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Placement - Long wall or short wall?

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  • Placement - Long wall or short wall?

    My main listening room is 24' x 14' x 10' = 7.5M x 4.3M x 3.0M (length, height, width). I had my previous speakers along the long wall about 30" away from the back, and a loooong way from side walls. There is an open kitchen area behind the listening position which effectively makes the room wider than 14'.

    I've just purchased a pair of SHL5's. Is it generally recommended that the SHL5 be similarly placed along the "long" wall, rather than along the short wall "shooting down" the length of the room?

    Also, is there somewhere one can obtain a copy of the owner's manual for this speaker (PDF is fine).

    Thank you!


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    Due to my room character, I like my Harbeths place against loong wall. I was listen to my C7 against the short wall initially. After I moved it against the long wall, I can not go back to previous placement. You shd try experience both placement and choose the one sound best to your ear. The SHL5 is easy to place (I have a pair too), it sound equally great when just 1 ft away from back wall without boom when place along the long wall and far away from side wall.
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      Placement and upper register

      There is a lot of information to be found regarding speaker placement and its effect on bass. But what about the effect on the upper frequencies. My SHL5s are much brighter than my previous speakers (which were too laid back). But as I adjust to this, the SHL5s sound a tad too bright and I'd like to tame that.


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        One easy fix for this is to have the speakers firing straight out into the room, rather than toed in toward your listening position. This means you're listening to each speaker slightly off-axis, which can reduce the high frequencies your ears pick up.

        I'm not sure I would describe any Harbeth as "bright", though, if that means having excessive upper-frequency energy. They're pretty well balanced. Have you considered whether the brightness might be from something else in your system?


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          Originally posted by MikeDC View Post
          There is a lot of information to be found regarding speaker placement and its effect on bass. But what about the effect on the upper frequencies. My SHL5s are much brighter than my previous speakers (which were too laid back). But as I adjust to this, the SHL5s sound a tad too bright and I'd like to tame that.
          Hi Michael,
          I agree with Eric above, and -through my experience- I had noticed some HF energy, but some LF booming as well with my SHL5s. After some experiments, I concluded that first was the room responsible for all this (reflections and damping) and next was my choice of amp, given that integrateds are a bit weaker than separates, as to their sonic properties.
          I think you'll tame the highs by placing them in parallel (as Eric describes above), and the lows get boomy (with almost any speaker so) when reflecting to hard surfaces, or pretty close to the floor without good isolation from it.
          Do you have bass/treble regulation on your amp? Although "politically incorrect", sometimes it works (many recordings are aweful as you know)...
          But I guess you'll have to experiment quite a lot (and with different recordings) before reaching to a satisfying point.


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            Sound is very not surpeise on whatever comments..Some feedback super 5 was too bright and chged to Fullrange single driver speaker or ATC. Some hate it sound too melow and chaged to Living voice. Some said it is melower than M30 and M30 is brighter..etc.. I did really encounter my super 5 sound pretty bright when I brought back a YBA Alpha Intgret DT 2yrs back...I heard plenty of high "sh sh sh" sound dominated whole sonic spectrum..bass and mid were stil there..but the "sh-sh" sound was just too much...I had nvr encountered this from other amps or other speakers...

            I suggest MikeDc you post some photos to show how your listening room look like then we can try to give suggestions. Sometime, a small movement on single or both speakers(less than an inch) sound can chg dramatically...

            PS: of course, to me, Harbeth sound is well balanced.
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