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Difficult to open the grille

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  • Difficult to open the grille

    I just bought a SHL5 from a friend, the grille is totaly tight , and can take out at all, I've try many ways , for instanced, by using a triangle pin bend to pull it out , the pin just went straight and just can't move it at all ,anyone can help?

    {Moderator's comment: How old are these speakers and why are you curios about removing the grille? Grille not grill.}

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    Grille design

    The speakers are designed to be used with the Grilles in place. The speakers are designed with the grilles in place, so it's not worth taking them off.

    If you want to see inside, there are many pics on the HUG and on the www.

    The grilles are a tight fit and deliberately difficult to remove, so beware of causing damage.


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      DIY Grille pullers

      I just called Skylan and tried to order a magnet puller, but he does not make them any more. He suggested buying several round magnets ( actually he specified 13 round magnets ) and gluing them onto a metal corner bracket, to make your own magnet puller. This appears to be the safest way to remove the grilles without damaging anything.


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        Humidility issue with grille on

        In Malaysia, unless keep the Harbeth in aircon room to control humidity level, else, the damp air will be trapped in between grille and cone. After some time without any cleaning or checking, cone and its rubber surround can be easily affected by fungus or even consumed by it.

        It is wise, in Malaysia, to remove the grille occasionally for clean up. Further more, if grille never being removed for a long period of time, once removed, the wood tone of the front, especially significant on cherry, will be lighter than top and side. Also likely a horizontal line which look even lighter color or different of tone just below the big port. That horizontal line was due to horizontal metal plate that's hold the lower part of the grille. I think the difficult to remove the grille and designed to listen with grille on is two different subjects.
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          Grille puller magnet from old defective hard disk

          If you have an defective had disk laying around there are two strong magnets inside which move the arm with the reading/writing heads. Very strong. Beware not damaging the grille cloth.


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            Grille-pulling tool

            I have the same problem with my c7es3's. I tried a neodymium hook magnet - seemed suitable as you can use the hook to pull. It was specified as having an 11kg pull, but was nowhere near strong enough. It moved 1 corner slightly but the rest of the corners were unresponsive.

            I was thinking of going for a 36kg pull but wonder if instead of listening with the grilles on it will thereafter be a case of grilles plus magnet!

            I too just want to clean behind. I live in Japan and it is very humid in summer. Mould can be a problem, although my apartment is quite modern and so cooler than most.

            A risk free tool that comes with the speakers would be great I think. That way, the user has a fear free option.


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              Be very careful!

              I wouldn't try so much force (36 kg). The first magnet you used should have been enough. I think with too much force you could bend the grille out of shape and it would be very difficult to get in on again.