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    Harbeth Newsletter: No.60 March 2015

    The latest issue of the newsletter contains a mix of global news from the Harbeth brand. We have a full Bristol show report, news of recent Harbeth reviews, details of upcoming shows, a report from...
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    Harbeth Newsletter: No.59 January 2015

    Welcome to the first issue of the Harbeth newsletter for 2015. As usual it's packed with news from the worldwide Harbeth family.

    As we went to press news came through of a host of new global...
  3. CD, streaming, whatever

    Different Harbeth partners at Bristol will have different solutions to music sources. The Harbeth preference is to use pre-recorded CD-Rs.

    Scott's DAC and CAD (room 234) are amazing pieces of...
  4. Two Bristol buddies! Harbeth across the show...

    Looking forward to working with the digital guru at Computer Audio Design - rooms 232/234. The Harbeth/CAD combination is formidable!

    We are also pleased to say that our friends from REL Acoustics...
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    Harbeth Newsletter: No.58 December 2014

    Our Christmas issue, and last newsletter of 2014, is packed with the usual mix of news from the worldwide Harbeth community. We feature the ultimate stocking-filler, a Harbeth P3ESR mini monitor with...
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    Harbeth Newsletter: No.57 November 2014

    Welcome to the November issue of Harbeth's regular newsletter. This edition is packed with global news about the world's best-loved loudspeaker brand.
    We hear how Britain loses another icon speaker...
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    Harbeth Newsletter: No.56 October 2014

    This month we take a close look at amplifiers and the effect they have on the sound quality of the entire system. There's also news from shows in Germany and New York plus exciting news of expansion...
  8. Harbeth Newsletter: No.55 September 2014

    This month's Harbeth newsletter had a new, clean, fresh look.... but is still packed with the usual mix of news from the international Harbeth family.

    The front page reflects on recent...
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    Harbeth Newsletter: No.54 August 2014

    The August issue of SoundSpeak covers Harbeth news from around the globe. Thank you to all our contributors.

    We lead with the issue of poor quality sound on some BBC programmes and the flood of...
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    Harbeth Newsletter: No.53 July 2014

    Welcome to issue 53, packed with global news of the world's favourite loudspeaker brand.

    We hear how Harbeth India took speakers to business leaders otherwise too short of time to visit dealers;...
  11. An English teacher explains ....

    Not so much 'going to the dogs' which is a highly pejorative term that might be uttered from the lips of a language prescriptivist, but rather 'is our language changing beyond recognition', and what...
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    KJ arrivals

    STOP PRESS -- report from Central London.... dateline 20 June 2014 at 14.00BST

    High-end dealers KJ West One report that their Harbeth SHL5plus (made by Alan) have arrived safe and sound, ahead of...
  13. Book via this link

    BOOKING for the event is via this link - just choose the time that's most convenient for you to be there
  14. Dangers of buying from unauthorised sources

    We've all been tempted. The idea of saving a few pounds by buying something from someone/somewhere that we know shouldn't be selling it. But, be warned - there are serious repercussions which could...
  15. KJ West One's Harbeth Day - Sat 21 June 2014

    We are delighted, and excited, to announce that high-end central London dealer KJ West One (in New Cavendish Street) are staging a Harbeth Day on Saturday 21st June 2014. All very welcome. Alan Shaw...
  16. Guildford Audio's Harbeth Day - Sat 7 June 2014

    Excitement here as preparations underway for the Guildford Audio Harbeth Day tomorrow (Sat 7 June) at the Reading Best Western Moat House

    As organiser, Trevor Martin explains, "Announcing a...
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    Harbeth Newsletter: No.52 June 2014

    A Munich-focused edition, issue 51 also includes stories from the UK and around the globe on Harbeth including a Shanghai show report, a Harbeth weekend in Belgium, news of a new Norwegian...
  18. Harbeth Newsletter: No.51 May 2014 - Munich High End special issue

    Here's the special issue newsletter we handed out at High End in Munich - the busiest show Harbeth has attended. We were delighted to speak personally to over 500 Harbeth customers from around the...
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    Harbeth Newsletter: No.49 March 2014

    Well, it's been a busy couple of months since our last newsletter and high time for a round-up of activity from the worldwide Harbeth family.
    Issue 49 reports on the booming success of the Sound and...
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    Harbeth Newsletter: No.48 January 2014

    Our first newsletter of 2014 is packed with news from the worldwide Harbeth community. We begin with a suggestion for a new year's resolution: to go out and hear some live, un-amplified music. Only...
  21. "The only speaker licenced by BBC Worldwide"?

    News of the launch of a Dr Who loudspeaker by the BBC's highly-profitable commercial arm, begs the question as to what defines a BBC speaker these days. Once the three initials B B C ensured...
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    Harbeth Newsletter: No.47 December 2013

    The final issue of SoundSpeak for 2013 boasts a new section - Tech Talk is dedicated to loudspeaker technology. In the first of the series we look at nearfield monitoring: what it is and why it's so...
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    Advertising methods

    The text you quote is an example of advertising puff. It's not intended to be taken literally, more of a tease, but the effect is to bypass reason and appeal to and motivate the reader on a lower...
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    Harbeth Newsletter: No. 46 November 2013

    Stories this month include: a review of the P3ESR mini monitor in India's AV Max magazine; Harbeth USA's move to bigger, better premises; news from our friends at EarFilms and their 19 Monitor 20.1...
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    Harbeth Newsletter: No.45 October 2013

    Issue 45 of Harbeth's regular SoundSpeak newsletter is now available.

    Among this month's worldwide news from the Harbeth community, we've the story of an influential Japanese businessman whose...
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