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  1. Naim ads?

    My favourite audio adverts ( though not exactly adverts, admittedly ) were the series of Naim ones. Puns galore and very clever.

    Some members of this Forum may recall them.
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    Compression during recording

    No exactly connected to this thread, but I use some compression on my mixing desk
    when running my PA.

    A case in point follows:

    We had some music ( amplified guitars/non-amplified drums ) at...
  3. Can't beat tradition

    I still love a wooden cabinet for a loudspeaker.

    OK, the Kef 'Blade' probably sounds OK and the air flow around the cabinet helps acoustically.
    Well, it does doesn't it ?

    A lot of Modern...
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    Cryogenics in my lab

    I used liquid Nitrogen in my University Lab. Kept in large containers on the Department's corridors and fed from an outside storage tank. I was tempted to immerse some cables in a dewar containing...
  5. Sticky: A man for the Ladies

    I don't know about his hat, but didn't he have trouble with his trousers ?
  6. Sticky: Water, water everywhere but....

    To put some people's attitude into perspective, I recall the ( somewhat apocryphal) headline from The Times early in the Twentieth Century.

    'Fog in the channel. Continent isolated.'

    Britain was...
  7. Essence of music

    I, too, owned AR7s for a while and enjoyed them.

    Definitely not like an LS3/5a or small Harbeth, but used with vinyl and a transistor amplifier
    I got the essence of the music.
    After all, music...
  8. Pop escapee

    I am too old for pop culture. Melvyn Bragg on Radio 4 is my sort of culture.

    Using Harbeth speakers, of course...
  9. What?

    Who, or what, is Frozen ?

  10. Thread: Reviews

    by Miles MG

    Reviewing the super-expensive

    What annoys me about British Hi-Fi magazines, and Hi-Fi News in particular, is the constant reviewing of incredibly expensive loudspeakers. Monster boxes, with multiple drive units and various metal...
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    Screwed on backs

    I have recently made up some LS3/5a clones for a bedroom system, as I can't justify another pair of P3-ESRs ! A pair of ex. BBC 9mm cabinets with screw on backs, somewhat rare items, were found. The...
  12. Vinyl revival? Not here.

    I was listening to the radio recently and heard a programme on turntables. As I own two (!) I was in a 'vinyl mind set', if you get my drift. Before I knew it ( well, almost...) I had ordered Bob...
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    Martina in England

    I recently met Martina Schoner in England. She was staying with a friend who works in the turntable world ( Garrard ) and he brought her along to a English Country Pub. I couldn't persuade her to try...
  14. Tube romanticism

    I love the idea of an Air Tight amplifier.

    Those valves being evacuated with a vacuum pump and ready to make beautiful music.
    Makes transistors seem very ordinary...
  15. As good as anything

    Strummer, point taken.

    It's good to hear from someone who has heard the Devialet, and to say it sounds
    ' good as anything I've heard...' puts it in context for me.

    Oh, I do like the fact...
  16. Signal cheating

    An Audio Forum I sometimes contribute to has many Devialet fans. They're getting a little like Naim amplifier fans, in that:

    'There is nothing else you need.'

    I'm sure, like Naim, Devialet is a...
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    Love me...

    Lickable ?
    Edible ?
    I understand, to some extent.

    When I first met a young lady, ( who is now my wife ) she commented on the speakers I owned. Spendor BC1s.

    At some point I said, "Love me,...
  18. Sticky: Trump, not here please


    I am unsure why Donald Trump should be mentioned on a loudspeaker discussion Forum. Unless he is contemplating purchasing a pair of Harbeth loudspeakers, I suggest he isn't mentioned.

  19. Sticky: Alchemy

    Audio Alchemy?

    Ah, I remember them.
    I once owned one of their DACs.
  20. Musical truth!

    Oh dear, I read Rothwell as Roswell. Shades of the 'X Files' and the truth being 'out there.'

    Perhaps no so disconnected, as musical truth is out there in the form of Harbeth loudspeakers...
  21. A modification abomination

    Someone in Greece has a pair of HL5 speakers on eBay.
    He has added many components ( inductors and capacitors ) to the crossovers.

    The modifications look ( and doubtless sound ) appalling.
  22. Re-re-re-remastering classic recordings

    I own a couple of turntables, but to me that isn't the point. The audio industry, like any other, must keep selling product.

    For instance, how many times has the Beatles music been released on...
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    Rant7ng about links

    I recall a well know Audio Journalist going on ( and on...) about replacing the links on a pair of Wilson Audio loudspeakers.
    About half a page of the best wire to use and exactly how to obtain the...
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    Sound AND moving pictures

    Perhaps it's a bit of a diversion, but my wife recently made a comment to me about TV sound. She commented that, although I have two high quality audio systems, I am happy to watch television and...
  25. Studiospares correction

    To correct the above, my speaker cables were Europa Premium speaker cable, which has two flexible multi-strands conductors. One black and one grey conductor with a dense cotton filler. Studiospares...
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