice and use it very carefully.


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            Three years after the original post... is this still an issue with Harbeth?

            My first pair of P3's came with one badge attached and the other "factory de-installed". Those speakers went back to the distributor however because one of the cabinets was dented in shipping. My replacement pair of P3's arrived with both badges attached, but after just two months of careful use one of the badges dropped off. So I had to figure out how to glue it back without mucking it up (I prefer the badges-on look).

            Awesome speakers and this is a VERY minor issue, but considering the amount of R&D and craftsmanship that went into this product why can't Harbeth figure out how to glue on a badge so that it stays put?


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              Originally posted by basie-fan View Post
              Three years after the original post... is this still an issue with Harbeth? Awesome speakers and this is a VERY minor issue, but considering the amount of R&D and craftsmanship that went into this product why can't Harbeth figure out how to glue on a badge so that it stays put?
              I can only speak for myself, but I've had my P3's for over two years and the badges are rock solid and not looking like they will ever want to come away from the grille. Likewise, with every Harbeth demo speaker I have seen at my friendly dealer (bearing inn mind that these are often loaned out for extended customer demo) these are also solidly in place.