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How to safely remove the grilles

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    Grille Puller

    Hi CK
    I am sending you a Grille Puller, have to work on a few at present and will send you details later.



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      here is my tool for removing the grilles:

      1) Buy a pack of blades for a cutting tool (the small usual size) for € 0,50 - € 1,00
      2) Remove the blades and keep the plastic box or you may use any plastic box of similar size.
      3) Fill it with small neodymium magnets (about € 5,00 each). I used 5 of them, the rectangular shape, it fits with the plastic box better.
      4) You may use a cable-tie as a handle.
      5) I use it (very rarely) on any corner of the grille

      Those magnets are very strong but they can't wound the fabric because they don't touch it. The plastic does, so the contact is way smoother.

      Pay Attention!
      If very close, they can easily harm credit cards, laptops, or any storage device. Don't put them in the same pocket with your wallet!

      (For Moderator: I've typed the post 3 times until I edited the first (this) one. So you have to delete the two others please).
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        I've edited the post. It was the same as #32


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          Tight grilles


          Sorry to resurrect this old thread but I've tried with Noel's tool to ease off the grilles of my new Compact 7s -- and no dice. Those suckers are in there but tight. Has anyone had luck with the brass paperclip method (shades of Poirot...).



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            Leave grilles alone

            When I first had Harbeth speakers, I spent at least ten minutes, lovingly hand crafting a pull from a large, brass paper-clip. Cut a long story short, it just bends and is nowhere near man enough to remove a grille.

            I have the magnetic tool, which is more successful but removing the grilles is not something I do or would recommend. The speakers are designed to be used with grilles in place.


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              Grille off?

              As a brand new owner of a pair of SHL5 speakers I would like to make sure the drivers etc. have survived the arduous and dangerous journey from the UK to Asia.

              I would hate to rip the fabric or something like that...any new ideas on how to remove these carefully?


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                Grille off?

                Fortunately for the rest of us who do appreciate the beauty of and right to (on occasion) remove and inspect our lovely Harbeth speakers, without the grilles on, in the privacy of our own homes, we don't have to answer to and justify ourselves to Pluto. His opinion has been nnoted, however it appears then in his 30 years of professional ownership, he has never Google searched Harbeth speaker images online (he must find the search results offensive), seen them on retailer sites, online auctions, or audio shows, where almost always the preponderance of viewing choices (apart from friends or fellow enthusiasts homes) are with the speaker grilles off.

                For the rest of us, in addition to their supreme sonic qualities, these are also beautiful speakers to behold. They take up featured floor space in our respective living spaces, where the veneers and cones are works of art and a thing of beauty to behold. The merits of manufacturer recommended improved sound quality with the grilles on are surely more appropriately addressed in other threads, no?


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                  Grilles and protection

                  Originally posted by Rdubya View Post
         appears then in his 30 years of professional ownership, he has never Google searched Harbeth speaker images online (he must find the search results offensive)...
                  Perhaps you ought to appreciate that the sole reason I advocate leaving the grilles in place is as a means of protection from those little accidents. You would be amazed at the number of occasions upon which drive units have become damaged due to their exposure; damage that would have been a lot cheaper to repair had the grille been present to absorb the blow or resist the inquisitive little finger.