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  1. Compression, a must

    Vocals HAVE to be compressed in pop music. As an illustration of the relative dynamics between voice and instrument, consider this: Imagine standing next to a drummer playing. You can shout loud...
  2. Secret!

    You might wish to, but I couldn't possibly divulge any contact details. There's enough war in the world already!

    Have a happy Christmas
  3. Surface reflections

    I'm sure the >100-200 Hz problems are due to M30 speaker-wall / floor reflections and should improve with absorption behind the speakers.

    Tell Madame I need some bass absorbers behind them, and...
  4. Room limitations not sub limits

    but surely those modes, fundamental or not are excited by (or annul) any physical input at their specific frequency. The harmonic distortion output from the subs is academic compared with the size of...
  5. Final response

    3951 The UN smoothed version of the final room response. Note the notch at 65Hz which was just too deep to EQ successfully without squaring off the sub power amplifiers!
  6. Room modes and transition to subwoofer

    The final response shown is, I think, 1/6 8ve smoothed, and most upper room modes are therefore smoothed / averaged out in the graph, but above the crossover frequency (75Hz at 18db/8ve) they are...
  7. It's all about the bass (room treatment)

    I agree completely Willem

    The response curve demonstrates that with the right kit, it is possible to hear and feel 32' organ pedal in a 15 foot room. Room treatment with sufficient absorption to...
  8. Room equalised (ish)

    And here it is 3940It's far from perfect, but a response like that in a 5 x 4 x 2.5 m room without large areas of absorbent surfaces shows what can be done where there's the will.
  9. Taming room resonances

    I have a pair of M30s and a pair of B&W ASW750 subs, sadly no longer made. The subs are fed from a Bryston 10b electronic crossover, crossing over at 75Hz an 18dB/8ve. As an organ music enthusiast,...
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    BBC tape recorders in Manchester

    I'm sorry it's taken nearly two years to answer this question:

    I joined the BBC in Manchester in 1973 at the time when stereo was just starting to be introduced and can only speak from my memories...
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    Tenor player

    My son Aidan plays tenor horn.
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    I don't suppose you have a catalogue number for...

    I don't suppose you have a catalogue number for any of Peter's Grado recordings do you? I'd love to hear one.
  13. A sound engineer explains BBC loundness policy

    I would like to think that somewhere there is, apart from in the classical world, an uncompressed or limited vocal recording, but I doubt it very much, even for Richard Hawley. In voice capture the...
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    Using a professional electrinic solution

    I would recommend using a high quality electronic crossover with active subs if you play music with extreme low frequency content.

    a) you can select crossover frequency and slope to suit the room...
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    OK now

    seems OK now. Thanks

    {Moderator's comment: nothing changed this side! Must be internet issue!}

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    Corrup file?

    I seem to be downloading a corrupt file too. 3.33MB is the latest filesize, while a 2.76MB file was downloaded previously, even though it's supposed to be 4.1MB.
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    Corrected link for Bryston sub controller

    I tried the link posted Vlado, but it didn't work. Perhaps this might help:
  18. "The world's biggest record ..." This video is...

    "The world's biggest record ..."
    This video is no longer available because the YouTube account associated with this video has been terminated due to multiple third-party notifications of copyright...
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    Speakers on their side in studio

    This studio is quite often packed with musicians and it is quite often difficult to see who is replying to the presenter's questions, especially as the performers are hidden behind the wall to the...
  20. Cable technology that actually reverses time ....

    LIFTED from the Amazon website.

    "I knew my day was going to improve when the truck pulled up at my home with this cable deep within. No ordinary truck, this one was Holy White, and the gold...
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    David Bowie and M30 at the BBC

    Here's a pic of David Bowie in the studio when he played on the Mark Radcliffe show. The M30 in foreground is the left side of the main monitor pair in this studio's control room (direct to...
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    DAC destreaming!

    Yes Labarum, the internet stream from the PC goes optically, and the satellite RXCVR goes sp-diff, BOTH into my Bryston DAC.

    The satellite RXCVR is a Humax HD set to stereo out, and the PC can...
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    Add this too: Debussy Preludes & l'Isle Joyeuse...

    Add this too:
    Debussy Preludes & l'Isle Joyeuse by Maurizio Pollini on DGG 458 187-2.
    A well made very natural piano recording, imho.
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    R3 hi-res MP2/192 vs 384 AAC

    I can confirm that the Hi-res internet AAC stream does indeed sound better than the satellite feed, so perhaps a fast internet connection is the way to go. (saves building a radio telescope!)
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    Hi-res AAC not Flash in France confirmed.

    Yes when I first tried it when I made the post it worked, but subsequently I get the "not available in your area" standard i-player message.
    The AAC stream does work, but as I have a satellite...
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