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    My first truly great speakers

    To add to Alan's post, a personal experience. I owned BC1s for over 30 years and would agree, more or less, to what has been written. At low level, playing classical or folk music, the BC1 performed...
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    Yet another

    Interestingly, there is a brand new LS3/5a made by Falcon Acoustics. They are taking pre-release orders at a price of 1,200 per pair. Normal price 1,450.

    I expect the Far East Collectors will...
  3. My vented v. sealed experience

    As an owner of vented ( HL Monitors ) and sealed box ( P3ESRs ) Harbeths, my experience may be of interest. The HLs are used in a larger room, and need to be pulled out from the walls to give a good...
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    MC cartridge upgrade

    Since I bought my P3ESRs, I have upgraded the cartridge to MC. A new ( unused ) Denon D110 became available at very good price, so I couldn't resist it. The combination is just superb...
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    Harbeth - a lifetime love affair?

    It's good to be able to listen to my old MK I HL Monitors with the knowledge that they haven't changed too much over the years...
    Having said that, one of the Audax tweeters wasn't performing at its...
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    Audax spares

    I bought two replacement Audax tweeters for my HL Monitors from Falcon Acoustics, as one had gone down in output. They looked exactly the same as the old ones, and more importantly the speakers sound...
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    The best ....

    I have just had someone call to collect a pair of speaker stands, and he sat and listened to Dvorak's 'New World symphony' on my P3ESRs.

    You know what I'm going to say... Yes, he said, "Those...
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    Difference, if you want there to be...

    I drive my P3ESRs with a Quad 34/303 amp. Whilst the 34 was away for repair I used an original Arcam Alpha amplifier. I could not tell any difference...
  9. Originsls

    I'm keeping my original HLs...
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    Sticky: Fast ... women?

    A fast cable. Is that like a fast woman ? Both need interpretation.
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    AR t/t and QUAD with Harbeth

    I bought an AR XA turntable for 25. All it required was a belt, mat and some basic maintenance and lubrication. ( As a little 'extra' I did buy an AR badge for it )

    Fitted with a Denon D110...
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    Going strong!

    I am 66 and I can see my P3ESRs lasting me the rest of my days. Then one of my sons can inherit them. As for my early HL1 Monitors, they're still going strong...

    M. Miles.
  13. Substitute amp, same sound

    Whilst my Quad 34 was away being repaired, I used an Arcam Alpha 3 amplifier with my P3ESRs. Frankly, I think it sounded superb with the little Harbeths.
  14. Grumbling old men

    Mine's a pint of Old Hooky, ( from Hook Norton brewery in Oxfordshire ) which goes down well when we three 'Audio Guys' meet in the pub.
    One Landlord called likened us to ' Those three from Last...
  15. 'Professional' compression?

    I have never tried any data-reduced replay systems such as iPods, but I do have a Tascam MD-350 Minidisc recorder.
    Making recordings from my tuner, I am surprised how good the reproduction is.
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    No, of course not.
    I run my P3ESRs from a Quad 303.
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    Q303 power

    I was under the impression that the Quad 303 was rated at 45 watts per channel, into 15 ohms, to match the Quad electrostatic loudspeakers.
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    Done with electronics

    Now I'm in my sixties I am not going to purchase another set of electronics to play the music I like. My LPs, CDs, cassettes and minidiscs hold the performances I love, and I shall continue to use...
  19. Open stands

    I use a pair of open stands designed for the LS3/5a with my P3ESRs. They are perfect for the task.

    I have a spare pair if you're interested .

    Thanks. M G. Miles.
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    A lot of fun

    The little 'LS3/5a type' speakers are now finished. The results are better than I expected, those well-known characteristics of the famous BBC loudspeakers are there.

    The P3ESRs are superior, but...
  21. Sticky: Some folks don't

    Some audio manufacturers, such as Naim, appeared to have made a good living out of selling amplifiers without tone controls.

    This is, perhaps, because Naim amplifiers are often part of a complete...
  22. Invaluable tone adjustment

    I run a pair of P3ESRs from a Quad 34/303 amplifier and find the adjustment provided by the 34 invaluable. Often a little bass cut on some recordings is required, plus subtle use of the tilt control...
  23. Enough curry!

    Isn't it time we got back to English and its decline / change (!) instead of discussions about curries and Indian music, etc.
  24. Pet hate # 1

    One of my pet hates in pronunciation is the way the word 'been' is pronounced 'bin'. Back in the sixties ( OK, a long time ago...) we were taught to use the two words in their correct context.
  25. Actives

    A good friend, an audio professional, uses active ( Meridian ) speakers for his domestic listening. He swears by active as the best way, given his work in studios and PA work. Driven by prof....
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